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World War 2000 mod World War 2000 mod : World War 2000 is a set of rules using the WW2K Mod below are the weapons that are allowed. (35.1 KB) 02-09-2004 1,441 0
Team Fortress Team Fortress : The idea behind Team Fortress is teamwork. The team that sticks close together and works as a team will always win against a team that plays as loners. This mod gives you a new set of premade characters. There are no customs allowed. You can ONLY use the premades from the mod. I got bored of using all the same weapons online, so I made this mod that has weapons that no one uses online. Every chara ... [more] (71.5 KB) 02-09-2004 921 0
Sonic Disruptor Tactics Sonic Disruptor Tactics : It's a multiplayer only mod based on a crazy-ass comic from the 80s about a future in which Rock & Roll has been outlawed by a right-wing american government and a failed rockabilly singer turned rolf therapist turned stockbroker turned DJ bought an orbital nuclear waste dump and turned it into a orbital nuclear waste dump that grows dope and broadcasts pirate radio. The government can't shoot dow ... [more] (1.65 MB) 02-09-2004 1,020 0
FOT WW2 Mod FOT WW2 Mod : This has got to be the biggest and greatest mod for Fallout Tactics yet, it changes the entire game to a World War 2 game... (Unknown Size) 02-09-2004 5,397 0
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