Hip Hip...Good job I say! CommentsHip Hip...Good job I say!

Most people don't know Iguana taste just like chicken. Half the calories and all the flavor. Hey Doom, 

This Fallout page you created is a winner.  Your 'Vault Failures' and 'Recipes' pages almost had me snorting coffee through my nose.  Thanks for the laughs. 

I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed this hard.  I'm actually having some difficulty typing this, cause I can't stop.  I'd tell you my favorite parts, but I never stopped laughing the whole way through! 

Excellent job!  And thanks for all the laughs!  =)

The Surgeon General says too much Nitrous Oxide a.k.a. Laughing Gas is bad for the human body.
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It beats stealing hub caps for bottlecaps... Great site!  It's good to see someone actually get creative and take the time to think up original and humorous ideas for a Fallout page. 
Most pages stick to the tried & true format of basic info, but yours goes above and beyond the call of duty to create a page that will no doubt secure a lasting place in the heart and mind of everyone who views it. 

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You have got one of the coolest sites on the web here.  Global nuclear devastation has always been good for a laugh, but you've brought it to a new level.  The most cheerful thing about nuclear war is that in about 90% of simulations, EVERYBODY is toast.  How's that for democracy in action?  Long live the mighty Cockroach. 

Yeah if I want to see what a Combat Shotgun looks like, I just open the manual. It's a real pleasure to stumble upon such a piece after browsing through endless typo-ridden half-finished homepages implementing the same damn "Weapons in Fallout" particulars chart. 
Well, yours is a real Game Dedication Page.

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:  Heartfelt Dogmeat tribute really touched me deep down, the iguana recipe was a real hit over the holidays, I actually got all the references in the 'You're a FalloutJunkie If . . .', I'm now an alcoholic with a pending court date for my actions with a BB gun and a sledge hammer at the local liquor store because of the drinking game, I now use Creep tooth paste exclusively thanks to your SetMart ad and last, but not least, I ditched my girlfriend of 6 years for a blown up photo of the Goddess with the Vault13 tattoo on her shoulder. 
In short:  You kick buttocks, great page!
It's nice to see I'll leave something behind when I go to that big Vault in the sky.

Playing too much Fallout funny? It's a serious addiction. The sooner we educate the public the better. I only spent a few minutes on your site, but liked it immediately. 
I like to see that other people are spending hours and hours on this game. 
Thanks for your list of playing fallout too much list, it's too funny!

Just a quick note to say hahahhahahaah!!!! 
Thank you for adding some humor to an already over stressed subject.
Stressful? Killing Jerry Garcia look-a-likes in a Command Chair is a Stress Releaser!

True. This is a bullet... a bullet looks like this... it goes in the gun... you shoot it.  

Harry head hurt now!

Loooovvved your pages about Fallout.  Had me chuckling at work for a while.  I enjoyed what you did with it... much more that the -- "dis is da 14mm pistol.  It is a very good pistol.... blah blah blah  -- sites.  Pretty funny stuff.  And the drinking game...  well... I'm still cleaning the coffee off the keyboard.

...just wanted to drop you a line. your site is great. love your sense of humor. Thanks.  Who say's Nuclear war won't be funny?

That's me! Who's that babe in the photo?  I think I could forget adventuring for awhile, or is she inside Vault 13?


I just wanted you to know I think this is one of the most original Fallout site I have seen on the Web. Great Job and please keep up.

Thanks! I hope to start a trend.

I didn't want it.  That's what happens when you mix Nuko Cola and Tequila. Great site!  And my compliments on the tattoo.

Your page is a riot!  I love it.....Keep up the good work. What kind of riot.  A minor one or a Los Angeles kind?

You're a kewl person. You know class when you see it!  Very kewl site.

I just checked out your site. Pretty cool... Yet another person with a good eye for talent.
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Didn't mean to beat you do it. You have a very funny site. I WAS going to add a Journal Page....but.....

I like it! it's great!!!! Cool... Thanks!

Well I was going to offer downloads of Wasteland and Fallout but you said: "Don't change nothing." ... I just revisited it, and pardon my french, it was f%$#ing awesome... Don't change nothing... Its great the way it is... I started laughing really hard about half way through...

You got all of that... Haha. Very funny. I got all that... who's the man?

Thanks Your page is very creative and interesting.

Just wanted to give you some feedback on your homepage.  It's great.  I had a great time browsing through its many entertaining sections.  I have a whole new outlook on Fallout now. The new outlook is due to blindness from Radiation poisoning.

I'll try. What do I think of your site? Hmmm.... It's great and hilarious! Keep up the good work!

Love your site! It left me and my friends laughing our asses off.
Keep it up!
I hope you get your ass reattached.

If you're going to laugh...
Laugh Hysterically!!!
I laughed hysterically when I stumbled about your page. It's fantastic!
Bye and keep up your good work!

Hey I really liked the way you set up your site - it'd be great if more people picked up on your approach. Anyway this is only the second time I've ever commented on a site - so I guess that means something.
I appreciate the time you gave it.
Yeah, I would like to see more humor pages out there.

San Andrea Vault...
Reducing boredom one hour at a time!
Wow, thanks for putting up such a great site.  I was bored and then i found this site, and I spent about an hour just reading all of the funny stuff here. Thanks again!

heh heh..just wanted to tell you your page rocks etc.etc.etc. and you were makin me laugh so hard I squrted nuko cola out of my nose...is it supposed to burn like this?...damn gotta find a doc!..LATER Tim. Nuko cola is a aquired taste.  You'll get used to it.

Vault Tec:  We deal with more than just Nuclear Waste! Very humorous site! I enjoyed it immensely.
The bathrooms in the office where I work must have been made by a company which is a predecessor Vault Tek; the urinal flushers have "Flush Boy" stamped on top of them! No lie! I just thought I'd share that.

well, me again (doubt you remember me), and i must say that Mr. T vs. The Master was funny as hell. your site is a step-up from those "This is my generic weapons list. You can find out more about these guns by playing the game, but of course, i'll just annoy you with with B.S. you already knew...first, they'res this 10mm..." and so forth. So true.  I have a manual in front of me.  Why do I need a web site to duplicate it for me?   Thanks!

To quote Killian, Thanks Friend! Fallout was a masterpiece of friendly fire and really, really big guns...
Your site has extended the realm of Fallout to levels beyond the scope of mere mortal programmers... from Mr.T to a recipe for DogMeat, this is the best site I have ever seen. I (and anyone else who has seen the site) salute you for your twisted sense of humor and morbid fascination with 'Bloody Mess' and flamethrowers....

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