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High Definition Texture Pack High Definition Texture Pack : Here's a player-created compilation of many High-resolution textures for Fallout 3. It vastly improves the visuals of Fallout 3 without changing the overall "Fallout 3 look". View more details... Notes: A fast computer which can handle everything on ultra-high is recommended (Otherwise you will experience stuttering). When it extracts, it becomes twice as large! Install: Navigate to "C: ... [more] (Unknown Size) 12-10-2008 6,065 0
Fo3 Original Combat Armour v. 1.1 Fo3 Original Combat Armour v. 1.1 : I was disappointed in the appearance of the Combat Armour in Fallout 3, so I whipped up a quick mod rectifying that problem. Enjoy! INSTALLATION: Simple. Copy the Data folder to your FO3 directory along with the ArchiveInvalidation.txt and change the bInvalidateArchiveFiles in Fallout.ini to 1 (1.77 MB) 12-08-2008 2,418 0
T-51B as default BoS power armor T-51B as default BoS power armor : DESCRIPTION The purpose of this mod is to swap the armor models of the default BoS power armor with the more familiar T-51B variant from Fallout 1-2. INSTALLATION 1: Extract the data folder into your \Fallout3 folder. 2: If this is the only texture mod you are using, then extract the "ArchiveInvalidation.txt" into your Fallout3 folder. (NOT THE DATA FOLDER!) If not, then you should ... [more] (Unknown Size) 11-13-2008 936 0
Mimezu Texture Pack + Addons Mimezu Texture Pack + Addons : Description: ============ I really like the overall textures in the game, only I think that some of them are too blurry and less detailled than others. It especially caught my attention when I jumped on Silver's house roof and saw a very blurry chimney. I thought that It might be a good occasion to try myself at some retexturing. I don't have too much time on my hands so I don't think I wil ... [more] (Unknown Size) 11-13-2008 1,820 0
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