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December 2000

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Sunday, December 31

Happy New Year by Miroslav - 14:41 -
In behalf of me, and not to forget me, I wish you a happy new year!
Cheers to all the people, you, coming here in the past few years, to Odin, for doing such a great job! And for my hopes/predictions for 2001, there are a few:
1. We'll have a hack of a time playing Fallout: Tactics ;)
2. Fallout 3 shall be announced, no precise date
3. No new website redesigns, I promise! :)

Have a good time during these holidays, I won't be available next few days, but if I can grab a connection somewhere, I'll try to post something!

Happy New Year!

Fallout Tactics Designer Diary, Part II by Miroslav - 14:32 -
RPG Vault has released a second part of the Fallout Tactics Designer Diary article. I won't post any quotes, as this is a must read article for all of you even tiny interested in Fallout. And if you're not, what are you doing here :)
Link: Fallout Tactics Designer Diary, Part II

XGR Demo Review by Miroslav - 14:28 -
XGR.COM dudes informed me of thier latest review of a Fallout Tactics demo. Nice review, with tons of screenies. Check the quote about bugs in demo:
I have a couple of complaints. The game maps have multiple elevated levels which appear and disappear depending on where your dude is standing. That's fine, but when you can't direct a person into a building because the roof has suddenly appeared, it's a little annoying. Ladders are also kind of problematic. I wouldn't even mention these but I have had my characters die because they couldn't get to the right place, or because I couldn't find the correct spot on the ground to get them where I wanted them. Play the demo and you'll see what I mean. Also, it would be nice if the game gave you better notification when your characters leveled up.
Link: XGR review of Fallout Tactics Demo

RPG Vault Demo Review by Miroslav - 14:21 -
RPG Vault released their review of a Tactics demo. Besides the text itself, article is fully loaded with 12 screenshots, so if you still haven't downloaded the demo, this can help you make up your mind already ;)
One critical aspect of the game that is certainly worth mentioning is its look and feel. Visually, there can be no doubt that Micro Forte's art team has captured the style and the color palette of the Fallout games. At the same time, the brand new game engine offers very noticeable graphical improvements such as 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 resolution in both 16-bit and 32-bit color, and anti-aliased characters and tiles. While only a limited number such as your squad members, a couple of tribals, Raiders, dogs and Brahmins are shown, the fluid quality of the character animations is also readily evident. In terms of sound, much of the audio in the demo is of the placeholder variety, but support is included for various 3D sound formats.
Link: RPG Vault Demo Review
Additionally, thanks to Yurg for email about this one.

Wednesday, December 27

Fallout in Hall-of-Fame by Miroslav - 5:36 -
I'm not in a mood for some big posts right now, so here's a brief note.
Gamespy awarded Fallout with entry to it's Hall-of-Fame. A fantastic news indeed. Here's a link to their recently released article.
Link: Gamespy Hall of Fame.
Cheers to Stiffle X and Karl for mailing me this one.

First Tactics Mods by Miroslav - 5:31 -
Smackrazor sent me a note that Mod squad just released first ever mods for Fallout: Tactics.

Mod one: This new mod replaces all of your party members in the second mission with members of the A-Team, and it boosts all of their stats up to 10 plus more advanced skills and 255 hit points!

Mod two: This mod changes the HK MP5 used by Strom in the Fallout Tactics Demo; it now does twice as much damage and holds more than double the amount of ammo it could before. Very deadly...

Download them here.

Tuesday, December 26

Gamestats v3.0 by Miroslav - 1:37 -
Our host, Gamestats, has a brand new look! As they call it version 3.0 :) It looks great, you should check it out!
Link: Gamestats

Monday, December 25

Tony Comments Demo Impressions by Miroslav - 19:18 -
Tony Oakden, producer of Fallout Tactics, dropped a post at the official message board, expressing his feelings about comments made so far on Tactics demo.

I've been following the various threads with a great deal of interest. And I would like to make the following points.

1. We at Microforte are BIG fans of the original Fallout Games. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) we were not given the license to do fallout 3. The game we were given to do is "A Squad Based Tactical Game which captures the feel of the original Fallout games and is set in the Fallout Universe and includes a strong multi-player game."

2. This is a fairly early version of the game you guys are playing and a lot of the polish is missing. Lots of features are still missing -

Action point cost for movement in TB will be in the final game (there will be a little number just like in the original Fallout)

The AI needs tweaking and optimizing.

Cursors may get changed,

T.B needs some work.

3. Yes, shock horror, CTB was developed to make multi-player usable as, yet again our brief was "a strong multi-player game" and as one correspondent has pointed out TB with 6 squads and 6 characters in each squad would suck somewhat (although you will have the chance to try it cause the TB is still in.)

4. TB is still in! Jesus how many more times. Maybe it is a bit broken at the moment, I don't play it as much as I should, but I will and I pledge that by the time we have finished it will be as good in the final game as it was in Fallout. Again guys this is a demo of a game in a fairly early state of Alpha. Turn based is actually easier to do than realtime and we will get it right but, yes, our emphasis has been on getting CTB right so that we can ship the multi-player demo next month in a playable state.

5. Interplay have asked for a pause mode for CTB (similar to BG) and although I am not in favour of this it is obvious that most people want one so we will put it in for the final game. It will mean that you can stop the game and micro-manage your squad if you feel it's getting out of hand.

6. There are a lot of new things here which were not in the original Fallout. And unfortunately you can't take an existing game and just add new stuff into it without something being dropped. you have not even seen vehicles yet. In the final game you have a world map, random encounters and loads of other things. It's a very interesting game and just as in the original Fallouts (which again I loved) there are many different ways of doing the missions.

Finally let me assure you all that you comments are being noted and changes to the game will be made dependant on how practical they are. But no we will not be dropping CTB to concentrate on TB (or visa versa).

