TO:  All Vault Citizens
From:  The Overseer
Date:  July 14th, 2162
Subject:  Recreational Activities

I'm sure you're aware of the same holo-shows being shown.  In order to help alleviate your boredom will be have new holo-shows within the week.  Here is a small sample.

 bhmonitor.gif (2604 bytes) Holo-Shows Tonight

This Old Vault:
Sub-Overseer Bob Villa shows you how to make your Vault even better.  Learn how to use common everyday objects to make your Vault a little Utopia in the Wastelands.

Brown Acres:
You'll laugh when Mr. and Ms. Douglas leave the safety of the vault and decide to try their luck in the wasteland.  Let's sing the theme song...

Brown Acres is the place to be 
Shady Sands is the life for me. 
Land spreadin' out so far and wide, 
Keep your vault, just give me that countryside. 

The vault is where I'd rather stay. 
I get allergic to a atomic ray.  
I just adore a Level 3 view.  
Darling, I love you but give me Vault 22.

The chores! 
The Water stores!  
Fresh air! 
Grid squares!  
You are my wife! 
Good-bye, Vault life!  
Brown Acres we are there. 


Harold's Heroes:
Hijinks abound when Harold and his troop go into the Vault for some tech. Watch them bumble and tumble through 5 levels of laughs.

Wasteland Place:
Who's sleeping with the Overseer?  Is that why water supplies are down?   Are Ian and Tycho an item?  Is that why they've shot you in the back?  Is Tandi addicted to Rad-Away?  Join the backstabbing everyweek at Wasteland Place.

Three Grids from the Glow:
Join us as we follow the adventures of a bunch of Elvis loving aliens visiting Earth after nuclear war.

Vault Improvement:
Grunt along with Vault citizen Tim.  Watch him destroy the Water Chip in a effort to give it more power. Watch Vault Citizen Al blow him to pieces with the Overseer chair.

Mr. Bha:
Laugh along with Wilber and his talking Brahmin Mr. Bha.

The Three Stooges:  The Next Generation
You laugh, you'll pull your hair out, you'll shoot yourself in the head.  Follow the adventures of three mindless warriors and their leader, Dogmeat.  Watch them block each other in doorways and shoot each other in the back.

Doctor Morbid:  Medicine Man:
Join Doctor Morbid as he travels the Wasteland in search of the sick and dying in order to make that perfect pot of stew.

Life with Louie:
Lou remembers his childhood before his exposure to the FEV.  Learn who he was before he became second in command to the Master.

Iguana Kramer, Inc.
Join Kramer and his three hip Hubster friends.  Join as Jerry sakes, "What's up with all these mutants?" "What's the deal with dat?", Elaine wonders about her relationship to Butch and George tries to find a job with Butch's Caravan.
Here's a sneak peek for you.
Kramer:  Jerry.....!  What about the restaurant, Jerr?

Jerry:  "I don't know... What are we selling?
Kramer:  "Brain food, Jerry."
Jerry:  "What kind of brain food?  You mean fish, right?"
Kramer:  "No, Jerry.  Fish are dumb.  I mean people!  I eat people!!!"
Jerry:  "People?"
Kramer:  "Just the smart ones.  Wouldn't do me any good to eat the dumb ones, would it?"
Jerry:  "I don't know...."

Kramer:  "Eating a bum like Harry, that's dumb, that would be like eating junk food, Jerry."
Jerry: "How do you eat..."

Kramer:  "People?  It depends on who I'm having.  If it's a Brotherhood Scribe, I try to turn them into a stew.  I just have to mix in a little Iguana.

Kramer:  "Here, try this meat pie.  It used to be our mailman Newman..."

Jerry:  Helllloooooo Newman!!!


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