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Uploaded by Odin - 02-06-2004
Author Author Kashluk
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RAID was a Finnish tv-series that lasted for 12 episodes. At the
time it came on air it was one of it's kind and that's why it earned so
much thanks from critics and home audiences alike. After watching series
like Six Feet Under, The Shield and Carnivalé, I still think Raid is
number one of all time. This map is roughly based on episodes 11-12 and
that's why you won't propably understand half of it if you haven't seen
the series.

+ the verse "Through the wilderness must the child walk on" is taken
from a religious childrens' song that tells about how angels take dead
children to heaven. It's a really creepy song in it's original form and
is very well included in the series' final episode.


1. Copy the .mis-file to fallout tactics/core/missions-directory
2. Copy rest of the files fallout tactics/core/entities/raid_files-directory

NOTE: It's important that all the files come to right directories and don't forget to create a new dir called 'raid_files'

Press the BOS.exe on and enjoy!

And send some feedback to

Regards KashluK.




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