Famous Last Words

  1. They're only Mantis!
  2. I'm sure Ian can kill that Deathclaw for me.
  3. Oh, my companions won't shoot me AGAIN...
  4. I'll save this stimpack for when I REALLY need it.
  5. What happens if I shoot at the Overseer?
  6. I'll wait another hour and kill 3 more Deathclaws for experience.
  7. I have 145% in Energy Weapons.  I cannot possibly miss.
  8. I thought I had a stimpack left!
  9. I wonder what happens if I insult him?
  10. I'll use my last AP to fire instead of using a stimpack.
  11. NO!  I will NOT put my gun away!
  12. Let me steal that shiny Gatling Laser gun from the Brotherhood Guard.
  13. I'll spend my money on a new weapon instead of armor.
  14. All I have to do is sneak pass these SuperMutants.
  15. Please!  They're only villagers.  Let me take a shot at one..."
  16. Uh, Gizmo... could you repeat what you just said into my pocket?
  17. Oh course I'm going to take your water chip!  My people need water!
  18. I did drop the dynamite right?
  19. Why pay for it when I can steal it?
  20. Whoops!  I bought the wrong ammo/power supply!
  21. Maybe if I act tough.  I can scare them...
  22. I'm sure the police will help me out.
  23. I think I'll lockpick Doc Morbid's locker...
  24. These robots at the GLOW have injured me.  Let me rest and heal.
  25. I'm sure Ian will kill the SuperMutant with the Rocket Laucher I gave him.
  26. Please!  How much skill do you need to throw a grenade?
  27. I killed the Master but I sure am tired... I think I'll rest up by the church.
  28. I've got Ian right behind me backing me up with an SMG. I should be all right... right?
  29. Rhombus is an @$$. I think I'll take his stylostic thingamajiger.
  30. These Blade punks are puny. This assassination job will be a breeze.
  31. Those brahmin don't look so tough.
  32. I'll just kill a few villagers then leave.
  33. I wonder if I set the bomb right? Better go check.
  34. Tycho is really annoying me. I think I'll shot him in the leg as a warning.
  35. I don't need anymore stimpacks.
  36. I wonder what would happen if I just shot Killian in the arm once or twice?
  37. Damn! Coming to the Watershed with only my knife was a bad idea.
  38. That Super Mutie over there looks like a target with experience written all over it! I'd better not pass this up!
  39. Alright Decker! You and your men are comin' with me, dead or alive! Now all I got to do is wait for the cops to come down those stairs.
  40. I'll save the game after I win this fight...
  41. Hmmm, I think I'll try to punch out Kane, with just my leather jacket on.
  42. How tough could that Hub police officer be?
  43. I'll try to sneak past Harry.
  44. How can I go wrong with giving Ian automatic weapons?
  45. I'm sure Ian will put away his knife and pull out his 14mm THIS turn.
  46. Instead of buying ammo for me,  I'll buy some armor for Ian instead.
  47. I can take these RadScorpions with my spear. How hard can they be?
  48. I'll go after the Raiders now... So what if I only have a 10mm pistol and have 40% with small guns?
  49. Its just ONE Death Claw...
  50. Is Radiation bad?
  51. SuperMutants? Ha! I laugh at them..What's a 'Plasma Rifle'?
  52. Bah! Who needs stim packs?
  53. There are only 4 of them and I DO have Ian with a uzi...
  54. Finally, friends...
  55. This combat armor is to heavy to carry. I'll leave it here.
  56. I'll steal from this one. He'll never notice.
  57. Hey, a bomb. Wow, I'm lucky.
  58. Hit me! Hit me! Haha! You CAN'T hit me!! Haha! Haha!
  59. DOH!!!!
  60. Are radiation points some sort of cool bonus score? If they are, I got an awesome 1567 radiation points!
  61. Man, this A-Bomb can't possibly work! It's been 80 years after the war and I'm sure the circuitry inside is fried. I think I'll stand right here next to the thing until it is 'supposed' to explode.
  62. Hey look! I encountered a merchant-party! Let's trade!
  63. Ian can waste 'em with his SMG.
  64. He can't hit me from there!
  65. Is it just me or did she just whip out a mini-gun.
  66. The Death Claw will be dead so soon Ian can have my last stimpack.
  67. Ha! I laugh at Hub Police.
  68. My rocket won't hit that wall in front of me.
  69. Those Death Claws must be ready to die, no need to run.
  70. I'll see what's left of a rat when I hit it point-blank with a rocket!
  71. How difficult can raiders be?
  72. I'm so good I don't even need to put on my Power Armor for a group SuperMutants!
  73. Ian won't hit me again!
  74. OK, by the law of averages I'll make a critical hit now.
  75. Real men don't need armor.
  76. Oh S***! I'm short one action point.
  77. I've got enough ammo.
