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Frame Animator 2.51

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Uploaded by Wild_qwerty - 08-04-2004
Author Author Jochua
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Is added in Frame Animator 2.5

- Loading simple or animated GIF-files in the chosen collection (direction);
- Mode of inheritance of shift for function "Frame Offset";
- The mode of inheritance of shift during editing by the mouse (mode is active if to keep the button Ctrl);
- The function "Project As Template" is added. It allows to load shifts from other FPR-project;
- For function of the automated processing ("Automate") the option "Init Base Offsets" is added. It allows to reset base shifts (FramesOffset[Direction]) to a zero.

Additional functions and innovations in Frame Animator 2.01

- The function of editing offsets by the mouse strictly according to orientation of the current collection is added (mode is active if to keep the Shift-button);

- The shortcuts for many functions are added;
- In the menu "Edit" the new function "Undo" is added. The program supports the Undo-buffer, in which stores(keeps) last 10 changes base offsets or offsets concrete frames. The functions "New Project", "Open Project", "Add Frames", "Remove Frames", "Frame Down" and "Frame Up" clear the Undo-buffer.

- In the menu "View" the new function "Ghost" is added. She(it) allows to include display second frame, worth on any quantity(amount) frames from current. Increment or the decrement of an index background frame concerning an index current frame is set in a window of options ("Edit/Options...") in a field "Ghost(+ /-)". This function is applicable(applied) in case of the multiframe-projects;

- In the menu "File" the new function "Automate" is added. She(it) allows automatically to execute operations of converting "FRM->FPR" or "FPR->FRM" at once above several FRM-files or FPR-projects. The performance of operation can be interrupted, having pressed the Esc-button




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