Thank you for all you comments and I hope you like the multi-player when that comes out next month.
In addition, Chris Taylor post a comment on pausing in CTB mode:
Pause won't be in CTB in multiplayer.

I have a fundamental dislike of pausing in mutliplayer games.
Which is a good idea, it would be a shame if someone pauses in multiplayer, and others being stuck waiting for him :)

Demo Walkthrough by Miroslav - 9:18 -
I have never done a walkthrough or made any maps for strategy games, but here is my first step. Walkthrough and map for Mission 1 are up!
Mission 1 Map
Mission 1 Walkthrough
These pages can also be accessed through the menu bar at the left.

Please mail me if you think something should be added in there, or if something is sufficient.

Mirrors Updated by Miroslav - 4:12 -
The demo looks like a succses. If you're having problems with downloading, you might want to check one of the mirrors I've added to the demo page.
Cheers to Holt Meyers, Publisher@PC Gameworld for mailing me their link!

As for the demo missions, I'm finishing up the first map. It's much harder to make maps than in Fallout 1 or 2. Please be patient.

Demo Impressions at VoodooExtreme by Miroslav - 4:04 -
VoodooExtreme, one of the premiere gaming news sites, posted a small first impression, along with 5 screenshots. If you're still having second thoughts about downloading a demo, you could check this news article.
Link: Voodoo Extreme

Sunday, December 24

Your Sounds in Fallout by Miroslav - 13:34 -
For all modders out there, or if you just wanted to play your music in Fallout or Fallout 2, a program has been released to compress sounds into ACM format! It is called SND2ACM! They must to be WAV PCM or RAW PCM 16 bit or 8 bit, 22050 Hz sample rate.

Spotted at PipBoy2000le

Fallout Tactics Demo Review by Odin - 11:12 -
Well, now it seems JC doesn't take any holidays.. He's posted a review of Fallout Tactics which is quite good, where he shows you how to eliminate the bad guys really well..
Go read it here

Spotted at Vault13.

News From PipBoy by Miroslav - 4:40 -
Several news are available from the PipBoy 2000le site. First, Smack made a new layout! Looks kewl!

Save Game Editor for Tactics Demo is soon to be released! You'll be able to mod your base statistics, inventory, hitpoints and more! This should be finished in the next few days.
File Indexing System is Cracked if any modders are interested. All you need to do is rename the .bos files to .zip and take a peek.

Cheers to Smack for keeping this mod site!

Demo - First Impressions by Miroslav - 4:35 -
I won't speak much about the demo right now, as I'm busy playing the damn thing :) It's looking good.

Continuos Turn Based mode is what I was eagerly waiting for, and it proved great! This is one of the best things in the game, although it has a bad side - when controlling more characters than one or two, this mode is testing your skills with mouse, you'll depend much on your speed, making this game closer to Diablo style. Which is annoying.

I reckon that CTB would work fantastic when playing as a single character, which would make it suitable for Fallout 3 and it's optional multiplayer option (who knows, maybe a massive multiplayer Fallout game).

Oh, and here's a quote from the game's tutorial :)
2. Crouch - this is useful for getting under low obstacles. It also gives the character a higher chance to hit the enemy with guns because the weapon is held steadier. Crouching is also useful if there aren't any toilets around.
Bits from Odin: Well I have to agree the CTB system is almost like playing a RTS game, but I really like it! The only problem was that my men wouldn't shot sometimes, and stupid me didn't pay attention to the action points.(simply because it looks and feels like an RTS)

The TB system was the real bummer, what a shame! FT is using a sequencer, which selects the team members turn in TB. This proved reeally annoying to me, simply because I should be able to select the character I want when it's my turn (like Jagged Alliance).And there were several other issues in TB mode, that annoyed me..

Other than that there are several bugs in the game, one of these are the team members movement.
When one of my charaters spotted a landmine, my men would still walk on the damn landmine (guess they're not that smart). And they had problems going from one end of the map to another, they kept walking into walls and stopping there. I even got one of my team member to get stuck somehow, don't ask me how!!

The right clicking was gone, which was to me a step back in user friendly controls (So put it back, damnit!)

But the game was awesome, animations where great and the graphics was incredible! So keep it up, guys..

Saturday, December 23

Mirror Links by Miroslav - 3:07 -
Two more mirrors. I wont post anymore updates, just add links to mirrors.
Mirror Links
Telepac Portugal
3D Files
FilePlanet (5 mirrors over there)
It could be the best thing to check the demo page for demo related material.
Mail me if you have any mirrors available.
Thanks to Matt Huston for FilePlanet link
Thanks to Calis for link

Tactics Demo Available!!! by Miroslav - 0:45 -
It's available for download!!!! Head over there and don't forget to use a download manager (so you can resume your download), it's 120 megs!

Link: Fallout Tactics Demo

Website info is now also available:
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Demo
GameSpot is proud to premiere the playable demo of Fallout Tactics. The demo offers tutorial and two single-player missions.
[UPDATED: 12/22/00]
Link: Gamespot's Demo Download Page

Friday, December 22

Fallout Tactics Demo!! by Miroslav - 19:17 -
Information on where to download the demo:
Now first off, THE DEMO WILL GO LIVE AT 3:30 PM PST / 23:30 GMT (European time).
Meaning 5 MIN to go....
Using a FTP program (CuteFTP or something else):
Host Adress/Server   :
User Name/Password : Anonymous/Anonymous
Port                          : 21
Directory                   : /gs/strategy/fallout-tactics/

If you're not gonna use a FTP program..
Fallout Tactics Demo
Thanks to Greg Kasavin (Executive Editor) and Craig Beers (Downloads/Media Editor) at Gamespot for emailing me!!


