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Weapon/Items Mods Modding in new weapons/items or changing existing ones 13
Interface mods UI mods 11
Textures/Appearance Mods Upgraded/changed textures and appearance mods 4
Music & Sounds Mods for music and sounds 1
NPC mods Mods adding or modifying companions or other NPCs 1

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Cake Chat Cake Chat : Chat with people while playing Fallout 3 (20.6 KB) 12-21-2009 1,245 0
MyVeryOwnBunker.rar MyVeryOwnBunker.rar : This .esp file adds a bunker to fallout 3, down the hill from vault 101 to store stuff in. To install; unrar to data folder in the fallout 3 directory. This bunker is nothing special, just has a bunch of lockers and a bed. To use file; In the start-up screen go to data files and check it before you start the game. (4.5 KB) 02-08-2009 2,466 0
Enclave Commander 0.7 Mod Enclave Commander 0.7 Mod : Enclave Commander Ver. 0.7 - By J3X -------------------------- OBS! If you can't get v 0.7 to work: 1. Disable the mod. 2. Load up your save. 3. Save it. 4. Enable v 0.7. 5. Load up your clean save. -------------------------- New features in 0.7 - Move to marker command. Make your own attack plans! - Make the soldiers follow your mouse! (a la Overlord) - The soldiers can now take p ... [more] (34.4 KB) 01-23-2009 2,956 0
Explosive Entry Explosive Entry : =================== Explosive Entry 1.5 By: Lap =================== Explosive Entry allows you to bust inside almost any container or door using explosives. This is considered to NOT be a cheat mod and it is balanced to the best of my abilities using your explosives skill, luck stat, and ranks of the "Demolition Expert" perk. Based on your explosive skill you will be able ... [more] (10.9 KB) 01-13-2009 1,533 0
Karma Revamp Mod Karma Revamp Mod : Name: Karma Revamp Version: 1010 Date: 01/03/2009 Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes Author(s): Brazuca =========================================================================================================== Description =========================================================================================================== The mod is *Modular* so make sure you check the "Det ... [more] (17.3 KB) 01-10-2009 1,225 0
No More Explosive Cars No More Explosive Cars : Plugin by Mikael Grizzly 12th December 2008 Explosive cars fix. * * * * * * * * * * * * Hello, dearest Fallout players. Ask yourself a question. After 200 years, can something that has been out there, destroyed by the environment slowly but steadily, explode violently? The answer is simple: no. Now, ask yourself, would the government allow cars that can violently explo ... [more] (1.9 KB) 12-11-2008 1,699 0
Karma Revamp Mod Karma Revamp Mod : =========================================================================================================== Description =========================================================================================================== The mod is now *Modular* Make sure you check the "Details" for the effect of each file. Neutral ground has been greatly increased, so you are much more likely to stay ... [more] (11.9 KB) 12-02-2008 1,571 0
The Fallout 3 Compendium The Fallout 3 Compendium : Below is a list of features currently present in this release of F3C. 1. VATS *Your Accuracy with VATS depends on your Perception and your Skill with the weapon you have equipped *You may only attack once with each VATS attempt 2. Action Points *Your actions cost Action Points in Real-Time *You can't access your pipboy, hotkeys, or combat if you run out of Action Points ... [more] (Unknown Size) 11-22-2008 4,943 0
Auto Balance Mod Auto Balance Mod : This is a merge of several mods. See the readme.txt for more details. The mod aims to improve overall gamedifficulty, as well as balance and the true falloutfeeling. (10.7 KB) 11-11-2008 3,166 0
Realism test Realism test : Changes mostly small guns and ammo (but other small changes here and there). accuracy of the weapon is bassed primarily on barrel legth and weapon condition. Damage is not affected that much from weapon condition. armor condition decreases slowly so is weapon condition. decreased weight limit. skill affects your shooting more. mixed and matched ammo types. unrealistic features until ... [more] (5.8 KB) 11-08-2008 6,057 0
Sagersmodded Sagersmodded : This mod is a merge of several mods into one mod. - Sagersfoalpha - TweakedCarryWeight - betterpacingmod - no god-mode vats mod - xpincreaser The mod tries to make Fallout 3 more like Fallout and RPGs. It also makes the game harder and better balanced. (9.9 KB) 11-06-2008 2,070 0
repair mod repair mod : Crude .esp plugin that makes repairs dirt cheap, something around 1 credit. Not sure about what side effects it may have) (356.2 KB) 11-02-2008 2,401 0
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