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Fallout1 High Resolution Patch 2.2b

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Uploaded by Mash - 10-09-2009
Author Author &quot, Mash&quot, Matt Wells
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Modifies "falloutw.exe" in memory to run at higher screen resolutions.

Currently Supported versions of the "Falloutw.exe" are:
US 1.1
The EXE used in TeamX's English 1.2 (this executable is the same used in their fallout 1.3.4 patch)
The EXE used in the Fallout Restoration Mod by Wasteland Ghost/TeamX.
Polish 1.2/TeamX
Fallout Collection (PC DVD) WHITE LABEL 1.2

Highlights of version 2.2:
Iface-sides Metal art has been updated with a browner look to match the f1 interface better(created by Simon Rawlins(Pixote).
Improved the code for restarting fallout via the button in the Screen Settings window.
Re-worked the code and ini files relating to hi-res map scroll boarders.

Version 2.2a:
Added support for the Fallout Restoration Mod by Wasteland Ghost/TeamX
Added some extra text to memory error messages and the "f1_res_error.log" so that it's clear that they come from the Hi-Res patch.
Added an option "SAFER_DISPLAY_LIST" to the "f1_res.ini". To help with crashes on some systems when using the Screen Settings Window.

Version 2.2b:
Fixed a mistake I made adding "Fallout Restoration Mod" support which caused other fallout versions to stop working.




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