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My Pre-War Storage Area in Toxic Caves My Pre-War Storage Area in Toxic Caves : My Mod a bit reminsicent of the old toxic caves cheat but much much better and more logical I think. For one in the original toxic caves cheat with all this armor and weapons lying around at the entrance then why did smiley whom we are coming to rescue fall prey to the geckos????? Mine accounts for smileys presence in his predicament. I think I fixed that and with this mod you will be ... [more] (54.1 KB) 02-21-2011 1,106 0
New Reno Advanced Cheat New Reno Advanced Cheat : ------------------------- About This Cheat ------------------------- This save game cheat has virtually everything you could ever want, one or more of just about every item in the game is in this mod, and it shouldn't prevent you from doing or completing a single quest. In addition, virtually all thugs for all four families have been removed, no quests have been done and no quest npcs o ... [more] (241.6 KB) 08-10-2008 1,225 0
New Reno Easy Mode New Reno Easy Mode : This is a saved game cheat that converts the New Reno boxing ring and the Shark Club Casino into a powerful base of operations. No Quest Relevant NPCs have been harmed and no one will go hostile (unlike a certain 'No Children' save game file). Futher more, virtually every item in the game is avaliable in the Shark Club. Quest items, misc items, novelty items, 1000 of each type of ammo (save exp ... [more] (197.2 KB) 08-09-2008 761 0
Europa F2 map mod Europa F2 map mod : did you ever think what was going on in mid-eastern europe while vault dweller was fighting mutants in california? this mod in a few months may give you the answer. (1.54 MB) 01-19-2008 4,500 0
Dangerous Quest! Dangerous Quest! : This mod contains: -50 scripts -almost 40 NPC and many quests (one big quest) -3 changed maps in Arroyo -1 changed map of Klamath -empty worldmap (available to play only two modified towns) (2.19 MB) 08-08-2007 2,207 0
EPA Mod v1 PL EPA Mod v1 PL : Jest to pełna wersja moda zlokalizowanego na polskiego Fallouta2. Autorem moda jest Chris Parks z forum NMA. Polonizacji dokonali Zdzisiu oraz Cubik. Mod dodaje lokację EPA, której nie dokończyli autorzy gry Fallout2. Do uruchomienia gry z tym modem wymagane jest zastosowanie patcha usuwającego limit miast. Mod nie jest kompatybilny z żadnym innym modem. Przed uruchomie ... [more] (1.97 MB) 02-19-2007 1,055 0
Primitive Tribe ver 1.0 PL Primitive Tribe ver 1.0 PL : Jest to polonizacja moda zrobionego przez Chrisa Parksa. Mod dodaje lokację, której autorzy Fallouta ostatecznie nie wprowadzili do gry. Jest to wioska Sulika. Polonizację zrobili Zdzisiu i Cubik z Shamo Community. (191.0 KB) 02-10-2007 717 0
Modoc + Cold Hearts location mod Modoc + Cold Hearts location mod : I've never liked the town of Modoc and this mod is changing the whole town. The maps have all been updated with different things. There is a Blacksmith, Mine, and also a thieve's guild. The thieve's guild has MANY quests, some of which are quite involved and will take a bit of travelling. There will be many new interactions with other towns as well. (1.66 MB) 02-08-2007 3,234 0
Primitive Tribe Primitive Tribe : The location known from Fallout Bible, where you could find Sulik's lost sister. By Cheris 'Labor Omnia Vincit' Parks (265.1 KB) 10-15-2006 3,888 0
EPA v1.01 EPA v1.01 : EPA update. You will need the original version to play this mod (779.7 KB) 09-21-2006 3,826 0
EPA Add-on Mod EPA Add-on Mod : This mod re-creates a location that was dropped from the final release of Fallout 2 (1.52 MB) 08-26-2006 6,796 0
Black Steel Black Steel : A mod which makes many changes in Arroyo. Temple location and quest is different. Introduces machine screw nuts as currency. Introduces a number of items, locations and crafting skills. (839.7 KB) 02-06-2006 2,824 0
New Vision mod Sourcecode New Vision mod Sourcecode : Here's the sourcecode for the TeamX remake mod called New Vision. (432.2 KB) 02-09-2005 1,239 0
Spellcaster Mod for Fallout 2 Spellcaster Mod for Fallout 2 : Place correst files in their respective folders and eveything should work fine. The mod adds by the stone head in Arroyo: -a character that will elaborate on the contents of the chest -a chest with 4 new items 1. a book enabling you to cast spells (setting enemies on fire) 2. a habit making you look like the Deathclaw from Vault 13 3. a silver medallion that will age you seven years bu ... [more] (151.2 KB) 01-25-2005 2,111 0
Bunker 21 Mod Bunker 21 Mod : :::How to install? Place the files in their respective directories and everything should work. -scripts -data -text -maps they're in the Fallout main directory -headers is in the Mapper directory (in scripts) Or use a mod runner if you have a DAT file version. It'd bee good if you knew the basics of modding because the information in files scripts.h scripts.lst sc ... [more] (229.2 KB) 01-25-2005 5,187 0
Fallout 2 Liveng Dead Mod Fallout 2 Liveng Dead Mod : This mod replaces the game maps for desolate town's, forest's and cite's. You will be facing zombie's, fallout style zombie's are ghouls you have wepons you are gonna kill any thing that a ) move's and b ) is'nt human All you need to do is put 'patch000.dat' into your Fallout 2 dir and run the game, then click new game and it will start the mod. Don't worry as the new game intro plays as this ... [more] (143.6 KB) 01-23-2005 3,751 0
