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Vertibird mod (RUS) (Dat)

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Uploaded by Odin - 02-06-2004
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Now you have an opportunity to take posses the Enclave’s Helicopter which has many same features with the modern v22 model and also with elaborations for private owners of special citizen model. You can find the main distinction from simple helicopters in the number of two screws on the wings, which are able to change their angle and also in the absence of stabilizing screw in the helicopter’s end (it is useless here). By the Enclave’s information exactly Osprey model became a prototype to the Enclave Arms V34 Vertibird model, which included in it the best engineering ideas of previous models and new technical investigations of supporters of a new order of EUsAF. But this project has its own minuses like the inconvenient controlling of such type of machine. For example: modern Osprey models have Rolls Royse Liberty’s engines, but if you imagine that one of those engines will fade the helicopter will turn in a “flying cobblestone”. Undoubtedly pluses are carrying capacity of v34 (it is the biggest) and the speed of movement. The most useful models for Enclave became Helicopters of Close Support and Transporting Helicopters (the heaviest ones) which can carry light APC. The best helicopters through out the all attacking models are RAH-88, less powerful Close Support Vertibird and the fastest one (here are used two reactive accelerators) is General Dynamics A234/5. The last one included in itself distinguished opportunities of plane and helicopter (it took a long time before Enclave invented it). Enclave was working on the RAH-66 Comanche model before A234/5 model was invented. RAH-66 was weaker than Chopper and RAH-77 Sioux (this is the upgraded model which hasn’t any big minuses). Russian version, Dat version




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