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Raid Raid : RAID was a Finnish tv-series that lasted for 12 episodes. At the time it came on air it was one of it's kind and that's why it earned so much thanks from critics and home audiences alike. After watching series like Six Feet Under, The Shield and Carnivalé, I still think Raid is number one of all time. This map is roughly based on episodes 11-12 and that's why you won't propably understan ... [more] (449.1 KB) 02-06-2004 1,027 0
Army Of Darkness Army Of Darkness : n/a (895.3 KB) 02-09-2004 12,266 0
BosCops BosCops : The mission, "BOScops," puts the player in charge of two Brotherhood of Steel soldiers who have been assigned to help enforce the law in a small town. Sounds pretty boring, right? Well, it just so happens that a major crime wave sweeps the city soon after the soldiers arrive, and the troopers quickly find that the decisions they make may put them at odds with the goals of the Brotherhood itself. T ... [more] (1.48 MB) 02-09-2004 6,741 0
Deathclaw Desert Chapter 1 Deathclaw Desert Chapter 1 : n/a (466.3 KB) 02-09-2004 3,516 0
Deathclaw Desert Chapter 2 Deathclaw Desert Chapter 2 : n/a (411.3 KB) 02-09-2004 1,928 0
Deathclaw Desert Chapter 3 Deathclaw Desert Chapter 3 : n/a (315.5 KB) 02-09-2004 1,754 0
Deathclaw Desert Chapter 4 Deathclaw Desert Chapter 4 : Deathclaw Desert Ch.4 isn't your "average" FOT map - Killing things is a BAD thing in this map. Fans of the Thief games'll like it :) Sneaking around is the main idea here. Don't worry, there are a few things you get to kill, but as a whole, confrontations with the enemy are best avoided. (395.7 KB) 02-09-2004 1,732 0
Deathclaw Desert Chapter 5 Deathclaw Desert Chapter 5 : This is the final chapter of the Deathclaw Desert single player maps made by Max-Violence, a truly must!! (726.0 KB) 02-09-2004 1,851 0
Deathground Deathground : The Brotherhood has been keeping a close eye on the Chosen One, searching for a GECK. When the Chosen One visits the Sierra Army Depot the Brotherhood can't afford to let this opportunity go to waste. While an agent of the Brotherhood continues to follow the Chosen One, the nearest Brotherhood patrol is sent to secure the Depot until a full team can be dispatched, unfortunately when they arrive th ... [more] (2.87 MB) 02-09-2004 3,108 0
Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) : n/a (463.9 KB) 02-09-2004 2,495 0
Evil Dead Evil Dead : Ash needs to fight hordes of evil zombies. Why you ask Well the book of evil has fallen into Krell's hands, Krel, who is ofcourse a zombie lord, must be killed in order to restore peace to the world. You're armed with a beretta silverhawk, your trusty shotgun and a ripper which serves as a substite for Ash's chainsaw. (163.3 KB) 02-09-2004 3,517 0
Fallout Tactics Demo mission 1 Fallout Tactics Demo mission 1 : This is the mission from the Fallout Tactics demo, made to work on the full version. (395.1 KB) 02-09-2004 1,712 1
Fallout Tactics Demo mission 2 Fallout Tactics Demo mission 2 : Here you have the mission 2 from the Fallout Tactics demo, for your enojoyment! (624.0 KB) 02-09-2004 1,565 0
Go Tell it to the Spartans Go Tell it to the Spartans : This map is a quick and dirty firefight, the story is a 'what if' what if you didn't stop the Calculator at Vault 0 or if you joined with it only for the Brotherhood Elders to throw up their arms in horror at the idea of being ruled by a computer and turn against you. You take the role of a new player character, so the Cyborg at the begining of the map can either be General Barnaky or your origina ... [more] (433.6 KB) 02-09-2004 3,205 0
In Our Own Image demo 1 In Our Own Image demo 1 : The first installment of my demo for In Our Own Image. Featured in it is a Single Player mission that was cut from IOOI for plot reasons, then pasted onto the (heavily modified) Osceola map from the FoT core campaign. (1.32 MB) 02-09-2004 1,317 0
Jailbreak - Part 2 & 3 Jailbreak - Part 2 & 3 : This is the final two chapters in this minicampaign by Max-Violence, absolutely worth downloading! (1.34 MB) 02-09-2004 2,703 0
Jailbreak - Part 1 Jailbreak - Part 1 : This is map #1 of my Jailbreak mini-campaign. After I get back from vacation, I'll do the other 2 and release 'em at the same time. Don't worry, this map has PLENTY of stuff to do. (1.12 MB) 02-09-2004 3,822 0
Kidnapped For Ramson Kidnapped For Ramson : n/a (660.4 KB) 02-09-2004 1,956 0
