"Oh how I want to leave this place!", she screamed.  Innumerable times she pleaded with the Overseer to leave, "Please! Let me see what's outside. I want to leave the Vault now!"

"Kid, why the heck do you still want to leave the Vault?  I've shown you the holotapes of the death and destruction that await anyone who steps outside."

"Why do you think I sent away the Waterchip Returner?  The radiation mutated him into to some sort of sub human creature. I can't risk losing any more of you good people."

Chuckling to himself, "Besides, you're our Chief Weapons designer.  How could we defend ourselves if we came under attack?  Think of the others before you risk us all"

"I'll leave you specs and designs for better weapons, surely the other Vault Scientists can build on my work..."

"And if you are captured and your ideas for weapons fall into Mutant hands?  I cannot allow you to leave!"

She sighed, this argument had been repeated innumerable times, every time ending with the same last declaration.  "I will not allow the Overseer to keep me here.  My slavery here is at an END", she declared, defiance echoing throughout her mind.

She downloaded all weapons knowledge and schematics into the PipBoy 2000 modified to hold an astounding 6 megs of memory.

"I'm taking the fruits of my labor," she mumbled as her preparations proceeded in her quarters, "I've asked nicely.  I've been refused for the last time."

Looking at a schematic, she sighed, "Unfortunately I cannot activated the Vault Door with the Series 1000 Mr. Handys and Vault Guards keeping watch. I'll use a little trick I saw in a old holotape."

When the Vault was first constructed, the technicians wanted a way to be able to open the door in case the locks from the inside failed.  A old Pre-Flash satellite started transmitting a "open" command every day after the radiation subsided. Unfortunately, the Vault was broadcasting a low level EMP pulse to disable to beam from activating the Vault door.  Now all that needed to be done was to turn off the power

Hacking into the Vault Power Grid was relatively easy.  No one had ever attempted before so security measures weren't needed. Besides, why would someone want to turn off the power?  Then next step was to download the Good Times virus into the network and...

Darkness and confusion blasted the Vault, panicking the dwellers.

"Attention all Vault citizens please remain calm.  This is the Overseer, we are experiencing some... uh... technical difficulties. Please remain calm as we fix things."

"I have to hurry", she panted.  "The power will go back on in less than 2 minutes.  I have to be at the Vault door when it opens."

"Just another 100 feet to freedom and... oh SH#T!"

"Hello there, Doom.  I thought you might have something to do with our little 'technical difficulty'.  Did you think you could fool me?", asked the Overseer with just a little too much smugness on his face.

"Fool you?  Not as such... You know me too well." stated, looking down.  "I anticipated this and compensated for this possibility.  Even though you know me, you don't know EVERYTHING!"  She then pulled out her Pip Boy and started yelling into it:  "Computer: access code... Alpha Kay Nine Delta Epsilon. Activate Pest Control System."

"What are you doing?" yelled the Overseer with growing apprehension.

"Doing?", she asked with false innocence. "Nothing.  I won't need to do anything.  The Series 1000 Mr. Handy's will do it for me. They're so handy!"

The scuttling Mr Handy's scraped forward, murmuring a chant: --Pest Control program active! Detaining Overseer--

"Don't worry, the Mr. Handy's will deactivate in a few hours and I'll be safely away.  Good-bye 'dad'!", she yelled, stepping towards the geardoor.

--Warning!  Vault door opening please stand clear--

"Good-bye" she yelled leaving behind the life that she hated so much.  She then ran out the door.  The last sounds heard from Vault 13 were the Overseer's screams as the Mr. Handy's applied mild electro shocks.

The plan had worked.  She was outside and the Overseer was detained.  The plan had gone down with almost no hitches except for one.

When one prepares for the future one only can take in account all known variables.  How long will the power be out, what type of resistance will be encountered.  The unknown is the wild card that leads the best laid plans astray. This unknown was "Dr. Atomiq"

The mistake was her mad rush to leave the Vault.  Had she stayed, she would have noticed a small Hoverscout leaving. Hoverscouts are programmed to located out signs of civilization and report back to the base.  This is fine if one wants to make contact.  If one doesn't, a Hoverscout is the worst thing to send out.


Deep in Dr. Atomiq's Lair/S&M Parlor/Greasy Spoon Diner/Doughnut Shop, banks of computers were registering energy signatures.

"Hoo Hoo!!!  Vhat's this... a Hoverscout!  Vault's are the only one's vith Hoverscout technology!"  I must seek this out."

"Doc Octopus! (Dr. Atomiq's sidekick) Activate the Spy Boy Tracking Probe.  I want that Hoverscout traced.  I simply must have that treasure trove of Vault tech!"

The surrounding monitors flickered madly and began displaying scrolling information.

