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Thread: New mods up - EPA and Sanchez

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    New mods up - EPA and Sanchez

    We've got two new mods for you to download from No Mutants' Allowed pages.

    One propitious boon is the Earth Protection Agency, a re-staged location from Fallout 2, which was not made into the final game. The mod includes this new location, featuring, new scenery, Mr Chemmie, The Brave Little Toaster, several holograms, a depressed Mr Handy, the Doctor, all prepared by Chris Parks according to information from the Fallout Bibles.

    Our second handout is a mod by Sanchez, sent to us by ACB_Mutie. Unfortunately, he used an übercrappy file host to share it with us and it took us nearly a month before someone actually succeeded in downloading. If you want to have some large chunks of bytes available for download, why not use ? Thanks! By the way, the mod itself adds some items and shifts the opponents into "tough bastard" mode.

    Links: EPA Mod at NMA Downloads, Sanchez Mod at NMA Downloads, Current EPA Project Thread at NMA Forum

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    can anyone translate sanchez mod, how do i install this?

    In the readme file i see reference to longbat and other mods, its there new weapons or just a compliation of weapons from those mobs..
    i would reinstall fo 1/2 again even if they gave the vault dweller /choosen one a hat...


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