Fallout Rumors

I've seen the various rumors posted on the Fallout Feedback boards and received numerous questions pertaining to the reliability of certain rumors.  After extensive research I've concluded the following rumors are not true.  Maybe...

  1. Fallout 2 with replace Dogmeat with a wise cracking Chihuahua who says, "Yo quedo Taco Bell!"
  2. Chris Taylor is the son of comedian Rip Taylor.
  3. You can score with Tandi as a woman if you name your character Ellen.
  4. Fallout 2 will include a descendant of a mouse you've attacked in Fallout.  This "Brainy" mouse will attempt to "take over the world" with a pink mouse. 
    --This is actually true--
  5. Fallout 2 will allow you to hear your character speak for the first time.  Gilbert Godfrey is being considered for the male voice.  Fran Drescher will do the female voice. 
    --This is fortunately NOT true--
  6. Children ran away from you in Fallout because in a beta version, radiation turned your skin a pasty white.  This made you look like Michael Jackson.
  7. Fallout 2 will include a special non-violent setting.  Instead of using weapons you will offer flowers and dress in a robe.
  8. Fallout 2 will include a gang called the Sharks Guppies.  Instead of fighting, they will break into dance and sing.
  9. Special Perks will include flatulence.  You have a gas problem.  Enemies cannot get near you, however you have lower charisma and cannot have companions.
  10. Several Interplay employees go to work dressed as Fallout characters on casual day. It's been said:  "Dave Hendee makes a bitchin' Tandi."
  11. There is a island in Fallout.  You need to pilot a boat named the "S.S. Minnow" to rescue the seven normals on the island.  If you complete the mission, you will get 10,000 bottle caps from the Millionaire and the Professor will offer to upgrade all your weapons and armor. Watch out for Gilligan... he's been mutated.
  12. If you name your character "Wilber", you will be able to speak with a talking Brahmin named "Ed"
  13. If you play the song 'Maybe' backwards, you can hear John Lennon say: "Turn me on, Dead Man".


More rumors will follow shortly...

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