I love the taste of Villager blood in the morning! Dedicated to my pal  DOGMEAT  I love the taste of Villager blood in the morning!

I met DogMeat in a rancid little cancer of a town called JunkTown.  I was wandering the city and taking in the sites.  I particularly enjoyed the rusting cars and the smell of mutant urine at high noon.  I wondered about and heard a man yelling, "Cujo or Could ju get away from the door?"

I couldn't hear very well so I wasn't sure.  I looked and saw an adorable 90 pound doggie with blood stained teeth and paws.  Obviously someone had thrown blood at the poor thing.  I gave it an Iguana on a Stick and it became my friend.  The only problem is Iguana is actually human flesh.  I introduced poor little DogMeat to flesh and now he can't get enough!  On the plus side, I don't feed him and it really helps in combat!  I just have to remember to keep him away from children!

So "GOODBOY!" to you DogMeat for attacking all those Deathclaws, SuperMutants, Raiders and Flower Children.  I love you DogMeat, Cu jo love me?

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