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F2 Character Critters 2.0 F2 Character Critters 2.0 : this is an update of the mutant character giving you more selection of who you want to start as. (867.7 KB) 02-07-2011 3,795 2 : This file includes 2 scripts and a dialogue file for the Fallout 2 "Miria mod" discussed in the NMA thread The scripts should only be used if you have killap's Fallout Restoration Project 2.0 installed, as discussed in the thread. Some additional files may be needed; see the enclosed readme.txt for details. (34.2 KB) 04-19-2010 2,653 1
Harry as NPC mod Harry as NPC mod : Harry as NPC mod 1.0 for Fallout 2 by Skynet. !!!Requires Fallout 2 Restoration Pack 1.2!!! This mod will add Harry to (Supermutant from Fallout 1) outside of Arroy temple as recruitable npc. Features: -All responses are voiced (uses partly modified speech files from Fallout 1). Example: three random responses when you order him to wait. Differend initial dialog for male and female c ... [more] (1.84 MB) 07-13-2008 2,399 0
KlamSavGame KlamSavGame : This is my first attempt at a save game file cheat so I hope you all enjoy :) Just simply make sure that you have already been to Downtown Klamath and then go into your save game files in the Fallout 2 directory (The path is usually c:\Program Files\Interplay\Fallout 2\Data\Savegame\Slot XX) and just replace the file KLADWNTWN.SAV in thefolder with the one I have provided here for some of the bes ... [more] (53.9 KB) 08-07-2007 3,899 0
Quick Goris FIXED Quick Goris FIXED : When uploading I made the mistake of having a space in my file name and thus it wouldn't download properly. I have fixed this. This "mod" replaces the animation sequence as Goris enters/leaves combat so it is much shorter. This should work as a standalone, and with any other patch. The readme contains the information on how to install it. (75.3 KB) 02-26-2006 3,285 0
Quick Goris Quick Goris : Tested with Killap's patch, this simple "mod" greatly reduces the time it takes to enter/leave combat while having Goris on-screen. (75.3 KB) 02-23-2006 1,922 0
Vault-BoyMod Vault-BoyMod : This mod must be run alongside the Critter patch and will let you play as the Vault-Boy instead of the Vault Suit. You must be a male character in the game in order to be the vault boy Replaces the hmjmps model with the HMVBO model (59.0 KB) 09-06-2004 3,007 0
Super Character File Super Character File : Unzip this file in your /fallout2/data directory. Start the game and select new game, create character, options, load and select this file. Your super character with all 10 in it's stats is created. (189 Bytes) 02-06-2004 12,200 0
Narg's Replacement Narg's Replacement : This mod replaces the Narg premade character to Smackrazor... Installation Notes: Backup patch000.dat in the Fallout 2 dir or use FAME.. (69.1 KB) 02-06-2004 2,800 0
Mysterious stranger mod Mysterious stranger mod : This mod changes the stats and skills for the Mysterious Stranger, also the MS will show wearing different types of armor as you go up in level. (ie. Lvl1 Black Leather Jacket, Lvl2 Metal Armor, Lvl3 Combat Armor, Lvl4 Power Armor, Lvl5 Adv Power Armor; Damage resistances have also been changed to reflect the type of armor worn) . Usage: Load using FAME or ModRunner, you will also need to have the ... [more] (2.1 KB) 02-06-2004 3,826 0
Miria mod Miria mod : This mod changes one of the NPCs you meet in Fallout, some features:A) giving her the ability to level up and B) giving her a huge amount of floating-text style speech possibilities.. (36.1 KB) 02-06-2004 13,324 2
James's Godess mod James's Godess mod : When creating a character load one of these files. -Godess.GCD has all 10 for stats -GODESS9.GCD has all 10 for stats and all 300%s for skills (732 Bytes) 02-06-2004 10,207 0
Friendly Klint (Non DAT) Friendly Klint (Non DAT) : With this mod the character named Klint (the Temple of Trials guard) joins (21.8 KB) 02-06-2004 3,277 0
Friendly Klint (DAT) Friendly Klint (DAT) : With this mod the character named Klint (the Temple of Trials guard) joins (18.3 KB) 02-06-2004 5,385 0
Fallout 2 Characters mod 2 Fallout 2 Characters mod 2 : A couple of Fallout 2 characters mods... (3.7 KB) 02-06-2004 9,651 0
Fallout 2 Character Mod Fallout 2 Character Mod : Fallout 2 Character with all 10's in the SPECIAL.. (177 Bytes) 02-06-2004 13,910 0
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