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Shoot-out at the Triple H

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Uploaded by Odin - 02-09-2004
Author Author <a>Requiem Starfury</a>
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This is a low to mid Tech level map, designed for TB play. It has been heavily influenced by too many Saturday afternoons watching westerns and listening to the Lone Ranger serial on the radio (Ah those were the days.. sigh!) just kidding I'm not quite that old yet. The lack of pipboy and minimaps is intentional, your character is not a member of the BOS, NCR Rangers, Vault City Guards or any other technically advanced organisation. I've increased the damage all equipped weapons do, as apposed to unarmed h+h attacks partially this is to exagerate the difference between being punched by someone and getting shot, to speed up combat since the map is meant for turned base combat, and mostly to conserve the precious little ammo you do have. If I hadn't done this you could very easily use up the, pittance that is the little amount of ammo, you start the game with in your first encounter. Be warn though critical hits will invariable lead to one shot deaths, mostly yours.




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