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Fallout Classic Fonts Fallout Classic Fonts : This mod replaces the vanilla FO3 fonts (except the one in the terminals) with the classic Fallout font that was to be used with Van Buren. This is also available for NV - in fact, it's the same file. The multitude of buttons on the Pip-Boy 2000 were condensed into 3 buttons, each of which house 5 sub-sections for neater navigation. This interface was carried over to the latest Pip-Boy 3000 ... [more] (176 Bytes) 07-25-2012 465 0
The Pip-Boy 2500 Pipboy The Pip-Boy 2500 Pipboy : This is the Pip-Boy 2500, the (fictional and non-canon) successor of the rugged Pip-Boy 2000 and the predecessor to the more recent Pip-Boy 3000. This mod will replace your arm-mounted Pip-Boy 3000 with the handheld Pip-Boy 2500 and will also remove the 3000's accompanying glove. The Pip-Boy 2500 was designed with a larger and wider screen than the 2000's. The new screen also utilizes advanced ... [more] (176 Bytes) 07-25-2012 532 0
GTS - Global Travel System GTS - Global Travel System : Introduction: I got the Idea for this Mod from Fallout 2. It seems to be an open world, but actually it's a fake. It only connects cells with teleport-triggers and covers it with a World-Map. And between the content-cells are a high amount of empty wilderness cells, whose are nothing but Puffer between the game content. It has in no means an open world in one world-space like Oblivion or Fallou ... [more] (Unknown Size) 01-24-2009 3,499 0
ConsoleMod ConsoleMod : Basically, the Ring Of Console mod for TES4, ported over to Fallout 3 by me. THIS MOD REQUIRES FOSE TO RUN. Easy as pie to use; load the mod, go talk to Moria, and she should give away (they're free) a pair of goggles. Put the goggles in a quick-select slot, press your button, and WHAMO. The console. I highly suggest you change your console coordinates so that you can read them; I use ... [more] (403.4 KB) 12-17-2008 1,501 0
PipWare UI PipWare UI : Combines CND and RAD Pages, with faster access to the EFF Page. Lists are easier to traverse with a less thin Scroll Marker, and the option to jump 1 Page of items instead of 1 line when using the mousewheel. Also has some slightly improved screen-space usage for menus and dialogs. (24.6 KB) 11-20-2008 1,660 0
Fallout 3 Item Descriptions Fallout 3 Item Descriptions : Fallout 3 is missing many Fallout elements, including item descriptions. This mod is designed to recitfy that problem! Installation: Unzip to your Fallout 3\data directory. Curiously, it doesn't seem to need ANY entry in the ArchiveInvalidation.txt file at all (Unknown Size) 11-14-2008 8,663 0
MTUI MTUI : Essential UI adjustments for Fallout 3: smaller fonts, larger item selection areas, improved conversation menus, etc. Designed for screen resolutions of 1024x768 and higher. (314.8 KB) 11-13-2008 6,219 0
Merged UI Mod Update 4 + Revelation Interface Merged UI Mod Update 4 + Revelation Interface : Merges Minimal UI mod and Revelation Mod, in an attempt to make the game look more like fallout. (1.36 MB) 11-07-2008 4,852 0
Minimal UI Mod Update 4 Minimal UI Mod Update 4 : Smaller Hud and smaller Fonts, using the Original Fallout font from NMA. (81.9 KB) 11-07-2008 3,023 0
Radiation Redux Radiation Redux : So FO3 gives you a bunch of extra info on your radiation level, and I know people here don't like it. Neither do I -- So I fixed it. You don't get to see your radiation level -- the bar that shows up in the HUD is removed (you still get the rads/second text though). The RAD page in the pip boy only shows your radiation resistance level. If you get radiated the word RADIATED shows up in big t ... [more] (8.7 KB) 11-02-2008 932 0
No waypoints and Markers of any kind Mod No waypoints and Markers of any kind Mod : No waypoints or markers for enemies or quests for Fallout 3. (1.3 KB) 10-30-2008 1,404 0
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