Chain Letter

Dear Friend,

Please do not throw this letter away. 

It will give you 10 luck if you pass it along.  It will bring you 1 luck if you do not.

The Overseer of Vault 13 was not a believer and threw the letter away.  10 days later Vault 13's Water Chip malfunctioned and their water supply ran dry. 

Aradesh of Shady Sands also scorned the power of the letter.  He tossed the letter outside into the Brahmin Pens.  Two days later... his daughter Tandi was kidnapped.   He immediately retrieved the letter (wiped off the Brahmin dung) and mailed it.   Three days later his daughter was rescued by a leather wearing stranger.

Set of Necropolis wasn't a believer.  He stated, "Simple time... I'm Set.   I don't need no Normie to send me a stupid letter"  His city was invaded by SuperMutants one week later.

Killian of Junktown was a believer.  He filled it out and mailed it right away.   Two days later... someone saved him from assassination.  His rival Gizmo was refused to believe in the power of the chain.  He was killed shortly after by a leather wearing stranger.

Head Scribe, Vree refused to believe in "primitive wasteland superstition".   She later lost all her hair while accidentally grabbing a bottle of Nair instead of Shampoo.

Harold from Old Town decided to give the letter a try.  He later got 25 caps from a leather wearing stranger.

Harold gave the letter to a leather wearing stranger.  The stranger refused to send the letter.  The stranger stated, "I don't have time for this.  My vault is dying!"

One hour later... he was shot in the back by one of his traveling companions.

So please friend.  Send this letter to ten people you know.  Ghouls, SuperMutants, Raiders, Sentient Dogs or Talking Brahmin.  It doesn't matter.   You can reap good luck also.

As for me... I'm going to spend those 10,000 caps I found in the desert.


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