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Edited Mission 26 Edited Mission 26 : Edited final mission for Fallout Tactics, takes you to world map instead of main menu. (1.49 MB) 03-11-2012 773 0
FT Improver v1.5.0.1 FT Improver v1.5.0.1 : FT Improver is a modifying program for Fallout Tactics and its tools. It's not only a patch, it adds new possibilities. Nothing is hardcoded in FT Improver. Every patch data is encoded each time you run FT Improver, this is the main feature of FT Improver, every modder has to add his own definitions. Read a detailed description of each patch. If something will be hardcoded it will be mentioned in ... [more] (344.7 KB) 05-06-2010 2,616 0
Awaken mod Russian patch Awaken mod Russian patch : This will patch the Polish Awaken mod and translate it into Russian (461.1 KB) 07-15-2007 1,720 0
Awaken mod English patch Awaken mod English patch : This will patch the Polish Awaken mod and translate it into English (256.2 KB) 01-24-2007 7,715 0
Awaken mod Awaken mod : This is the final version of the popular Fallout Tactics mod "Awaken" (140.45 MB) 01-24-2007 17,279 0
Darkfall Demo EN->PL Patch Darkfall Demo EN->PL Patch : Spolszczenie zainstalować do oddzielnego folderu np na pulpicie. Po instalacji w folderze pojawią sie 4 foldery z plikami. Trzeba owe foldery przekopiowac i podmienic z folderami z moda trzeba je wrzucic do: darkfall/locale i przekopiowac i bedzie polska wersja.- Majest (235.5 KB) 04-15-2006 1,504 0
Darkfall Demo EN Darkfall Demo EN : Mod for Fallout Tectics, English version DARKFALL Darkfall. A mod to Fallout Tactics. The player controls a citizen of a town called Forsayth, which is located in the downtown of a pre-war city. At the moment he works as a bodyguard protecting the water caravans. The citizens know only a few small villages near the town. No one left the town for a longer journey. Nobody knows that in the dist ... [more] (89.98 MB) 03-07-2006 4,436 0
Bunker & Mission Mod Bunker & Mission Mod : This is my first mod - therefore it might not be great. it adds a few new characters to the first three bunkers as well as speech and a small side story. Only problem is it doesnt have portraits for the characters and there are no MP3s for the speech. Hopefully, I will soon have a much better finished version - containing a new gauss rifle that is currently being worked on, and various other bits ... [more] (1.49 MB) 01-14-2006 2,509 0
Desert Camouflage FOT Interface Desert Camouflage FOT Interface : Desert Camouflage FOT Interface This will give your interface a new look. INSTALLATION: Extract the bos files to your core folder, making sure you have all 7 files gui_1.BOS to gui_6.BOS and locale_1.BOS, then rename gui_0.BOS to gui.BOS. Alternately Set up a new folder under your FOT main directory and extract the files to it, then depending on where you've installed FOT, use the -p ... [more] (5.22 MB) 09-30-2004 1,953 0
Fot - Rules of Engagement Fot - Rules of Engagement : Fallout Tactics: Rules Of Engagement is more like an expansion pack then a mod. We're making new maps, adding new weapons, but meanwhile, enemy's, gameplay & sceneries stay's the same. We did try to make gameplay more realistic but we can only be sure of this when comments are coming in when the first demo is released. (1.23 MB) 02-13-2004 8,465 1
Loading Screen mod Loading Screen mod : The "mod" changes loading screens for thouse from the other fallout games. Changes also the cursor and main menu background. (823.0 KB) 02-09-2004 1,956 0
Fallout Tactics Bratstvo Čelika Fallout Tactics Bratstvo Čelika : Want to have Fallout Tactics in Croatian ?.This s a modification named "Bratstvo Čelika" that upgrades the original Fallout: Tactics into the modification Bratstvo Čelika. - Version v0.55. WARNING: It is in Croatian language. (1,022.9 KB) 02-09-2004 1,525 0
Ermiak Real mod Ermiak Real mod : For Russian FOT Version only!!! This mod changes all the weapons, items, recruits etc for a more realistic gameplay, all of the text are russian so you'd better have a russian version installed. (739.5 KB) 02-09-2004 1,748 0
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