"New" Interview with Chris Taylor by Odin - 18:40 -
It seems Xtreme Gaming Radio did an interview with Chris quite a few days ago, Killian (Vault13) spotted this and let us all know...
There's not a lot of news there, exept info on Chris himself, here's a quote from some of the Fallout related questions:
XGR: Do you think there will be a Fallout Massive Multiplayer Online Game?

Chris: I don't know of any firm plans to make one, but Fallout could be made into a MMORPG. If I were to work on it, first think I would do is think on how the system would have to change to support hundreds and thousands of player characters. The CRPGs were always about the single player character against the world. We've tweaked the system some for multiplayer and multi-characters in Tactics, but a MMORPG is a vastly different beast.
Link: Extreme Gaming Radio's Interview with Chris Taylor

Gamespy's RPG of the Year by Odin - 12:37 -
Gamespy published a RPG of the year awards. Congrats to Baldur's Gate 2 for hitting the #1 spot, but it is a funny thing that Gamespy folks consider Diablo 2 as a runner up! My god, where is this world going...

Deus Ex grabbed the #3 place.

Just had to rant about this.

FT Messageboard Update Dec 22 by Odin - 12:16 -
Well, beacause everyone is waiting for the demo, the forum is quiet..but here are a couple of questions answered:
When will the demo be avaliable in magazines?
The demo was mailed to the UK office and to the various magazines. It will not make the Feb issue (on sale in Jan), but it will make the March issue (on sale in Feb).

About the skirmish mode,will you be able to play against computer controlled AI's?
You can do this through multiplayer, since you can add computer AIs to a multiplayer game.

And you don't have to play multiplayer to play multiplayer, if you get my drift.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Thursday, December 21

Gamespy+Mplayer Interview by Odin - 9:18 -
Don't forget, The Fallout Tactics Demo will be avaliable TOMORROW!!!
Link: Gamespot.

The guys over at Stomped have done an interview with Gamespy CEO Mark Surfas about the MPlayer deal and what it will mean to users of MPlayer, and the future of the service.
Here's a quote:
Stomped: The Global Rankings game statistics system was only announced by MPlayer a few months ago at E3. How will that upcoming service be affected by Gamespy's acquistion?

Surfas: Global Rankings is a great system that is making a lot of headway, and is complementary to the GSI Stats and Tracking service. You can bet that we are going to do a lot in this area.
You can read the rest here.

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

FT Messageboard Update Dec 21 by Odin - 9:02 -
Here's the daily forum bits, read on:
How will this Gamespy - Mplayer thingie affect FT?
We just found out ourselves.

We had been in discussion with Gamespy previous to this (about supporting their system). I guess I can say that now.

But they hadn't given us any insider information that this was going to happen.

I don't see it impacting our schedule.

And, yes, I guess this means we will be supporting both Mplayer and Gamespy. We'll have to talk to them about it to find out their plans.

Can you use only one copy of FT to play between two computers?
Hmmm. We talked about this a while ago. I can't remember the exact setup, but we will have spawning for multiplayer. It will probably require that you install the whole game to systems that will not be using a CD.

Can you shoot wheels of cars?

Will there be keyboard commands?

Why are all the bugs big?
It's so you can see them and target them. If they were actual bug size, a) you'd call us Daikatana, and b) QA will call them bugs.

Will there be Non-Combat armour?
Correct. Other stuff.

ICATATT, except I can - Yes.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Kreegle's First Impressions about FT by Odin - 8:43 -
Kreegle have (finally..hehe) posted his First Impressions about Fallout Tactics, since he went to the AGDC (Australian Game Developers Conference) and saw Fallout Tactics.
He have also posted two pictures, one with Robin and Karl from Micro-Fort�.
Link: Kreegle's First Impressions

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Fallout Tactics Demo Tomorrow!!!!! by Odin - 8:32 -
Well pull my ear and call me Mary, Yurg sent me a mail with this in it:
Today we have exclusive news from Chris Taylor about Fallout Tactics
demo! Here it's what he said: "We're building the final installer version right now. The demo is going to be about 120MB with the installer. It should be posted on the 22nd on GameSpot." Demo includes 2 missions, 1 interface tutorial, and 3 strategy tutorials, and several NPC. It's great news!
SAY WHAT!! Yess, You heard right, the demo is coming tomorrow on Gamespot!!! erm...Stay tuned!

Thanks Yurg!!!! =)

Wednesday, December 20

FT Messageboard Update Dec 20 by Odin - 11:09 -
Here are the daily bits from the on..
About the new map picture:
We have two maps.

One is an active map [the green one], generated on the fly from the tiles.

The other [the one pictured] is a tactical overview map which shows objectives and such.

How the Intro movie to FT-BoS?
You should be happy with the intro movie. It's in the same vein as the previous games.

How does Interplay Productions look at non-solicited works of fiction?
Hmmm. For design, no we don't look. For fiction, hmmm, I don't know. I guess it would depend on what you want us to do with it.

If you're asking if we would publish it as a book - No, we don't do that. We make games. We license our products to book companies, for example, we don't do them ourselves.(1)

If you're asking if we would place it on our website as part of fan fiction - Yes, we could probably do that.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

New Fallout Quiz/Site by Odin - 10:55 -
Pitch Black have put up a new Fallout site, with a Fallout Quiz.
It's called the Fallout Knowledge Certification Center..

Link: Fallout Knowledge Certification Center

GameSpy Industries Buys Mplayer!! by Odin - 10:20 -
Well now isn't this a bomb, read on...
While it might seem a bit surreal, it's true: GameSpy has acquired the Mplayer gaming service and is joining forces with the excellent Mplayer team (Hey, if CNET can acquire ZDNET, we can acquire Mplayer!) to build a better gaming service..........
Through the agreement, GameSpy will acquire HearMe's award-winning Internet games and entertainment community ( and affiliated advertising network (Mplayer Entertainment Network)....
GameSpy is also acquiring Mplayer's recently launched
There's more, read on here.

