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Countdown to Doomsday Countdown to Doomsday : Buck Rogers Crew needs to pick up at least one Dilitium-Cache and leave the Area via any Highway. but hurry, there´s a massive asteroid closing in. (2.83 MB) 03-02-2008 968 0
Night Forest Night Forest : n/a (50.2 KB) 02-13-2004 574 0
Warlands Warlands : Two teams battle it out over the fields of death. (176.6 KB) 02-10-2004 420 0
Urban Sprawl map 1 Urban Sprawl map 1 : An Urban Environment. Several buildings with great fortifications. Good sized with emphisis on team work and tactical warfare. Play both CTB and TB. (176.1 KB) 02-10-2004 518 0
Train Me Train Me : Combat in a post-war trainyard. (228.7 KB) 02-10-2004 335 0
Toy Store Toy Store : n/a (353.1 KB) 02-10-2004 348 0
Tournament Tournament : This medium-sized map was inspired by the game Unreal Tournament, with multiple sniping towers and multiple avenues to assualt most towers. Doors have been removed entirely to keep players from noting their opponents progress by watching for open doors. It should make for some good tactical play in mid to high point value games. (217.7 KB) 02-10-2004 349 0
The Thunderdome The Thunderdome : n/a (63.7 KB) 02-10-2004 342 0
The Lair The Lair : A city fallen to the wastes, however there is more than first meets the eye. (256.6 KB) 02-10-2004 421 0
The Arena The Arena : Brotherhood Island used to be a prison that you were unable to escape from alive.So the Brotherhood decided that it was suitable for their own interest. (47.5 KB) 02-10-2004 388 0
Supermarket Supermarket : n/a (211.6 KB) 02-10-2004 429 0
Steelcore Vault Steelcore Vault : n/a (130.2 KB) 02-10-2004 401 0
Stalingrad Team Skirmish Stalingrad Team Skirmish : Stalingrad Team Skirmish is the same map with the switches removed and more spawn points added. This map is simply a good old fashioned frag fest. (159.7 KB) 02-10-2004 385 0
Slaughter House Slaughter House : n/a (133.3 KB) 02-10-2004 330 0
Search and Destroy Search and Destroy : Plain free for all, but first you have to find your enemies first before they find you.This map is my first FoT multiplayer map. And it is not yet tested in a multiplayer game, if you find something wrong with it, email me and i'll see what i can do bout it. (422.8 KB) 02-10-2004 340 0
Ravaged Ravaged : A ravaged pre-war city fought over by 3 gangs. (199.1 KB) 02-10-2004 343 0
Prison Riot Prison Riot : Best for turn-based melee games, we use it for a ruleset we call ummm, Prison Riot (creative, eh?). Full six man teams, 500p, no armor, weapons limited to rocks and shivs, with one character on each team allowed a zip gun and ammo. Performance enhancing drugs are allowed (voodoo, psycho, buffout, etc.), but no healing drugs or medkits. (31.8 KB) 02-10-2004 363 0
Night Forest Night Forest : n/a (50.2 KB) 02-10-2004 351 0
New Reno New Reno : Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Tonights match is brought to you by... Jet! When you abosolutely must take a trip and cant find the airport, Choose Jet! So Without further ado... LET'S GET Reeeeeeady TO BEAT Some Ass! (176.3 KB) 02-10-2004 549 0
Mission Oascale Mission Oascale : n/a (1.02 MB) 02-10-2004 322 0
Mission Death Mission Death : n/a (580.1 KB) 02-10-2004 305 0
Lost Celestial Lost Celestial : A map inspired by Boonville, Lost Celestial is based on mobs and mafias during the late 1930's. This map includes ww2 weapons and 12 buildings of different roles and unique interior design. Players are forced to interact with each other and when they are ready, mobs either end their long conflict or kill the mayor to control the city. (415.2 KB) 02-10-2004 531 0
Labyrinth Labyrinth : Room-to-room fighting in a simple grid maze. (160.8 KB) 02-10-2004 389 0
Junkyard Dark Vehicles Junkyard Dark Vehicles : n/a (409.7 KB) 02-10-2004 357 0
Junktown Junktown : n/a (459.9 KB) 02-10-2004 652 0
Jet City Jet City : n/a (204.0 KB) 02-10-2004 364 0
High Noon Cars High Noon Cars : Description: This type is new its called "play" but you can use it as a skirmish map but its made for the type i and my friends call "Play" like we own houses like the church and bar sell barter talk and fight now and then this is for real RPG really its not all death match its RPG. (355.0 KB) 02-10-2004 387 0
High-Way High-Way : This is my first map and its a skirmish, with a highway littered with cars, a donut shop and a nuka cola factory. Im not sure if the switch works right but no one ever goes for it anyway. Enjoy. (109.4 KB) 02-10-2004 351 0
High-Noon (Blizzard) High-Noon (Blizzard) : n/a (86.6 KB) 02-10-2004 377 0
Heresy Heresy : A map with a controversial background (the way I like it ^_^) and a touch of American history as well. A TB-designed map that pits heroic vigilantes against evil cultists. (112.3 KB) 02-10-2004 394 0
Hells Kitchen Hells Kitchen : While not leaving much space for tactics, this map is ideal for arcade skirmish with max squad members option set to 1 or 2. 4 players maximum. (65.4 KB) 02-10-2004 354 0
