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The Unwashed Villagers
The Unwashed Villagers

This is a MUST VISIT site!
No Mutants Allowed

Interplay's Official Fallout and Fallout 2 Sites

Interplay's Fallout Page 
Interplay's Link Page 
Interplay's Fallout 2 Page 
Interplay's Fallout 2 Link Page 

A very well designed site with tons of information.  Creator of the Fallout Ring!
He's nice enough to provide space for my site.   

No Mutants Allowed  

They may smell bad, but their sites sure don't stink.

The Unwashed Villagers

A good site.  Check out the "Ask the Scribe" section!

Killer Bees Site

Bert the Turtle's favorite site.  Duck and cover...  Duck and cover...

Duck and Cover

A good site with original Fallout stories and a Fallout timeline.

Return To the Wastes: A Fallout Story

A nice site with good information about Fallout and it's many items.

Ogremagi's Den

Even better than Pip Boy 2000!


From our French allies... viva la Fallout! 
In French...

Fallout : accueil

This guy should be a graphic designer.  I love the look of his site.

Dark One's Fallout Haven

A nice up and coming web site.

Azrael's Fallout Shrine

Are you tired of playing wimpy characters?  Get your own super hero of the Wastelands.

Fallout Character Editor

Make sure to take your Rad Away before visiting.

The GLOW: A New Reformation

Feel free to visit, just don't steal anything!

Breaker's Fallout Shack

Please send him money or bottlecaps, he wants his own domain.

The Unofficial Fallout Page

Good graphics and content

Vault Dwellers Resource site

A nice site about Fallout, Duke Nukem and Interstate 76

IvN's Post-Nuclear Site

A good site with information on Fallout and Wasteland.
Find out about this Wasteland game that's got everyone talkin'.

The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid

Fallout: The Finished Unofficial Sequel to Wasteland

Listen to Eagle Eye and you'll be fine.

Cary's Fallout Zone

One of THE Character Editors.

Zathoros' Falled Page

I would tell you about the files, but they're 'Unknown'

Mad İow -----> The Unknown Files

A nice site about Fallout 2.  Another good job!'

Charlie's Fallout 2 Homepage

A site with a walkthough.  Good if you are stuck.

Fallout Walkthrough

Another  site with a walkthough.  Sometimes we need all the help we can get.


A site from our friend in annexed Canada.

Dilweed's Fallout Vault

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