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Uploaded by Odin - 02-09-2004
Author Author <a>Forty-Six and Two</a>
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Alright. Lemme start by say that the combat of this map has heavy modifications opposed to the core game. This does Not mean that it is a n00b mod with ub3r l33t psycho damage weapons and drugs everywhere! Ive tried to make weapon damage Vs. hit points alot more "realistic" which means what im looking for is to get away from those: Sqaudie hits enemy-enemy hits squaddie -Sqaudie hits enemy Etc. until one dies and you then jack up on your multitude of stimpacks, situations. . A good rifle or SMG burst from a short distance isnt something you want in this map. Pistols and SMGs are balanced to be just as good as most rifles, if you use them right. A grenade will outright kill or bitch-maim enemies instead of just wounding them for some 30-40 damage. Heavy weapons will rip you apart. A hit close/medium range from a minigun almost surely means death. So what im trying to impart here is that this map offers high lethality for your hours spent on it .




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