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Thread: Fallout 3 Harold character mod

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    Fallout 3 Harold character mod

    Hello everyone, i am trying to develop a race where you will look like harold from fallout 2, unfortunatly i know too few about modding in fallout 3 to succeed. So i am looking for help creating the models( i am not looking for an incredible model just one cool enough to play with), here are my problems:
    The head that looked the best works wonders on the geck but apears all broken on gameplay
    i wold like to be able to detach harold's face( the tree model present in the game) and add to a face to create the head model, because it would look the most awesome, unfortunatly i cant seem to be able to do it on 3ds max.
    the textures are okay, i need no help with them, it will take a wilhe to take harold's textures(the tree model) and tweek it, but that is easy to do.
    That's about it, i have been trying to this for a week now, and have only been beaten to a pulp by all the conversions and stuff.
    I pretend to place this mod on Nexus when finished or even in here, i am thinking about making a harold perk as well, but that's pretty easy.
    All the help is welcome!

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    hey buddies.

    ou need to learn nif modelling using blender. is just very awkward as is essentially a combination of about 10 different tools to make 1 : geck, blender 2.49 + niftools, nifskope, fo3edit, some image editor that can export/import dds,

    that's the hard way

    the easy way is simply create another ghoul race but edit face in geck and reskin the body/face to match harold look as best as you can. with textures and face editing you can simulate almost anything you need. you can make the body greenish and the mouth brown. etc to make that tree growing out of their head i was gonna make something similar you need a 3d model that is worn on the head (like a hat) but mapped to nose ring or something else that is not normally used and also you wanna make it quest item so it doesn't show and you wanna attach a script to the race itself to make them auto wear the tree on the head and you can even make a few trees. i think there is a hat with twigs or antlers that the oasis druids wear if you could chop that up in blender and just keep the antlers and beef it up manipulate it a bit export it as a wearable item etc.

    harold is essentially old school original ghoul look. ferals look very similar to harold due o the nose bridge. problem is ferals are creature and not race so you need to convert feral to race in blender you need to do some magic to turn their 3d skin into skin property that is recognized by the engine. is stupid and practically impossible.

    is not as hard as it sounds duplicating the ghoul race male/female. simply right click copy paste or duplicate. rename geck race into HaroldGhoul and keep name Ghoul so essentially both Ghouls but one is harold looking. in GECK edit face of HaroldGhoul to match harold. find the dds skin for ghoul in Fallout3.bsa and edit that from redish to freen and turn veins into more like blisters and around mouth add brown..photoshop can do this or Gimp (gimp can open and save dds) export and in geck just use your custom dds place it somewhere in Data/Textures/HaroldGhoul/ and in geck open your custom dds for HaroldGhoul. Make haroldGhoul playable. Start the game and pick your custom race see if is good enough if not rinse and repeat until you are happy. Find a tiny tree like object open blender export it as wearable item. In Geck make a new armor map it to head and mount point nose ring make it quest item and use your custom tree hat nif. On your HaroldGhoul add a script and say something like if isWearing TreeHat != 0 then add tree hat and wear tree hat. This will autoadd tree hat if not wearing tree hat on all NPCs/Players that are of race HaroldGhoul.
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