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M92FS Portraits Pack M92FS Portraits Pack : Consists of portraits mainly from Resident Evil games and Saving Private Ryan movie. There are a few additional other portraits. (303.1 KB) 01-25-2006 5,355 0
80 Toon Portrait Pack 80 Toon Portrait Pack : Ahh nostalgia...The 80's are alive and well! (Except for the hair, thank you God!) For the Transformers images, I have to give credit to, a rather well done Transformers website. They've covered the original Transformers very well. As for the new ones, well, I'm not entirely sure, as I didn't go looking. For the G.I.Joe portraits, taken straight from the Joe Files ( ... [more] (402.4 KB) 02-12-2004 3,604 0
Señor Deluxe's Portrait Pack Señor Deluxe's Portrait Pack : Ok, here´s my portrait pack for FOT, 16 male and 8 female characters. I didn´t include any ghouls, mutants or deathclaws, maybe I´ll make another one, but probably not that soon. The files are named m01-m16 (for the males, obviously) and f01-f08, in the Overwiew they´re shown from the top left to the right bottom, just as you´d read. If you use them in your own maps or campaigns, I´d be happy if y ... [more] (412.2 KB) 02-12-2004 4,339 0
WWF Wrestlers Custom Portraits WWF Wrestlers Custom Portraits : This little mod changes some of the portraits in FOT to WWF wrestlers ones.. (187.2 KB) 02-09-2004 1,549 0
Starwars portraits Starwars portraits : This mod makes good old Star Wars faces avaliable to play with... (408.3 KB) 02-09-2004 3,198 0
Simpsons Portrait Pack Simpsons Portrait Pack : Another Fallout Tactics character portrait pack, this one is made up of images of the Simpsons characters. (22.0 KB) 02-09-2004 1,468 0
HotsalZa's Portait Pack HotsalZa's Portait Pack : A bunch of cool new character portraits for Fallout Tactics. (298.7 KB) 02-09-2004 9,836 0
Female Portrait Pack 2 Female Portrait Pack 2 : Here's an All female portrait pack for Fallout Tactics, need I say more ? (124.9 KB) 02-09-2004 5,475 0
Female Portrait Pack 1 Female Portrait Pack 1 : Here's an All female portrait pack for Fallout Tactics, need I say more ? (148.0 KB) 02-09-2004 8,878 0
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