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Graphic Utils Graphic Utils 42
Dat/Undat Utils Dat/Undat utils for Fallout 1 and 2 17
Sound Utils Sound Utils 8
Misc Utils Misc modding Utils 23
Fallout Tactics Misc modding for Fallout Tactics 13
Documentation/Tutorials Documents and Tutorials for Fallout modding/Mapper 14
FRM FRMs for Fallout 2 31
Scripts Files for modding scripts 14
Maps Modding Utils for making maps 14
Resources Source Codes and other modding resources 1
Fallout 3 Tools for Fallout 3 modding 4

Files in category : Fallout Modding
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Fo2 Loader Creator Fo2 Loader Creator : *It is a BETA, there may be some bugs.* Okay, this program will basically create an EXE file for you which will work as a loader for your mod. It includes the following features: Change starting map Change start male and female figures Change default male and female figures Change Mod DAT Name (patch000.dat) Change MOD Name (on the main menu) Change CFG File Set start year, month and d ... [more] (798.8 KB) 11-22-2004 2,469 0
ModRunner Sourcecode ModRunner Sourcecode : The sourcecode for the MapRunner made by Dims/TeamX (765.7 KB) 02-06-2004 1,883 0
ModRunner ModRunner : Util to allow the use of mods on Fallout2 (410.1 KB) 02-06-2004 12,810 0
FAME FAME : Allows FO2 and FO1 mods to run (640.7 KB) 02-06-2004 9,893 0
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