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Fallout Tactics Trilogy Set Patch Fallout Tactics Trilogy Set Patch : If you have Fallout: Tactics in Interplay's Fallout trilogy box set, and you are encountering a black screen and hourglass when trying to load Fallout Tactics, this patch fixes the problem (which is compatibility issues with XP and Vista). If you do not encounter the problem you won't need this patch at all. (102.3 KB) 05-14-2009 3,231 0
Fallout Tactics Hi-Res Patch v1.0 Fallout Tactics Hi-Res Patch v1.0 : This patch modifies the "Bos.exe" allowing you to choose a higher screen resolution from the in-game menu. A second patch is also provided for the "FT Tools.exe". It currently supports the US 1.27 and the German 1.25 Versions of the "BOS.exe". The FT Tools patch supports the "FT Tools.exe" Version that came with the US 1.27 Patch. (8.4 KB) 01-23-2009 49,040 3
Missing Inventory Patch Missing Inventory Patch : This patch only fixes problems for people experiencing problems with missing inventory items. (75.75 MB) 02-06-2004 11,971 0
Fallout: Tactics - Bonus Mission Fallout: Tactics - Bonus Mission : This is a bonus mission from the Fallout Tactics Bonus CD. It'll install one mission, Springfield. To be able to play it you'll need to be in the first Fallout bunker before applying this patch. (28.0 KB) 02-06-2004 21,908 0
Fallout Tactis Patch (PL) Addon Fallout Tactis Patch (PL) Addon : A Patch+ for the Polish Fallout Tactics fanmade patch.. (404.4 KB) 02-06-2004 2,309 0
Fallout Tactics Patch (PL) Fallout Tactics Patch (PL) : This is the Polish version of the official 1.27 FOT Patch, made by some fans (4.65 MB) 02-06-2004 4,214 0
Fallout Tactics Editors & Patch (v1.27) Fallout Tactics Editors & Patch (v1.27) : The primary purpose of this patch is to support custom missions and campaigns made with version 1.26 of the BOS editor. Additionally there are some high priority bug fixes and support for the most recent Miles Sounds System. Details for changes made in the first patch can be found in the readme file after installing this patch. (16.39 MB) 02-06-2004 61,748 0
Fallout Tactics Sound Patch Fallout Tactics Sound Patch : This patch includes newer version of sound drivers for Fallout Tactics. Use this self-extraction archive and unpack all files to your Tactics folder. (473.5 KB) 02-06-2004 12,884 0
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