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Fallout 2 will use the original character from Fallout!!!

After intense pressure from political groups such as the Grey Panthers and the American Association of Retired Persons, Interplay has agreed to use the original 100 year old character in the game.

At a press statement, Handy Dave (The power behind the throne) at Interplay released this press release. 

We are proud to show our commitment to portraying our elderly in a positive light.   We believe this to be an excellent opportunity to educate our fans around the country with the talents of our elderly.

I and Chris Abaloney with the rest of the group have been hard at work developing weapons that complement the original character we all know and love.  Here are some of the weapons we have...along with the story.

oldman.gif (4993 bytes) text.gif (4990 bytes) Live was hard after the original group left the safety of the vault.   We headed north to start a new village.  My former comrades Ian and Tycho fell in love and decided to travel together to New San Francisco.  Tandi turned down my offer of marriage... Last I heard.. her and Gizmo were expecting their forth child.   Dogmeat... ah Dogmeat!  He was good... and tasty!  I shall always remember Dog... Dog... Dogbeat!  Yeah that's it!


My home has been in dire straits as of late.  Water supplies are low... food is almost non-existent and our Cable Holoserver is out.  We haven't heard from Dominos Pizza... Thirty days or less my foot!!! We are in danger of dying again.  Why is this all strangely familiar?

All of the young whippersnappers sent out so far have failed to retrieve the G.E.C.K needed to save our village.  Max Stone III got his shoe laces untied and fell off the rope bridge.  Others hopefuls either failed to pass the test or are too scared to take the journey.

The council has decided that I must journey to the wastelands and save our   people once again.  This I shall do... just as soon as I take my nap...zzzzzzz...

New Weapons

False Teeth of Ripping Throw it at your enemies and take a bite out of grime.
Sharpened False Teeth of Ripping Same as above but with Armor piercing capabilities.
Brotherhood WheelChair Armor (Hardened) No one will ever take your parking space with this little trophy from the Brotherhood.  This little bad boy comes with twin Hades missiles, Gatlling Lazer cannon, retractable spikes and am/fm radio with a 8-Track player!
STING-A-Pore Cane This Excellent Melee weapons has the strength of 10 canes!   Add the optional spike and make targeted hits to the eyes!
Sleeping Pills Use your throw skill and put your opponents to sleep.   Then use your cane to put them to sleep permanently.
Depends Diapers Afraid of being surrounded?  Throw your Depends undergarments on the ground and watch them head for the hills!
Hearing Aid Turn the sound up to full blast and launch a sonic pulse that will turn the bones of enemies to jelly.
Bi-Focals Same as the Explorer Perk.  See more of the terrain with Vault-Tec ICU Glasses.
Super-Pacemaker Contains super nutrients to give you the strength and vitality of a 70 year old!
Leather Girdle Look stylish and protect against attacks.  Who says girdles aren't sexy?

Note!  No disrespect toward the elderly is intended.   This is in response to the people that want the ORIGINAL character to be in Fallout 2.  Come on... he's older than Bob Dole... he's ancient...  WHY???

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