Spotted at Gamespy.

Wasteland Half-Life Updated by Odin - 8:56 -
Those nifty guys over at Wasteland Half-Life have updated their site again, this time it's about the 2.1 (and 2.5) version of their mod and about a new on
2.1's production is well underway, and all of you should be -quite- pleased with the adjustments we have made to the clientside code.......

2.5 is FAR closer then you all may think-- nowhere near the several month waiting period you experience between beta 1 and beta 2. We should enter the end testing phases of it during what is known as 'christmas break', as several of our key development folk will have an abundance of time......
There's more, read the rest at Wasteland Half-Life.

Minor Update at Fallout Tactics by Odin - 8:47 -
Krazikatt have updated the official Fallout Tactics site, with some "old" interviews and previews:
Hey Everyone... I've posted some new stuff for you on the links page!

We've got a new Chris Taylor interview from Game Over Online Mag, the chat log from the last Fallout Chat, courtesy of RPG vault, and some art and a "60 Second Preview" from Quarter To Three.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics site.

Updated FT Weapon list by Odin - 8:37 -
Yurg emailed me about his updated, this time he's updated the weapon list.Actually there's only one weapon he's added, that a grenade of some sort..

Link: Freelancer weapon list

Thanks to Yurg (Freelancer) for emailing me. =)

New Interview with Jet (TeamX) by Odin - 8:33 -
Dr.W95 emailed me about his update, he have posted an interview he had with Jet from TeamX (Modders/Programmer). According to the interview the mapper program is finished (well probably), where you can edit the current maps in FO. And there's more, read on here.

There are also a translation of the TeamX Game Design group maillist log.

Thanks to Dr.W95 (The Vats) for emailing me

Tuesday, December 19

More Exclusive FT Screenshots by Odin - 12:11 -
Well now, when it rains it pours...The Daily Radar (UK) have also obtained some new screenshots (No, they're not the same as the ones on Gamespot UK..), these are also from "old" battles we've seen before..but there are some kewl ones....
Just check out the middle one, Yup! It's the first map screenshot ever.. (as far as I know..)


Link: Exclusive Screenshots at Daily Radar UK.

Spotted at The Fallout Aftermath.

Fallout Tactics Site Updated by Odin - 9:09 -
Krazikatt have updated the official Fallout Tactics site, read on...

I've got some great stuff for you today! First of all has created a really cool Fallout: Tactics concentration game... you know, like that card game you used to play as a kid? Make sure to check it out in the downloads section, or go straight to the InterplayGames Games page to see ALL their fun stuff!

Second there are 3 new 3D rendered images on the art page, and last but not least, RPG Vault has posted some cool Fallout Tactics Voice-Overs! Look on the links page under Goodies for the link!

^..^ Krazikatt
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics.

Link: Fallout Concentration Game.

Top Ten Voice Acting in Games by Odin - 8:51 -
Gamespot have posted an article about the Top ten voice acting in games, and guess what..... Yeah, of course Fallout is one of them!!
Fallout would have been a great game regardless of its acting, but the universally great voices only helped to make the game that much better. Black Isle Studios, Interplay's role-playing game division, would go on to create a number of games with excellent voice-acting and impressive casts, including Baldur's Gate II and Planescape: Torment. But Fallout was the first and, to us, still the best.
And there's more, go read it here.

And Vote for Fallout here.

Spotted at Gamespot.

New "Exclusive" FT Screenshots by Odin - 8:34 -
Gamespot UK have posted nine new screenshots, now these are new in the fact that I haven't seen them before, but we've seen pictures from the same..erm..battle..(you guys know what I mean..)
You can all check them out here.


Thanks to Mr Teaky for emailing me about this =)

FT Messageboard Update Dec 19 by Odin - 8:30 -
Ahh, at last I was able to get in to the Fallout on.
Why post the demo (when it's done) to a exclusive site only?
You've got to understand the business side of things -- there are so many games out there, it takes selling your soul sometimes to get some press.(1)

And press is required to sell games. And selling games is required to make more games.

Unfortunately true. I don't necessairly like it myself, but I don't have that much of a problem with it. And I fully understand why it gets done that way.

If you really want to breath life into this game, make it open source:
Open Source games have their own place. But there are reasons commercial game developers have not been replaced by the Open Source movement.

In regards to multiple levels (e.g. Climbing ladders to the roof), will combat occur between multiple levels (I.E. can a guy on the roof snipe?)?
And, yes, combat can occur between levels. Snipers are eeeevil.

Would the game be complete at this point in time if the demo had not been worked on to this point?
Demos are an important part of the whole process. They help drive you towards a finished product. True, they take time to work on, but you just have to make sure that the work you do on a demo is, as much as possible, work that's going to be used in the full game.

Will multiplaying games start in combat, and if so which system (CTB/TB)?
Will a turn-based game start in real-time? Not sure yet. If it proves to be too unbalanced [ie, during the real-time component, some players get to take advantage of others because of their fast mouse movement or UI work], then I'd guess we'll go for TB from the start. We're still testing that.

If people start fighting a mile away in TB when will you start umm fighting?
If somebody is in combat, is everybody [even people across the map] in combat? Yep, absolutely.

Does Night vision help you shoot in the dark?
Technically, yes.

Can you LOCK doors?
Yep, if we set them up that way.

Can you run into a room and blow yourself up, killing everyone?
Technically, yes.

How the heck are you going to balance out a dog with a level 80 human in multiplayer?
We won't try. If people want to play hideously unbalanced games, they will be able to. The balancing system is there for those who want to use it.

If different races have different armour is it at all possible for like a human to wear ghoul armour or vice versa?

Will there be an option where you can have the same equipment from a previous mission or do you have to re-equipment the team before each mission?
A bit of both. some equipment will be reassigned, some will carry over.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Monday, December 18

Gift Guide at CD Mag by Odin - 19:55 -
Well then, it seems CDMag has put up a gift guide to this X-mas. So for those of you who don't know what to buy, go check it out here.