--Vault found--- ---Located now being downloaded into Mainframe---

"Excellent and so close!", snarled Dr. Atomiq.  "Doc Oct! Prepare the Reasus Monkey Strike Force.  We attack now..."

The attack on the Vault was pretty much one sided.  Vaults in general are hard to overtake.  However, a vault with a recently hacked security system and a open door presents a far easier challenge.  Dr. Atomiq and his Monkey army easily overran the vault.  The only disappointment was the astounding lack of design specs for advanced weaponry.  Fortunately, most of the designs for weapons were taken when she left.  Unfortunately, she was returning to see why a large amount of smoke was growing in the skies over the vault just hours after she left.

Who are these people near the Vault and where are the boys in blue?  Where are all the Vault citizens?"  I may have left the vault, but I still care about these people."

"Now, all I have to do is go down for a closer look an-", she began thinking and suddenly fell into darkness...

"Vell, vhat do ve have here?  I appears ve have a member of MY new vault.  However, I don't remember seeing you inside! Who are YOU?"


"Silence, eh?  No matter...Vault Computer... identify people in this room..."

<Working... People in room consist of Dr. Atomiq... Dr. Octopus and Von Doom (Chief Weapon's Designer for Vault 13).>

"Vell, Vell, Vell... it vould appear I vill have my new toys after all...  "But first... I simply must indulge myself...", said Dr. Atomiq as he looked at Doom with lust in his eyes.

---Warning...Warning... Intruder Alert.... Intruder Alert...---

"What now?", snarled Dr. Atomiq.  Computer monitors showing Lerk, Jay, Iguana Eater,Ymir and The Enlightened One answered his question. "Damn! It's those Unwashed Villagers!  Why are they attacking now and how did they find me!" "Doc Oct... take care of them....

"Yessss.... Masssster!  I hear and obey!", said Oct as he extended his extra cybernetic robot arms which gave him his name.

"Now... tell me where that tech is!", shouted Atomiq as he slapped Doom across the face....

"Do you expect me to talk?" she asked with quivering defiance in her voice. "No, Ms. Bond. I expect you to DIE! "It's Von..." she corrected.  "Whatever!", interrupted Atomiq.  "Now... tell me... where..."

Atomiq's questions was interrupted by individual torn cybernetic arms arriving ahead of Dr. Oct's unconscious body.

"Get away from her!", shouted Lerk. "We know about your plans for Vault 13." "Your evil stops today!"

"Ah Lerk..." "Did you track me down just to say hello to your old friend?"

'I didn't HAVE to track you down... I just followed the stench of decay...", snapped Lerk.

"Oh.... how droll.", sighed Atomiq. "Surely you don't believe insults will hurt me..."

"No. But this will.." answered Jay just seconds before the banks of computers erupted into billowing towers of flame. "How do you like those apples, Atomiq?" "All of your precious data has been erased!"

"You've stopped my plans for the last time Unwashed. Now you vill surely die!"

"Ah Shut-up!!!" answered Iguana Eater with a colored blast to Dr. Atomiq's chest. "There... that should give us enough time to ..."

"Come now Mates, we have to GO!... For this place will surely BLOW!", screamed Ymir the Village Poet.

"Enlightened!", screamed Jay over the noise. "Grab the girl with your telekinesis... and let's go!

The Unwashed with their newest member made it safely out with seconds if not nanoseconds to spare.

"Thanks for saving me from that.... "Thing!" But, who are you people?", asked Doom.

"We call ourselves the Unwashed Villagers.", answered Gibby the Public Relations officer. "We're a group of people dedicated to "Kicking Doctor Atomiq's ass!"

"Well you've certainly done that today..." smiled Doom. "But, how do you find me or knew I was in trouble?"

"Well...", answered Lerk. " Jay hacked your Vault and Dr. Atomiq's web sites a while back and was able to view the security tapes from your Vault. "Once Enlightened One zeroed in on the general direction with his physic powers, I was able to find you with my enhanced sense of smell."

"So... what are your plans now?", asked Jay. "The security cameras show people returning to the Vault."  "Well..."answered Doom. "I'm doubt I'm welcomed in Vault 13, especially since I almost destroyed it." "Perhaps I'll create another "Vault" near your village." I need a place to work on my ideas, besides I've always wanted a little place in the country..."  

She did create her "vault" among with other wonderous pieces of technology.  Her alliance with the Unwashed benifited both sides.  She gave them new weapons to use against Dr. Atomiq and the Unwashed gave her friendship and access to the security cameras of her old Vault.  Every so often, she looked at the monitors and wondered which of her old friends would be next to join her in the outside world.

Thanks to Lerk for the awesome drawing and to Dan Wood for helping me polish my story.

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