Fo2 - Second Apocalypse Fo2 - Second Apocalypse : Fallout 2 - The Second Apocalypse For high cpu For people with real good pcs Made by Haris & Miran UPDATE //////////This mod is exactly the same as regular Second Apocalypse mod, only difference is that in this version encounter tables have been boosted up extremly to prevent time limit of 13 years to run out so fast. this was specially problem for people with high cpu. but this mod is recom ... [more] (479.8 KB) 10-14-2004 5,094 0
Abbey mod 2 (PL) Abbey mod 2 (PL) : This is a location mod for Fallout 2, it will put in one of the locations that were left out by the developers. This mod is in Polish! (204.7 KB) 05-29-2004 2,610 0
Fallout 2 Loader Fallout 2 Loader : The exe in this archive will: - give you the pipboy at the start of the game - change your character's appearance from tribal to the vault13 suit - Enable the city patch (allows you to have more, or less, than 49 cities in the game) To use it, just run it in the FO2 directory, it will launch and patch the game in memory (The exe will stay intact) it's very small (compared to the game exe ... [more] (8.2 KB) 02-13-2004 3,538 0
The Rock Collecting Mod The Rock Collecting Mod : The air is thick in the Elder's tent as she sits there telling the Chosen One what is to be done for the good of the village and the tribe: "You must find the sacred Vault Thirteen and bring back the G.E.C.K. and so forth and so on, but first you must undergo a trial of decidedly perilous proportions. If you fail, you can't go. Of course, if you fail on purpose because you're too scared to go, ... [more] (91.0 KB) 02-12-2004 2,221 1
Abbey mod Abbey mod : This small mod adds Abbey location to Fallout2 Installation: Just unzip files with folders in the BlackIsle/Fallout2/data/ directory. Start new game or load saved game and go in to worldmap. Abbey is located north of Gecko. (98.2 KB) 02-12-2004 11,228 0
Vault13 mod Vault13 mod : This save/mod changes alot of weapons/things in Fallout 2, more info in the readme document.. (73.3 KB) 02-06-2004 4,015 0
Universal Fallout Inventory Cheat Universal Fallout Inventory Cheat : Nice name for a mod, don't you think ? Well read on what the maker said: In this version of UFIC2, I have only modified the original Arvillag.sav file. The added bonuses are: Goris the Scribe is waiting outside the Elder’s tent, There are a few more gizmos and gadgets, and some more guns and ammo are present. As a backup for those who have beaten the game, and can not go back into the village I ha ... [more] (256.7 KB) 02-06-2004 2,397 0
Toxic Caves mod Toxic Caves mod : If you fallow those steps, you will find best guns, armors, ammo and some usefull items in specified pleaces. Klatoxcv.sav <=- Fallout 2 - Copy this file to one of the save slots. - Load this save where you put this file. (be sure that your character weren't in Toxic Caves when you were saveing the game and that you were in Toxic Caves at least once ). - Go to Toxic Caves - Warning: Smilley is sti ... [more] (50.6 KB) 02-06-2004 1,538 0
The Den (No Children)mod The Den (No Children)mod : This mod will remove those pestering little children that steal from you all the time in The Den.. (94.9 KB) 02-06-2004 1,590 0
Temple of Trials mod Temple of Trials mod : This mod adds some nice things to the Temple of Trials map..On the floor in the Temple of Trials Foyer you will find: 1 Advanced Power Armor MkII, 1 M72 Gauss Rifle(fully loaded), 1 Mega Power Fist(fully loaded)... In the pot in the room up and to the right from the Foyer: 223 2mm EC rounds, 517 Small Energy Cell, 189 Stimpacks, $29855, 1 Electronic Lockpick MkII (75.5 KB) 02-06-2004 2,824 1
Klint the generous Klint the generous : Klint The Generous is a mod which alters the main character, Klint at the beginning of the game who guards the quick route out to Arroyo. Klint will give you one of every single weapons in the game, He will give you one of every single piece of armour, You can get more experience from him, Two new items added to the game (Black Hole & Frank's Armour) and And other neat stuff... Installation Notes: ... [more] (9.4 KB) 02-06-2004 6,991 0
Klamath mod Klamath mod : Another mod, this is jam packed with stuff in Klamath.. (59.0 KB) 02-06-2004 5,333 0
Chop-Shop mod Chop-Shop mod : This file will transform the New Reno chop shop into a wondrous treasure trove of weapons and equipment. It includes multiple copies of most items in the game as well as almost infinite supplies of money and ammunition. (31.3 KB) 02-06-2004 5,498 0
Arroyo-Klamath Mod Arroyo-Klamath Mod : This demo version is a fully working and well tested part of a much larger Arroyo-Klamath MOD. In the demo version we have included several people, quests, items etc. We hope the result is sophisticated and of quality. Also, we hope that Fallout fans will take some time to play and enjoy this demo version. (3.68 MB) 02-06-2004 3,390 0
Arroyo mod Arroyo mod : Another great Fallout 2 mod, this one gives you alot of things in Arroyo.... (34.6 KB) 02-06-2004 7,976 1
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