It also features Fallout 1 and 2, read here:
If there's a role-playing fan on your list who might have missed the past few years of computer games, you can't do any better than Interplay's Fallout and Fallout 2, two of the best role-playing games of the past few years. Both are set in a post-apocalyptic USA, and both are stylish, combat-heavy (turn-based combat, at that!), and humorous, in a grim and sometimes grotesque fashion. Excellent games in their own right, both are available as part of a budget priced bundle from Interplay now. Such a deal!
Thanks to Hedek from Fallout Aftermath for emailing me about this..

Global Ranking System Rant.. by Odin - 16:44 -
Well now, It seems Briosafreak from the NMA community had posted something about this Global Ranking System Ad, a long time ago..
So this wasn't really an exclusive newsflash, I also had a feeling that FT-BoS would use it.That's why I asked Chris T about this a few months ago..

Link: Global Ranking System Thread.

Thanks to Briosafreak for pointing this out to me =)

Wasteland half-Life Updated by Odin - 12:50 -
Just a little note from the Wasteland Half-Life guys...
12 - 17 - 57

Quite unexpectedly we have been contacted by Mindvision, whom are the creators of our installer software, with threat of legal action. The reason, is that we have unintentionally provided a means to circumvent their trial installers. Because of this I have removed all links to mirrors using the trial version, which in itself was an accident to begin with as we had meant to obtain a freeware distribution license (and have now applied for such). Until those mirrors removed have updated their file with that of FilePlanet or Total-Reload, they will remain unlisted. E-mail me if your site's mirror is updated. Thus, we apologize for the misunderstanding with Mindvision, and had no intention of exploiting them as we may have done..
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Tidbits from JC (Vault13) by Odin - 12:35 -
Jc sent me word about several news posted this weekend, one of them concerned the Global Rankin System being used by Mplayer. Jc Sent an email to Chris, where he asked about this. Here's the respons he got:
I don't know if it's real or not, but I have no reason to doubt it's veracity.

We plan on supporting Mplayer's ranking system, but we don't have a lot of information on what Mplayer is doing at this time. The vast majority of the work is being done by them. We just have a few hooks to make in our existing Mplayer code.
So there you have it guys, Fallout Tactics will use the Global Ranking System.

Jc also asked about the goodie bag for the pre-order:
We will be announcing the specific contents of the pre-order goodie about the same time we ship the multiplayer demo, I would expect.
And also the Sunday Mail have posted this about FT-BOS:
Work on the Australian-developed Fallout Tactics is progressing well with a playable Single-player demo now available. The game which is being developed in canberra, is the latest in the fallout adventure series and is due for release on PC sometime next year.
So the demo is complete, meaning this week ?? Hopefully!!

Here are the Messageboard bits (taken from vault13, since I have problems with our Firewall,damn crap!!)
Where's the demo?
We will be able to tell you when and where to get the demo very shortly.

It will be posted to an "exclusive" site for about 5 days before we release it here. We'll have more information as it becomes available.

Man, I feel like such a tease -- I am so sorry.

Can you play 1 on 1?

Can there be NPC's in multiplayer?
There can be.

Can you use bots in multiplayer?
Yes, of course you can.

Does Perception help you see better in the night?
PE does not directly affect night-vision, but it does sort of in a round-about way.

Can you add a perk that increased night-vision?
There is a Perk that already positively modifies the negative modifier for darkness.

The voice-overs suck!
Just as an aside, the demo does not have mature-rated dialogue, since it can be easily downloaded by anyone.

That was a conscious decision on our part.

Will we see Mr. Handy return?
No Mr. Handy unfortunately...


The FO1 and FO2 sites have stopped being updated. Will that happen to the FOT site?
At some point, we have to work on new games... It's just a fact.

I do see FOT having the same kind of support from the community that FO1/FO2 have, if not even stronger due to the release of the editors.

I certainly hope so.

And we'll be poking our heads around for quite some time.

Can you ride creatures like the brahmin?
Heh. No riding characters, unfortunately.

Will you release more MP3's?
Possibly, not planned at this time.

Gamespy support?
While we cannot either confirm nor deny the existance of Gamespy support, we can say, well, heck, we can't say anything.

That was quite possibly the single most useless post I've ever posted. Enjoy!

Can you use one person in multiplayer?
You could, indeed, make a single, powerful character.

Are you part of a squad or do you control the entire squad?
Kind of both. Cooperative play will let you ally your characters with another player [however many you have, from 1 to 6]. So you could play as one squad, or separate squads teaming up.

How many different species can you choose in multiplayer? Can you choose different skin and haircolor?
The races you can choose from is a bit of a spoiler so I won't answer that just now. As for skin and hair color, you will be able to configure those yourself.

How will the multiplayers games be balanced in terms of character levels and weapons?
The balancing system will handle that. But there may well be some people who WANT to go up against 7 mini-guns with a pipe rifle [although, personally, not me :) ].

About the demo:
To clarify:

We said soon. No specific date was mentioned.

We will tell you as soon as we can.

Demo Update: We have gotten a new version of the demo. It is being played in QA right now, and we will be playing it in QA over the weekend.

The new audio is in there. We'll be checking for that AI issue, plus general QA-ness.

I'm editing the Readme file provided by Tony and Karl right now. (I mean it's open in Notepad as we speak, er, type, er something...)

We're building an installer for it today. And we'll be testing that, as well.

Once it does go final, it will take a couple of days to cross the Ts and dot the Is, so be patient... Please be patient.

We are very, very close.

The guys (and gals) at Micro-Fort� have done a wonderful job. Our audio department did wonderful work with an extraordinarily short schedule. Our QA (and MF's QA) are busting their chops to make sure it's as clean as possible.

