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Uploaded by Silencer - 01-13-2009
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Explosive Entry 1.5
By: Lap

Explosive Entry allows you to bust inside almost any container or door using explosives. This is considered to NOT be a cheat mod and it is balanced to the best of my abilities using your explosives skill, luck stat, and ranks of the "Demolition Expert" perk. Based on your explosive skill you will be able to use a wider variety of ammunition and weapons to break a lock. A player with poor explosive skills may need a mininuke to open a tough lock that a master of explosives could do with a frag grenade or two. Depending on the game settings there is also a chance of the timer malfunctioning or the explosive destroying items inside a container.

Beware of the following when deciding to use explosives to breach a lock:

-Explosions are the opposite of a stealthy act. Expect to alert any nearby NPC's to your actions.
-Explosives may destroy the contents of container so think carefully about what strength of explosive you need. Using a mininuke on a safe will likely destroy the contents. This can include items you may need to complete quests.
-The timers on explosives can malfunction and go off earlier or later than desired.

Your explosive skill, luck stat, whether you are in combat or not, and rank in the "Demolition Expert" perk, will also determine your effectiveness at using explosives.


This feature is activated anytime you attempt to open a locked object. You will be given the option to breach the lock if you have any of the necessary explosives listed below in order of weakest to strongest:

-Frag Grenade
-Frag Mine
-Plasma Grenade
-Plasma Mine
-Bottlecap Mine
-Nuka Grenade

The stronger the explosive, the greater your chances to blow the lock (though options with absolutely no chance of working aren't even shown). Stronger explosives are also more likely to destroy the contents of containers.


This mod can be set to many different levels of realism depending on your personal preference. When the mod is first loaded with a character it will automatically ask your for your preferences. However, you can always manually change these settings at any time. To change any setting, open the console with the ` key and type "set variable to X" where "variable" is a setting listed below and "X" is 0 or 1 (1 indicates that this feature is ON).


ExplosiveEntryCombatPenalty is a modifier that determines the penalty on all checks while in combat. Default is 0.25 (25 percent).

Another global you can set is ExplosiveEntryDifficulty, which will simply increase your chances by this modifier. 1 is the default. Using 1.4 would give you a 40% bonus, while using 0.3 would give you a 70% penalty.

The calculations are based on these components:

1. Random chance
2. Explosive skill
3. Strength of explosive used
4. Luck stat
5. Lock strength
6. Rank of Demolition expert (approximately 5% total bonus per level)
7. Whether or not you are in combat (25% penalty to breaching in combat)

Explosive skill and strength are the most important in most of the calculations.

Additional Credits
Qzilla of the forums for answering many questions regarding the feeble scripting language of Fallout 3.
JoystickMonkey aka Jesse Tucker of Bethesda for answering questions of the forums.

Legal Stuff
If you would like to incorporate this mod into a pack or modify it please email me for permission. I've denied maybe one in fifty requests to modify my mods over the years, but I really just want to know what's being done with my work. Besides, it's common courtesy.

You are not allowed to sell or profit from this work.

Release Notes
1.5-You may now place up to five explosives at a time. Rig a whole shop up with explosives for a quick smash and grab.
-Each realism setting can now be independently set.
-Totally redid the formula for determining when timers malfunction. There should be much less facial exploding.
-Changed "Nuclear Grenade" to Nuka Grenade.
-Added some clarifying text.
-Fixed any of the weirdness that came with using more than one explosive at a time.
-Fixed an exploit that allowed players to gain exp on already blown/picked locks.
-Fixed the realism menu setting realism to easier levels than selected.
-Removed potential for savegame bloat after longterm use.
-Player controls disabled for a fraction of a second to prevent errors from spam using.
-Weapon is put away on breaching locks (may have it disabled for a few seconds if there is demand for more realism).
-User configurable penalty added for being in combat.
-Removed some left over unused junk.
1.4-Reinstated the actual use of ammo and grenades that I left out from 1.1 when I was debugging...doh
-Minor tweaks on successes based on feedback.
1.3-Fixed a bug that caused timers to go twice as fast.
1.2-Fixed a timer issue I introduced in 1.1.
1.1-Made scrap metal spawn if the explosive destroyed the contents of a container
-Fixed a calculation bug that was making things a bit too easy
-Slightly changed how perk bonuses were applied
-Added a global difficulty modifier
1.0 Initial release




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