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Fallout2 High Resolution Patch 2.2c

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Uploaded by Mash - 04-16-2010
Author Author "Mash" Matt Wells
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Modifies "fallout2.exe" in memory to run at higher screen resolutions.

Currently Supported versions of the "Fallout2.exe" are:
US 1.02d
UK 1.02e
French 1.02d
German 1.02d
Chinese 1.02?
Russian 'Lev Corp'

Highlights of version 2.2:
Improved the code for restarting fallout via the button in the Screen Settings window.
Re-worked the code and ini files relating to hi-res map scroll boarders(edges).
Added a control in the Sfall section of the Screen Settings window for the new 'GPUBlt'setting (Sfall v1.46 by Timeslip).

Version 2.2c:
Fixed a minor bug causing some res specific map-edge data to be skipped in favor of the default values.
Changed "Colour's" to "Colours" on the Screen settings window.
Fixed the default scroll distance from the PC to equal the original distance when using 640x480.
Added new map-edge data for the Restoration Project v2.0 created by Pixote, tweaked by me for resolutions from 640x480-1920x1200.
Added new map edge data for the Megamod v2.42 created by Nirran.




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