We're close.

But we are not done.

So, please, be a little more patient.
Thanks to JC For emailing me!! :)

Spotted at Vault13.

Saturday, December 16

Tactics Voice MP3's by Miroslav - 3:03 -
RPG Vault released 8 (eight) tutorial voice files! We've seen bunch of screenshots and art work till now, but this is the first chance for us to "hear" Fallout Tactics!
Check the links below for mp3 downloads or the source page.
Tutorial Voice-Overs
Paladin1.mp3 (287 kb)
Paladin2.mp3 (145 kb)
Paladin3.mp3 (187 kb)
Paladin4.mp3 (207 kb)
Scribe.mp3 (207 kb)

Demo Voice-Overs
Father.mp3 (380 kb)
Herder.mp3 (712 kb)
MedMan.mp3 (346 kb)

Source link:

Chris Taylor's Designer Diary by Miroslav - 2:55 -
After ignoring Fallout: Tactics for quite some time, folks at RPG Vault started bringing us tons of goodies lately.
Chris Taylor wrote a "designer's diary" column, and the first part is available at RPG Vault. This is just a beginning, and I find it interesting. Here's a bit of an info of Tactics birth:
We spent a week in late November, 1999, discussing the game before we ever signed a contract. Many ideas were thrown around, and we got to talk a lot about the game we wanted to make. The game that we have today is still very close to the original vision of what we wanted to make. We have had to make some changes as the development cycle has progressed, but it's a terrific example of what pre-planning can do when it works well.
Link: Designer Diary Part One
Next diary: Talking about FO3 and why FOT isn't it...

Friday, December 15

FT Messageboard Update Dec 15 by Odin - 14:33 -
There's not alot of questions on the board these days, but some of are the daily bits from the board...
Will the demo be divided into several files?
The demo will be one big hunking file.

Is the same person doing it for this game and if so, is there anyway I can get a CD of his/her work?
Audio is being handled by Interplay.

That includes sound effects, voice over and music.

The style will be similar, if I can help it... :)

We did make some promo audio CDs for Fallout 1. And I know our online store is experimenting with game soundtracks (there is one available for Icewind Dale, currently). We may be doing more...

Why haven't you guys tweaked the weapon AP cost more? (so bigger guns, cost more etc.)
We've tweaked some of the AP values, but we have no plans to go through and make large-scale changes to the AP system.

There are too many factors to try and adjust them all at this late date.

All the traits and perks, for example.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

New Preview Of Fallout Tactics by Odin - 12:42 -
The English computer magazine called PC Zone (UK), have put up a small preview of Fallout Tactics. There's nothing really new there, and the screenshots are old.I just thought i'd mention it, here's a quote:
What Brotherhood Of Steel actually is won't become clear until we've played the game, but at the moment it's being described as a squad-based semi turn-based strategy in the vein of X-COM: Apocalypse.
I guess these guys don't play that much games, cause I have a good idea what FT-BOS is...
This deals with a group of Brotherhood Of Steel soldiers intent on tracking down the mutant army, sparking a war where you play a confused, but all-important, character.....
Thanks to briosafreak for emailing me about this.. :)

Link: PC Zone Fallout Tactics Preview.

The Important bits from the Chat by Odin - 9:56 -
I really sorry I couldn't make it to the chat last night (for me), but I was working on my car.
Here are the important bits from the chat:
Is the demo still on Schedule?
Yes the demo is definetly on schedule! We are sending what we hope is the gold version tonight.
No the demo ships next week. But we need to get it finished well in advance to avoid possible problems.
Chris: The demo is very close to being done. We're very happy with it.

What is the special gift, that is gonna be included in the pre-order?
We haven't announced anything, but we're planning on a bonus disc of some sort -- we hope to finalize that and get the word out around the same time as the multiplayer demo (guessing there, I don't know the full details).
Tony: Well... I wish I knew too! Plans vary between extra missions (very possible) , extra weapons(very possible) sound track (possible), free full size working power armor(not very likely).

How large will the demo file be?
demo 109MB

Is the game on schedule for a q1 release?
Yes the release date is sitll Q1 next year I don't know the exact date but we are due to finish mid Feb.
So there you have it guys, we'll probably have the demo next week, Weeeeeehh...!

Chat Finished by Miroslav - 3:28 -
Fallout Tactics Chat, organized by folks at IGN, have just finished. If you fancy these things, I've prepared a log for you, it's not big.
Link: Tactics Chat - 14. December 2000

Thursday, December 14

FT Messageboard Update Dec 14 by Odin - 19:06 -
Here are the daily bits from the forum, some bits about the demo. Most importantly when the demo is gonna be on..
When will the demo come out?
We still do not have an exact date that we can give out, but a little birdie tells me we are getting very, very close.

Our QA is very happy with it, with the exception of two minor problems. One of which is an exploit of the AI that needs to be fixed.(1)

We also just got the mastered VO audio sent down to MF to be plugged in.

(1) In case you are interested, it involved popping up, shooting, and going prone behind cover against critters armed with ranged weapons. Critters armed with melee or HTH weapons would track you. Critters with guns would wait for you to pop back up, and you could often get a shot off and drop before they could react.

Will the demo have the CTB or Turn Based system?
The demo will have both, and you can switch between them anytime you are not in combat.

How many AP does the average character get and why isn't there more variation in weapon AP?
Average characters will have less than 10 AP to start.

There are Perks that adjust AP costs.

Both of those are why you don't see a huge variation in weapon AP costs.

How does endurance effect criticalS?
There are rolls against EN with various modifiers (EN+3, EN-2 and so on) in the critical hit tables. A roll against a stat means a roll on a 1d10.

How was sneak changed?
Sneak has changed a bit. Other than that, you'll have to see it in the demo.

Why aren't there bow and arrows?
Animation restrictions.

