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Mission Mojave Fixpack

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Uploaded by Brother None - 07-25-2012
Author Author The Team Mystery
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Floating items, discolored terrain, faulty terrain, broken navmeshes,
inacessable navmeshes, bugged meshes, clipping meshes, wrongly placed statics,
clipping statics, broken scripts, problems with companions, issues with traders,
scripting errors, wrong values, fileerrors of the offical files, compatibilty of all dlcs together,
NPC Errors, DLC integraion, mismatching body colors, NPC Faces, exploits,
corpses/ash piles/goo piles not disappearing after some time, perk bugs, issues with quests,
gaps in meshes, issues with sounds, weapons, looping sounds, not working weapon stats,
faulty damage calculation, VATS Issues, crashes to desktop, armor bugs, clipping objects,
questitems that are not droppable after the quest ended and of course a lot more!

In short we are aiming to be a Unofficial Fallout New Vegas Patch!

NMA note: fixpack fixes a lot of things that might not be considered broken and adds features that could lead to incompatibility. Use with care




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