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Saiga-12 Combat Shotgun replacer Saiga-12 Combat Shotgun replacer : :What this is This replaces Bethesda's Combat Shotguns and shotgun traps with a Saiga-12, which is a self-loading, 12-gauge AK. Charon's Combat Shotgun is shown with a 5-round magazine (because that's the actual capacity of his gun in-game), and The Terrible Shotgun has a shortened barrel since it has more spread. Because this model has a 10-round magazine, i lowered the capacity in-game to ten a ... [more] (3.86 MB) 10-16-2010 807 0
Ammo Toolkits Ammo Toolkits : Workbenches to create ammo, one set in Craterside Supply, the other in Tenpenny Tower. Schematics can be bought from Moira Brown or Lydia Montenegro. A third set is hidden somewhere, if you want a clue then "Elect to find T51" Ammo Toolkits are available too from Moira Brown and Lydia Montenegro, these cost 3000 caps, base price, for the pair. Once dropped from your inventory they can be use ... [more] (43.2 KB) 05-31-2009 1,302 0
Wattz Weapons Pack Wattz Weapons Pack : Special thanks to 'Tempete' from the bethesda forums for assisting with the Casdin dialogue fix 'MadCat221' for teaching me how to make shader maps and to all the folks at bethesda forums for all the critique, comments and suggestions during the development of this mod ------------------------------------------------------- MOD FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- ... [more] (Unknown Size) 01-24-2009 2,257 0
Winchester P94 Plasma Rifle Winchester P94 Plasma Rifle : Made by DaiShi Description: This mod places a Winchester P94 Plasma Rifle (a.k.a. the classic Fallout 1/2 Plasma Rifle) in Fort Constantine (next to the T-51B) and National Guard Depot Armory, look for them under the tables. The weapon has the same values as the ordinary enclave plasma rifle, but it can't be fired that fast (probably cause the different animations) so I raised a little the ... [more] (Unknown Size) 01-14-2009 1,589 0
SIG-Sauer 14mm Automatic Pistol SIG-Sauer 14mm Automatic Pistol : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mod Features ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Adds the 14mm Pistol to the game, which can be found at Paradise Falls, inside Lock and Load Sh ... [more] (Unknown Size) 01-14-2009 2,263 0
Tirbal T-51b Helmet Tirbal T-51b Helmet : A Tribal T51b helmet By SpeedyB and SplitSoul Model by SpeedyB Textures by SplitSoul This is a tribal version of the T51b power helmet. It was based off of a picture taken from fallout 2 (I think) The helmet is not set as power armor (all the power stuff is obviously not working so there is not much "power" to it) How to get it: It can be found at Craterside supply in Megaton and ... [more] (1.34 MB) 12-27-2008 1,097 0
Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle : Mod Features: -Adds the Prototype Laser Rifle to the game (which resembles the original Laser Rifle from previous Fallout games) -The weapon is found inside Fort Bannister (where the Talon Company commander patrols) -The Prototype Laser Rifle does 75% more damage than vanilla laser rifle but eats up twice as much ammo -the mod includes custom pipboy images for the rifle and a holotape lying ... [more] (698.6 KB) 12-27-2008 1,307 0
Unique Zhu-Rong v418 Pistol Unique Zhu-Rong v418 Pistol : Zhu-Rong v418 Pistol Revamped v.1.0 by: Mikael Grizzly 16th December 2008 * * * * * * * * * INSTALLATION: Extract the contents to the Fallout 3\data directory, then add it to the list of active plugins via the Data Files menu or the plugins.txt file. WHAT DOES IT DO? Remember that prototypical Zhu-Rong Pistol you can find in Fallout 3? The one that shoots incendiary bullet ... [more] (922.9 KB) 12-16-2008 1,335 0
Medicine And Edibles Revamped Medicine And Edibles Revamped : Medicine and edibles Revamp v.0.2 TEST RELEASE!!! by: Mikael Grizzly 13th December 2008 * * * * * * * * * INSTALLATION: Place the .esp in your Fallout 3\data directory, then add it to the list of active plugins via the Data Files menu or the plugins.txt file. WHAT DOES IT DO? Simply put, it remakes the drugs so that their effects in Fallout 3 are similiar to those in pr ... [more] (3.5 KB) 12-13-2008 1,044 0
No Magical Enchants on Armor No Magical Enchants on Armor : Install Directions: ------------------ Just unzip into your Fallout 3/Data folder, make sure to check the .esp files in FOMM or the FO3 Launcher. I removed all of the magical enchants on items (i.e. 1 Luck, +1 PER, +5 Science, etc). The only armors I did not touch were the Lucky Shades and ALL Power Armors. I don't care if you modify these files for your own personal use. If anyone wants m ... [more] (193.5 KB) 12-05-2008 1,053 0
Fatman Thermobaric Warhead Fatman Thermobaric Warhead : Replaces the Fatman mini-nuke with a thermobaric warhead. (1.7 KB) 11-28-2008 1,729 0
Remove Bobblehead Effects Remove Bobblehead Effects : Removes the effects that the bobbleheads in Fallout 3 give. Does not work retroactively, but will work with any saved game. (5.3 KB) 11-19-2008 950 0
AA-12 Combat Shotgun AA-12 Combat Shotgun : This mod modify "The Terrible Shotgun" (unique combat shotgun) into the AA-12, a fully automatic shotgun. I made two different versions, a semi automatic (a12semi.esp) with a 20 rounds drum magazine, 100 RPM fire rate and a full automatic (a12full.esp) with 40 rounds and 480 RPM. (1.9 KB) 11-14-2008 3,612 0
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