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Fo2 - Second Apocalypse

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Uploaded by Haris - 10-14-2004
Author Author Haris and Miran Tojaga
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Fallout 2 - The Second Apocalypse For high cpu
For people with real good pcs
Made by Haris & Miran

//////////This mod is exactly the same as regular Second Apocalypse mod, only difference is that in this version encounter tables have been boosted up extremly to prevent time limit of 13 years to run out so fast. this was specially problem for people with high cpu. but this mod is recomended for those with low cpu too, because it means you will encounter tons more stuff before time runs out making u able to gain extreme amount of lvls and play time.///////////

patch000 contains all changes that u need to play the mod, it should be placed in fallout 2 foulder so it looks for example like this C:/fallout2/patch000 than you are ready to play. Allso if u get tired of this mod or just simply dont like it, all u have to do is remove file patch000 from fallout 2 foulder and game turns back to regular fallout 2.

things to think about:
This mod contains only 5 towns, 4 shops and home all regular towns are removed.
every time u enter the shopmap it will refresh, so dont leave anything u plan to keep on it.
Home is the place to unload and store your valuables, hence it will be saved when u leave the map.
Random Encounters on worldmap may show innacurate description.

What this mod is about:
Enclave made some failed experiment while developing a new type of A-bomb, blasting everything into oblivion. So basicly the game is about going around in true wasteland with fresh encounter tables. Colecting all kinds off junk to sell em and afford to buy ammo and weapons. This mod has no ending, its eternal walking around in wasteland lvling up. And this wasteland is lot less populated making it much harder to get rich fast or use any kind of spoilers that where allredy in game. If u are a fan of quests this is nothing for u. But if u love wasteland feeling and harder gameplay, than u should give it a try.

Latest update info
/////////Well now encounters are level based. At start you will meet only rats and scorpions unless you enter caves wich i advise players to do to gain those first low levels faster. The higher level now means the higher amount of harder encounters. Some other stuff has been tweaked too, i let you figure those out on your own. This update has also allowed me to put allot harder encounters later when your high level. In old version game became to easy past level 20./////////




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