Can you lay CalTraps(like ninja's use)?
That's a spoiler.

Flash Bangs? Smoke Bombs? Poiosoned darts and spears?

So do any guns put down sneak?
Attacking negates Sneak.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Only Free Shipping to US by Odin - 9:10 -
As I found out yesterday, the Interplay Store has put up a offer of free Fed Ex shipping on orders until 12/21/00. But as I found out, this is only within the US!! (Danm those guys!!).
As a result of our discussion on the board (and probably other things), Interplay has corrected their offer with this:
Receive Free Fed Ex shipping on orders within the US until 12/21/00 when you order through the Interplay Store!
I also spotted that Kreegle (DAC) had sent an email to Interplay, where he asked about this offer. Here's Their reply:
Dear Customer,
I'm sorry but the order is only for continental US orders only.

Thank you for contacting Interplay. If you have any further questions or concerns, please "reply" to this E-mail.


Customer Service
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

"New" Fallout Site by Odin - 8:55 -
Well now, I didn't know about this one. There is a "new" Fallout site that has emerged, looks quite kewl also.Here's the info i got on mail from one of the webmasters:
Thought I'd give you a heads up that Fallout eXtreme (FOX) has various information on prices and shipping dates on Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, as well as some information on Fallout 3 (?) and a new Fallout Tactics based wallpaper.

Visit for more information. If you choose to use any of this information, please give credit where credit is due. Thanks. Keep up the good work!
Welcome to the community guys, and thanks for informing me about your site, KellyX

Link: Fallout eXtreme.

Minor Update at Fallout Tactics by Odin - 8:18 -
Our beloved Krazikatt have updated the official Fallout Tactics site with some "new" screenshots and some "new" concept art images, these are the screenshots/concept art seen on The Adrenaline Vault and other sites in the last week or so.
Krazikatt also posted a reminder about the chat going off tomorrow, here the info:
When: December 14, 2000 at 5 p.m. PST
Where: in channel #ignvault or for fans (and team members) who prefer to use a regular IRC client can connect to, #ignvault
Thanks to Mr.Teaky for emailing me about this.

Link: The Official Fallout Tactics Site.

Wednesday, December 13

TeamX Updated their site by Odin - 15:17 -
Well, well well...The TeamX guys have finally updated their site, they've translated some of the documentation they have. Many of the documents that were in russian have now been translated to english.

You can check them out here.

Thanks to Dr.W95 (The Vats)for informing me about this.. :)

New Poll: Turn Based or Real Time? by Odin - 10:39 -
For those of you who love the turn based system (including me), go and vote for it at Gamespot.

Vote here.

Spotted at Gamespot.

Wasteland Half-Life Updated by Odin - 10:19 -
New update at the Wasteland Half-Life site, this being about the installer and on
12 - 12 - 57

The installer is a 3 day trial, except on the FilePlanet mirror. All other mirrors need to update their file from there. Please stop e-mailing. Read below on how to install with it anyways.

Server admins, we've now fixed up halfstats with all the images you'll need to run stats for your servers. Snag it here: You'll need some sort of site for it to upload to, with perl installed, to make it work. Please do not e-mail the WHL team asking how to make it work, documentation is included.
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

FT Messageboard Update Dec 13 by Odin - 9:29 -
Here's the usual daily bits from the Official on..
Speech recorded - but no mention of the immortal Ron Perlman?
The demo doesn't have any narration, since it has no opening sequence.

The audio recording was just for the demo. The full game audio recording will commence when we get a final script.

Why are there bloody races?
How else would you differentiate between a human, super mutant and a ghoul? Not to mention: brahmin, deathclaw, dog and *censored for your own protection!*

Ok say I have 10 perception, how will the sneak work against that?
Sneak has undergone some fundamental changes this week, based on feedback from QA and the focus group.

On the map builder can you build links to more maps?
Not sure. The World Map editor links all the maps. The individual maps are quite large.

Why are there no Mutated Bunny Rabbits in Fallout? Or sheep for that matter?
The sheep have all run to the hills to avoid the ghouls. (This is humor.)

Will there be any multi player campaigns that interplay or microforte will do?
Multiplayer campaigns are up to the community.

Will there be a rating system at interplay that we can all look at?
Mplayer will have a rating system.

You can get a poison tipped spear right?

Will there be flash bangs or Smoke Bombs?
Erm, erm?

How exactly will multi player men be balanced?
It's all in the points, man. Equipment costs points, too. Also, you can play uneven games, if you want. It's up to you.

So if you have power armour you won't be able to sneak as well right?
Most armours lower Sneak.

What the heck does endurance do again?
Hit Points, Resistances, and there are many checks in the critical hit table that check against EN.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Minor Update at Fallout Tactics by Odin - 9:05 -
Krazikatt posted a minor update yesterday, evidently you can..erm..well...just read here:
Hey Guys! Are you finished with your Xmas shopping? No?! Not yet?! Well never fear!

Receive Free Fed Ex shipping on orders until 12/21/00
when you order through the Interplay Store!

But before you order up Fallout and Fallout2 for your friends and family for the Holidays, check out the new concept art on the Art Pages.
The only problem was that this only includes you guys in the US, not the rest of the world..

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

New Interview With Chris... by Odin - 8:58 -
Game-Over have done a small interview with Chris Taylor (who else) regarding Fallout Tactics, nothing big news but it's worth a's a quote:
GO: What will the mission structure be like? Will the outcome of one mission influence others, and if so give us some examples?
CT: The game is divided into chapters. Each chapter has from 1 to 5 missions (or so). Using a world map, which shows the current bunker plus the local area, the player can select from 1 to 3 of those missions. They appear as areas on the world map. The player simply travels to that location. Completing a mission successfully may unlock a new mission for that chapter. Once all missions are completed in a chapter, the next chapter of the game begins. What the player does in a mission may certainly influence future missions. If the player kills a bunch of ghouls (which are normally neutral to the player) in one mission, future ghouls might not take so kindly to the player.

