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Now fortified with Rad-Away!
House O' Meat


Are you tired of giving away your hard earned bottle caps just to buy a few measly scraps of Iguana to feed your starving family?
Are you tired of taking RadAway every time you eat from my competitor? 
Are you tired of getting radiated while hunting wild game? 
Do roaming bands of raiders keep you from finding food? 
Are you ready for some good wholesome Grade A Atomic meat?

If the answer's "yes", then come down to JunkTown and sink your teeth (if radiation has taken your teeth then gums) into a slice of Doc Morbid's Mystery Meat sandwich.

If you're not a Sandwich person, then go to

Iguana Bob's in Hub City and try some delicious Iguana on a Stick... mmmm mmmm mmmm.  Just like Mom used to catch and make. 

Just tell Iguana Bob: "Doc Morbid sent me... "



Special rates are available to Bulk Orders...
Deliveries will take 3-4 weeks due to "processing the meat"...

Hear Doc Morbid speak about his favorite food.

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