Hell On Earth Hell On Earth : If you have ever wondered what Hell looked like. Take a close look at this map. This is the ultimate skirmish map with built in Tanks and Hummers. (199.3 KB) 02-10-2004 442 0
Guerilla Warfare Guerilla Warfare : I have been working on this Skirmish map for about 3 months now. I have finally gotten it done and I have had some of the top Fallout Tactics players play it and they all agree it is a really good map. Also with the release of this map Death Advocates is set to return to the top of the gaming communities once again. (225.3 KB) 02-10-2004 514 0
Gecko Gecko : n/a (143.0 KB) 02-10-2004 392 0
Fun Arena Fun Arena : A Funky world of variation! IMPORTANT NOTE: CANNOT Play as "No Team". (85.1 KB) 02-10-2004 333 0
FOT Mission 6 Skirmish FOT Mission 6 Skirmish : The mission 6 map converted into a skirmish map.Thanks to guys who made Tactics for making this map. All I had to do was add some spwan points and some vehicles to turn it into a huge skirmish map. (985.6 KB) 02-10-2004 442 0
FOT Demo Skirmish Mission FOT Demo Skirmish Mission : The original skirmish map from the Fallout Tactics multiplayer demo, updated and enhanced to fit in with the full version of FOT (212.2 KB) 02-10-2004 305 0
Fight Club Arena Fight Club Arena : A small arena map made to be used for pure melee/h2h battles usually where each player takes one char., although full squads are compatible. Note: a really small file made for that old 10k 1 char Fight Club ruleset. (17.9 KB) 02-10-2004 314 0
Fight Club Fight Club : Fight Club is a small, simple map shaped like a boxing ring. It was designed for melee combat. (65.0 KB) 02-10-2004 782 0
Delerict Land Delerict Land : n/a (61.1 KB) 02-10-2004 1,063 0
Death In The City Death In The City : Death In The City is a skirmish map designed for ww2 rules but works Very well with any ruleset. It was started on Nov. 28th and finished beta testing on Dec. 4th Hope you all enjoy it. (396.6 KB) 02-10-2004 1,397 0
Dank Arena Dank Arena : 2 player skirmish arena - designed with Squad Turn Based in mind. (606.2 KB) 02-10-2004 1,012 0
Dangerous Territory (2) Dangerous Territory (2) : This is a small, high tech arena that I made because of people whining about the size of FFA maps. (160.9 KB) 02-10-2004 1,095 0
Dangerous Territory Dangerous Territory : n/a (250.8 KB) 02-10-2004 1,372 0
County Jail County Jail : A pre-war County Jail that has suffered minimal damage would make a nice location to base your operations out of. Too bad everyone else thinks so too. (113.6 KB) 02-10-2004 1,150 0
Corporate Slave Corporate Slave : In this multiplayer map, the Brotherhood Of Steel combats the evil BioTrend Corporation who is attempting biological experiments, perhaps mimicking attempts at creating Super Mutants. See the included Corporate Slave.txt file for a prelude to the map. (386.9 KB) 02-10-2004 1,099 0
Claustrophobia Claustrophobia : A small room where action will start within the first few seconds. (71.5 KB) 02-10-2004 957 0
Cherry Hill Cherry Hill : Another Skirmish MP map which features an abandoned Nuka-Cola plant. (396.2 KB) 02-10-2004 1,018 0
Catyclism Catyclism : Opposing teams duke it out in a vault-like arena. (104.0 KB) 02-10-2004 1,091 0
Carmageddon Carmageddon : A simple cars based map with carmageddon in mind. (50.5 KB) 02-10-2004 1,416 0
Bunker Wars 1 Bunker Wars 1 : An all out fight in the Bunker Alpha. (252.1 KB) 02-10-2004 1,207 0
Box Wars Box Wars : An eight player battle royal atop of field of boxes. (128.5 KB) 02-10-2004 888 0
Boonville 4 Boonville 4 : This is the final map of the boon series, I hope this is an ending to your satisfaction. As of now, I am taking a long awaited break from maps, but will return to give you a more taste of what I can do for you guys out there. The map includes more then enough jobs to sink you taste buds in, so HAVE fun and have a merry christmas and a happy new year! (655.2 KB) 02-10-2004 2,143 0
Boonville 3 Boonville 3 : This is the update to Boonville 3 1.0, contains new buildings and minor fixes to the original buildings. (310.7 KB) 02-10-2004 1,064 0
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg : In this class North vs. South battle (in fallout terms, Northwest vs. Southeast) Two teams are pitted against eachother. As they trudge across the war torn battle field your only as strong as your weakest link. (176.7 KB) 02-10-2004 1,262 0
Big In Japan Big In Japan : Smaller FFA Skirmish map. Six gangs. One mart. One whorehouse. Let god sort em out. (548.6 KB) 02-10-2004 1,406 0
Bagdad Cafe Bagdad Cafe : A field full of junk that provides cover... and in the middle ruined cafe. (130.2 KB) 02-10-2004 2,034 0
Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now : Smaller FFA Skirmish map. Six gangs. One mart. One whorehouse. Let god sort em out. (256.6 KB) 02-10-2004 2,511 0
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