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Items and Prefabs Items and Prefabs : This was my FIRST mod and its really sloppy, but will be really useful early in the game. It places lots of power armour, gauss rifles and heavy weapons in the entrance of the first bunker and also gives you three scout cars. There's also some new prefabs to use, just follow the instructions in the readme (where I got thoroughly over-excited by my mod). Hope you enjoy, if you get problems, tell me ... [more] (388.9 KB) 01-14-2006 5,220 0
Jona FOT Campaign mod Jona FOT Campaign mod : The 8 first missions now give a lot more xp for your objectives. There are NO new objectives or quests. With these mew missions you will level up much faster. You will notice, that there are 2 mission01-files. The "mission01a" file will work with the standard recruit pool, while "mission2a" will only work with the recruits-Mod. (that means: without it, you will only have 3 members in your ... [more] (5.88 MB) 02-25-2004 3,434 0
Armour Armour : Ok this is my first mod for Fallout tactics and hopefully not gonna be the last. Basically it gives you seven suits of Super Power Armour - The first in the first mission located at the start parellel to the bridge and then another six suits when you get back to Bunker Alpha. The armour will increase your Hit Points, Action Points, Strength, Endurance, Perception and Luck skills. It will also incr ... [more] (665.3 KB) 02-09-2004 3,968 0
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