  78. Ian can't hit me while I'm behind him.
  79. Baah!  Who needs "Power Armor" anyway?
  80. They'll never see me while I'm wearing a "Stealth Boy"!
  81. Well, why don't you put your gun away, first, officer?
  82. Hey guys, watch me throw a rock at this SuperMutant.
  83. I can take that SuperMutant, he isn't even wearing body armor!
  84. Dogmeat will hold that Deathclaw off while I reload.
  85. For a change of pace, we will be running into this base, guns blazing.
  86. I'm sure that Buffout will do me only good.
  87. I sure that the funny red door in the military base won't hurt me.
  88. Is this rocket launcher idiot-proof?
  89. I wonder that this little red button will do?
  90. Im tough!  I`ll just attack Master without armor.
  91. The Leather Armor will help me in the 'Glow'.
  92. I can take on those Gun Runners.  There machinists not Warriors.
  93. I can just shoot that guard guy, take his gun and run off, it's not like I'm coming back to Shady Sands.
  94. 10 seconds is PLENTY or time to drop dynamite.
  95. Critical failure?!?? What the hell's a critical failure?!??
  96. I'll pick up that ammo on the way back.  It's not like it will vanish.
  97. That atomic bomb is all the way down there.  I'm in a church what can happen?
  98. That computer in the Glow looks dumb.  Let's see how many times I can win from it!
  99. Let's see how far I can go without armor and only a 10mm pistol in the Mutant Base!
  100. Lets see how tough Maxson REALLY is!
  101. The Overseer is a real @!$@#! Lets see how many bullets he can hold!
  102. I Recond this 'Lou' fellow will be a nice chap.
  103. 1.Stimpaks are for wussies.
  104. Armor is for wussies.
  105. Katja's a crack shot with a throwing knife! She'll kill a lot of enemies for me.
  106. I don't need any more weapons at the Military Base. The Brotherhood soldiers will back me up.
  107. Oops! I forgot to heal my eye before I attacked the Master.
  108. With this Hardened Power Armor, I should be able to kill the Brotherhood of Steel.
  109. What's down this steel shaft?
  110. Okay I'm out of the military base!  I'll just hide behind these rocks and watch the place blow.
  111. I've got ten intelligence.  I know I can beat Zax at chess.
  112. I'll read all these books here at the Glow.  I don't want to add to my carry weight.
  113. This must be the lock with Hightower's necklace.  I can't wait to open it!
  114. I'll show that "Thief's Guild" what I think about their so called defenses.
  115. With these robes on... no one will notice me in the Mutant Base or the Master's Vault.
  116. I'm sure my fellow brothers at the Brotherhood of Steel won't mind me picking this little ol' lock on the storage door.
  117. That Brotherhood of Steel trainer is wrong.  I'll show him how to throw a proper punch.
  118. I'm getting sick of shutting down these force fields.   I'll just step thought one the these red ones.
  119. Here's don't do drugs, not even Rad-Away.
  120. I'll take lots of Buffout to increase my radiation resistance.
  121. I'm sure I can reach the exit grid in my next turn.
  122. 4%?  That's the chance I'll miss right?
  123. I'll dump some of my healing supplies so I can carry more loot.
  124. Hi Lorenzo!  I promise to have your money by next week.
  125. I know I got Power Armor, but this leather jacket just look so much cooler.
  126. I'll just rescue the Brotherhood of Steel initiate.  It's only two thugs.
  127. Wow! 1300 caps for killing this Decker guy!  How hard could it possibly be?
  128. This MUST be a bug.  It says I have damaged eyes... but I can see everything just fine.
  129. I'm sure laser pistols fall under small guns.
  130. I'll use my Speech skill and talk myself out of this situation.
  131. I think Ian needs a bigger gun.
  132. My goodness that IS a big rocket launcher! Here Ian, give it a try!
  133. Okay Ian, since you have not shot me in the back for a while, you can have my 14mm.
  134. I want a fair fight.  Since SuperMutants don't wear armor... I don't wear armor.
  135. Ian will never run from a battle... IAN???
  136. What the hell is THAT?
  137. Just a few more turns and I'll save.
  138. Those Brotherhood Guards won't mind if I go though the front door.
  139. I missed??? MISSED??? I can't miss... I have a 95 percent chan....
  140. I'm pretty sure I can't take those mutants without guns.  After all I need to save my ammo.
  141. How hard can a punching SuperMutant be?  He's just punching!
  142. Hey! I thought I had enough ammo!

Thanks to all the Fallout Fans that have submitted suggestions.  You know who you are. ; )


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