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Single Player Maps Single Player maps for Fallout Tactics 36
Assault Maps Assault maps for Fallout Tactics 72
CTF Maps Capture The Flag maps for Fallout Tactics 19
Skirmish Maps Skirmish maps for Fallout Tactics 58
Other Maps Other maps for Fallout Tactics 15

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Alley Assault Alley Assault : Basically a remake of the Downtown map. Created in about 3 hours. (232.9 KB) 02-11-2009 1,219 0
FalloutTactics_OTB_Maps FalloutTactics_OTB_Maps : Fallout Tactics tiles only maps from OTB (OnTheBounce from DnC). A continuation of The Graveyard of Broken Dreams. If you intend to use these maps you are asked to credit OTB for the tile only maps. This goes if you use the map "as is"; in a modified form; clips saved from the map pasted into your own work; or as inspiration. (1.1 KB) 12-12-2008 1,080 0
Test Map Test Map : After 30 secs the countdown timer expires and enemies are transported too you. Optionally you can crawl to them or stand up and allow them to come to you. Also feel free to open up the map with level editor and peek at the triggers. (5.6 KB) 07-01-2008 1,010 0
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