Killemall Killemall : RECRUITS RUN RAMPANT! BOS recruits, after years of an oppressive Brotherhood bureaucracy, have turned to the dark side. This is a remake of the Mission 12 map, with an eye toward tactical positions. (844.6 KB) 02-09-2004 2,252 0
Melee Meltdown Melee Meltdown : Single player custom campaign for Tactics (1.52 MB) 02-09-2004 5,019 0
Nuevo Laredo Nuevo Laredo : Clear a tunnel which goes underneath a quarantine zone at the Mexican-US border. (318.8 KB) 02-09-2004 1,020 0
Quagmire Quagmire : This mission, called "Quagmire," puts the player in control of a team of Brotherhood of Steel operatives who have been given the seemingly innocuous assignment of recovering some newly-discovered ancient technology from an abandoned factory in a remote forest region. Upon arriving at their destination, however, players will hopefully find that completing their assignment is the least of their worr ... [more] (4.18 MB) 02-09-2004 1,244 0
Quartz Quartz : This mission was heavily influenced by the town of Quartz in the old PC game Wasteland. It should play similarly with most of the same NPCs and PCs. The town layout is also similar so you will recognize most everything. I added a few things to round out the plot as a stand alone mission. (1.01 MB) 02-09-2004 890 0
Raiders Lair Raiders Lair : In "Raiders Lair". You'll find that Raiders have move in and set up an outpost on BOS land. These bad guys have been attacking any one passing by. You'll need to flush them out, before they can complete their fort and stop all travel thru this area. There's more here than what shows, on the surface. (1.25 MB) 02-09-2004 1,233 0
Rebellion Part 1 Rebellion Part 1 : This is map #1 of my Rebellion mini-campaign. Hope you like it :) (1,017.5 KB) 02-09-2004 1,449 0
Rebellion Part 2 Rebellion Part 2 : This is map #2 of my Rebellion mini-campaign. Like it or DIE! :) (903.0 KB) 02-09-2004 984 0
Rebellion Part 3 Rebellion Part 3 : This is the semi-final map of my Rebellion mini-campaign. By "semi-final" I mean that this is, technically, the last map of the Rebellion mini-campaign, but the storyline continues in my next not-so-mini-campaign, titled Revenge. Anyway, here ya go! (976.3 KB) 02-09-2004 932 0
Revenge Revenge : n/a (1.49 MB) 02-09-2004 887 0
Shoot-out at the Triple H Shoot-out at the Triple H : This is a low to mid Tech level map, designed for TB play. It has been heavily influenced by too many Saturday afternoons watching westerns and listening to the Lone Ranger serial on the radio (Ah those were the days.. sigh!) just kidding I'm not quite that old:) yet. The lack of pipboy and minimaps is intentional, your character is not a member of the BOS, NCR Rangers, Vault City Guards or any ot ... [more] (903.1 KB) 02-09-2004 769 0
Shrine Shrine : Alright. Lemme start by say that the combat of this map has heavy modifications opposed to the core game. This does Not mean that it is a n00b mod with ub3r l33t psycho damage weapons and drugs everywhere! Ive tried to make weapon damage Vs. hit points alot more "realistic" which means what im looking for is to get away from those: Sqaudie hits enemy-enemy hits squaddie -Sqaudie hits enemy Etc. un ... [more] (1.80 MB) 02-09-2004 821 0
Slaughter Springs Slaughter Springs : n/a (618.2 KB) 02-09-2004 968 0
Slave Town Slave Town : You've been enslaved by a big time slave trader, now you need to escape.. ! (367.6 KB) 02-09-2004 1,589 1
Starter City Starter City : Raiders take the city because the mayor refused to still manufacture drugs. (552.7 KB) 02-09-2004 1,018 0
What is honour amongst thugs What is honour amongst thugs : "What is Honor Amongst Thugs?" is a single-player role-playing adventure mission for Fallout Tactics by Microforte. A prominent Brotherhood of Steel scientist has defected from the Brotherhood and is holed up inside a mountain-top fortress. The player's assignment is to infiltrate this fortress and assassinate the scientist because--well, what else would you expect the Brotherhood to do with a tra ... [more] (2.78 MB) 02-09-2004 1,949 0
Luta Livre Luta Livre : First you must choose one of two fighters, to fight against four fighters, reference to boxing in New Reno, in Fallout 2. (73.5 KB) 09-06-2005 1,605 0
thermoPile thermoPile : Just something I did to test triggers in mp, converted to single player. Not much, but better to release it than delete it?? (508.3 KB) 11-05-2005 1,275 0
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