A Fallout Guide to Dating in The 2160's
What to do... 
Where to go... 
And how to do IT... 


Just because the world erupted in a big fireball of radiation and Fallout doesn't mean you can't have fun.

What can be more fun that going out an a date with a fellow Vault Citizen?
The problem is this:  You've spent your entire life in the Vault and you think you've done it all and seen it all... WRONG!

There's an entire world just waiting to explored.  If you're going to explore it then why not take that special someone and explore with them?

What to do...

Walk hand in hand in the warm romantic lights of the GLOW.
Make pets out of the rats outside the Vault and have Rat Races.
Sip from the same container of Water Rations.
Get "high" together with Mentats, Buff outs, Psychos and other goodies.
Listen to the Overseer talk about the Good Ol Days.
Have a B.Y.O.W. (Bring Your Own Water) Party.
Annoy the guard on weapons duty together.
Get "kinky" with the Mr. Handy.  "He's so handy!!!"


Where to go...

Go watch a boxing match in JunkTown.
Go do some gambling at Gizmo's.
Go to that island in Fallout you've heard so much about
Rescue a poor starving dog in JunkTown.
Learn a new religion from the Children of the Apocalypse
Share an Iguana-On-A-Stick together in the Hub.
Do some Gambling at the Maltese Falcon in the Hub. 
(If you lose money, just take out Decker together)
Go on a caravan run and take that second honeymoon.


How to do IT...

Unfortunately, these are not the Free love sixties the OverSeer's great, great grandfather knew.
No, as a responsible individual you need to exercise caution.
Not only must you worry about unwanted pregnancies and other STDs.
You have to be careful of transmitting radiation and worst of all the dreaded FEV!
So what's a person to do?

  Simply use one of these and you should be fine! 
Yeah, you might not be able to "feel" anything... but it's better than turning into a green skinned mutant! 


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