The Fallout Drinking Game  

Please enjoy this game.  However, don't get drunk out of your skull and mow down pedestrians.  This is a joke. Please do not rob your neighborhood liquor store and blame me.  I'm not to blame for your stupidity.  Now, HAVE FUN! I drink, fall down... NO PROBLEM! 

Have a drink if:  

You run into a pack of RadScorpions, Rats, Raiders or any of the "filler" enemies.
Someone asks you to: "Put that weapon away."
You fall off a cliff.
Your companions block your exit.
Your companions block your shot.
You actually win money at The Maltese Falcon.
You engage in a meaningless conversation with someone.
Someone says, "I'll be watching you."
Dogmeat helps more than the rest of your companions.
Your "loyal" companions shoot you in the back.


Have two drinks if:  

A character acts like he never seen you before. 
Even if you've just completed a long and complicated quest for him/her.
You've able to ask the same question, over and over.
You've able to ask the same question, over and over.
People are concerned about a threat you've already removed. e.g. RadScorpions
Harold asks for money.
Someone shoots at you and the police ignore the fire fight.
Your companions engage in hand to hand combat and ignore the shiny new rocket launcher you gave them.
You steal from someone and they don't notice.
You get addicted to something.
falloutart/Redball.gif (203 bytes) A NPC ends a conversation only to start it up again in less than a second.


Have three drinks if:  

DogMeat survives going through all the force fields in the Military base.
If you get "lucky".
You find Pat the wondering Celt.
Someone says, "Oh my god!  They killed Kenny!  You bastard!"
There's a Max Max reference.
You get a stat increase without paying for it.
Enemy characters attack other people besides you.
You vomit from Radiation poisoning.
falloutart/Redball.gif (203 bytes) Someone asks you to C D E D B D Ducks.
falloutart/Redball.gif (203 bytes) A policeman gets hit by a enemie's bullet and helps YOU win the fight.


Finish your drink if:  

You see Doctor Who's T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space)
See a giant dinosaur footprint.
Find the Alien Blaster.
Find Bob's Used Cars
Find the Fisherman and his son.
You find talking cows.
Find a truck full of bottle caps.


Cowabunga!  Rob the Liquor Store if: I sure could go for a Pizza right now  

Tycho, Ian or Kayja discover they're carrying 10 suits of Power Armor and decide to actually wear it.
Tycho, Ian or Kayja say, "Am I blocking your exit, please allow me to step to the side."
Tycho, Ian or Kayja move to the side to minimize their chances of hitting you.
You manage to kill the OverSeer before you finish your quests.
Tycho, Ian or Kayja discover a Rocket Launcher works much better that a boot to the head.
You get "lucky"... in real life.


Restart the game if:  

You rub your eyes and see: 5 Tychos, 4 Ians, 3 Kayjas, 2 Dogmeats and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.
Your companions block your passage on the bridge to the Gun Runners.


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