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Fallout2 Hi-Res Patch v4.1.4

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Uploaded by Mash - 10-02-2013
Author Author Matt Wells (Mash)
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This program modifies "fallout2.exe" in memory for the purposes of increasing the visual resolution, playing in a window and other enhancements.

Currently Supported versions of the "Fallout2.exe" are:
US 1.02d
UK 1.02e
French 1.02d
German 1.02d
Chinese 1.02?
Russian 'Lev Corp'

Changelog for version 4.1.4:
Added option in the config ini to reduce CPU usage. This is disabled by default as it conflicts with a similar function in Sfall.
Removed the necessity to use windows message base mouse control over DirectInput. Alternative mouse input is disabled by default.
In the config ini, moved ALT_MOUSE_INPUT setting from MAIN to new section INPUT.
Added option to the config ini, EXTRA_WIN_MSG_CHECKS to INPUT section to fix "NOT RESPONDING" error in windowed mode.
Added for alternative mouse input, console message scrolling via mouse wheel.
Added for alternative mouse input, weapon slot switching via middle button.
Added for alternative mouse input, scroll various lists by page when holding middle button down while scrolling.
Added button to f2_res_Config.exe to open the f2_res.ini for editing. This should be useful for those with Win Vista+ and UAC_AWARE enabled.

Highlights of version 4.0.0 series:
Resizable Window Mode.
Direct Draw 7 & DirectX9 Graphic Output.
An external GUI for editing Hi-Res settings.
Fog Of War options.
Various other enhancements and fixes.




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