Hey!  You not look like ghoul! Million Mutant March   Hey!  You not look like ghoul! 

TO:  All Vault Citizens
From:  The Overseer
Date:  July 4th, 2162
Subject:  Mutant Army

I'm sure you're all aware of the attacks by ghouls and of the mutant army outside.  Here is a transcript of the audio files from Vault Citizen 086's interviews. This should prove to you why we cannot leave the safety of our vault.  

Citizen 086:  Today in a unprecedented show of force.  Over one million Mutants and Ghouls marched through Southern California to protest they way they've been treated.  I'm now speaking with a ghoul named "Set".

Set:  First Normie, we do not like to be call Ghouls and Mutants.  We prefer the term, "Genetically Different".  We're tired of Normies coming into our cites, looting our homes and shooting our citizens with Turbo Plasma Rifles.

Set:  Just the other day, I gave a Normie 50 shiny bottle caps for completing a ahem a job.  What did this Normie do?  He shot my lieutenant, threw grenades at my friends and sicked his dog on me.  Yeah, but I got him.   Yeah, him and his little dog too!

Set:  We don't have water to bathe because someone stole our water chip.  What did we ever do to deserve this?  I'm just a plain simple store owner.

I next interviewed Harry, another "Genetically Different" individual.

Citizen 086:  First Harry, what about the allegations that you and your people are not marching in protest.  Rather, you are indeed creating a army to enslave so called "Normals"?

Harry:  Hey!  You not look like Ghoul!  How come?

Citizen 086:  Ah, because I'm not a Ghoul.  I'm a reporter for the Weekly Vault News!  Now what about these allegations?

Harry:  I knew it!  I knew it!  You not Ghoul.  Not fool Harry!

Citizen 086:  Please Harry, answer my question.  What are you trying to hide?

Harry:  Harry take you to the Lou.

Citizen 086:  No, that's alright.  I think I'll be leaving now.  Hey put that down!  No!  Not in the face!  Not in the face!  Ahhh!!!

At this point all audio contact was lost.  If you have any information please contact me.  Citizen 086's family is still waiting to hear from him.

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