These people tried... But FAILED!

They were the first sent out to find the WaterChip. Unfortunately, they discovered the joys of Mentats, Buffouts, Psychos and other "chemical stimulants".  They sold the equipment given to them and bought drugs.  Rumors place them lying in a gutter in a place called the Hub.

This person went out next.  The Vault waited six months for him to return but he never did.  Scouts searched and searched but they were never able to find Vault Citizen Waldo. 

Not much is known about him. He wore a dinosaur suit because he thought it was Power Armor and thought that any enemy could be conquered through love and friendship. 

Unfortunately... He never made it outside the Vault.  He was found floating in the Vault water tank with a large spear and two knives in his back.  

An official investigation would have found the killer if anyone care. 

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