Things to do now that the world's ended in
Atomic{cough}  Got change for a starving mutant?  Fallout 


  1. Cancel your subscription to Beautiful Homes and Gardens.
  2. Find new uses for birth control devices... since everyone is sterile.
  3. Play checkers with THE PILL and make balloon animals out of ....
  4. Start bathing in sun block.
  5. Start playing Gamma World... for real.
  6. Park your car anywhere you want anytime.
  7. Throw away your combs and toothbrushes.  You have no teeth or hair.  What do you need them for anyway?
  8. Detonate a Nuke in Irvine!  "Hey Interplay!  You think Nuclear War is funny NOW???"
  9. Throw away your flashlights and light bulbs.  They are unnecessary since you glow.
  10. Watch Mad Max movies for tips on survival.
  11. Throw away your No-Nukes is Good Nukes protest sign.
  12. Throw away your bills.
  13. Start saving Bottle Caps.
  14. Read the Safety Tips.

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