I'mworking on this mod and I'm getting pumped about it. Gonna release itin less than a month and I want all the humans to play it and alsoenjoy it


Watchthe Official Trailerhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZuIavblj78&feature=youtu.be

Description: Despite its beautiful setting inZion National Park and the incredible story of Joshua Graham, HonestHearts has generally been regarded as more disappointing thansuccessful. (I mean, you meet the most badass warrior in thewasteland then he asks you to go find walkie-talkies??) Honest HeartsReborn is a canon-replacing story that tells a new story of JoshuaGraham. When the Courier's caravan to New Canaan is hijacked in Zionby the Legion, the Courier is taken prisoner by a sadistic Legioncommander named Livius, who forces the Courier to help him find theBurned Man. The Courier's journey will lead him to the highest cliffin Zion's, and to meet and influence the Burned Man himself.

Stuff that's in it:
- A DLC-length questlinedefined by character choice, written by award-winning playwright TedS. Bushman (me) - 30-plus voiced NPCs voiced by an incredible cast ofactors (my actor friends) - 3 new companions - a revamped, teemingZion Canyon full of new factions including Livius' Legion, theBloodstone Tribe, the Burned Ones, the Highlander Mutants, and themysterious and faithful New Canaanites. - exactly what you want to beplaying before Fallout 4 comes out - literary, thoughtful, meaningfulcrap and also shooting

What you gotta have: Fallout: New Vegas basegame Honest Hearts

Planned to drop next week, around September 15th, on the Nexus Mod website!