Hello folks. Created a mod for FO3 that changes up the look of all 3 of the topic listed factions. Works a lot like Talonfire's original mod did but since his is gone my initial mod would no longer work. Figured this site would get some enjoyment out of it. Or at least be able to help with input on direction.

General jist is that it tweaks the level lists and armor textures/meshes by replacing the vanilla Enclave armors with more true to FO1/2 Enclave armors. With a NV inspired retexture of lexx's original APA modification. It also ports over the APA from FNV treating it as APA Mk.I with the Lexx style as APA Mk.II. This creates two separations of Encalve troopers those in APA Mk.I and those in APA Mk.II (also the Tesla soldiers). The BoS was changed with initiates wearing combat armor, knights in T-45d, and Paladins in T-51b with special textures for for the latter and a Lyon's variant. The Outcast retain their T-45d but also get 2 different versions of T-51b that simulate in a sense rank. General stats of the armor have as well been changes to bring it more in line with FO1/2 though the FO3 lack of DT makes things a bit more challenging.

The file link can be found here but it is also being posted on this site. A TTW edition was created by request and the links for that can be found in the main file.