GO: Give us some examples of the kinds of places where battles will take place in FT:BOS. What is your favorite setting? What is the strangest?

CT: The terrain varies as the player moves from the start of the game (the Chicago area) to the end of the game (the Denver area). Ruined cities, tribal villages, wastelands, mountains, snowy mountains, desolate highways are just some of the areas encountered. I like some of the underground and city maps. Narrow passages make great killzones! Strangest: Well, you'd have to play the game to find that out.
So get on over and read the rest here.

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Tuesday, December 12

FT Messageboard Update Dec 12 by Odin - 9:09 -
Well not alot of things from the messageboard this time, our leather godess was there to answer a question. For those of you who don't know who our leather godess is, SHAME ON YOU! on..
Chris, on the Fallout BOS site it says rated 'M' is this already set in stone? The ESRB doesn't play games before they rate them do they?
They do, sorta. They get gameplay video footage (hours and hours worth, sometimes the complete game from start to finish), plus all the scripts in the game.

Do you think it deserves that rating?
It probably deserves an M strictly for animated violence alone. Without that, it could be a T rated game with a few tweaks. We don't have nearly the language that FO2 had, for example. It's much more like FO1 with the occasional swear word.

The trend in the industry is to shy away from M rated games now. Too much stigmata.

Why haven't the official Fallout Tactics site been updated with new pictures, when Gamespot, Rpg.ign etc. have?
You know the reason why press sites have new screens before we do is because we give them to them exclusively. After a week or so we'll stick them up on our sites... so just hold your horses! You can expect new screens sometime this week if you don't want to look elsewhere.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Fallout Tactics Site Updated by Odin - 8:32 -
Well now, there's been an update at the Official Fallout Tactics Site. And it wasn't there yesterday, because I the nevermind the date.
KraziKatt also updated the site with two "new" images, a concept art image and a 3D rendered picture.. (We've seen these before)

The main thing about the update is that they've recorded the audio for the demo and held a focus group (a bunch of outside people trying out Fallout Tactics), evidently this went well.. Just a couple of things they have to work out in the CTB mode..
Yesterday two major things happened: we recorded the audio dialogue for the demo and we held a focus group. Hard to be in two places at the same time, but we managed.

The demo has 10 speaking parts, we used a total of three actors to do all the roles. The largest role is Paladin Ziskele. He is being played by Todd Susman, a veteran TV and movie actor. Mr. Susman has a great voice and really got into the part. The other nine roles are much smaller, and were split across three different voice actors...........
Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

Monday, December 11

New Poll:Favorite Game of All Times by Odin - 12:20 -
Wanna vote for Fallout 1 and 2, go do it at this poll..
Here you can vote for all of the games released from 1980-2000..
(Remember to vote for Wasteland Also!! Under 86-90)

Vote here.

Spotted at BigKid.

New Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 12:01 -
Wasteland Half-Life have been updated once on...
After one hell of a weekend, we rise forth and stand amidst the ruined landscape-- former civilizations in ruins as many a wastelander roams the servers, in pursuit of quarry to dispatch! After a remarkably enthusiastic surge from the ebbing tides of the community, we're quite happy to see so many enjoying what we've worked so hard to create. We have taken in the bugs that have arisen, and have managed to fix a good majority of them (fixes\upgrades are available below). Please notice that we will be releasing a final tweak\fix for beta 2 during the week, which will also contain a fixed version of wl_mine as well as the new model for Mad Max!

Understand that any bugs you may be experiencing have already been brought to our attention, and thus would like to point out that there is no need to -continue- bringing them to our attention. We shall smite as many of them as we can with the 2.1 build, then bunker in to finish up 2.5 in all it's scenario-filled glory. One particular 'bug' is some users may find themselves getting a 'demo' error with the installer-- We've already uploaded a fixed version to FilePlanet, and provided our mirrors swap the working version in with theirs, they should all be working in short order. If you're stuck with a 'broken' .exe, all you have to do is set your system clock back a few days, then restore it after the install.

In more positive news, progress is going great with many facets of the sub aspects we had planned to provide for the community. Stay tuned, and in coming days everything from strategizing to support for user maps will arise. Some concern has been displayed in regards to the 'whoring' of the mp5k-- the simple remedy, is to succeed with other weapons, and thus show the new players that they need not rely on it. We -will- assess it's usability in the 2.1 build, so rest assured, the topic is under review, and as above, need not be brought up any more.

Currently on our agenda for 2.1 or 2.5:
-Ability to elect for another pistol (for akimbo) during menu
-Seperation of melee into their own menu
-Tweaking of molotov damage radius and type
-Tweaking of ammo\kick\rof\availability for various weapons
-Locking to Wasteland models (* will not disallow custom models, don't worry)
-Server option for melee only
-Fixing zoom errors\crosshair problems

Windows -> Linux server : here.

Binding keys to the numpad: here.
Crash from mixing akimbo : here.

--Gaist Heidegger
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Exclusive FO Mapper Util Pictures by Odin - 11:51 -
Ever wanted to make your own Fallout maps? Well TeamX is working on a mapper tool, so you can make your own maps for Fallout 1 and 2..
Dr.W95 emailed me, and told me about some exclusive pictures he'd obtained..want to see?.....


Go check out The Vats for more info...

Thanks to Dr.W95 for emailing me!! :)

FT Messageboard Update Dec 11 by Odin - 9:28 -
Bits from the messageboard..
"In the BOS logo there are 3 gears.We have noticed that often the big gear is shown to the right and that in may other places that it is shown on the left. Which is correct?"
From our reference, we got the large cog on the right, so that's what we've stuck with.
Chris: As Ed said, Large Cog on the right.

I don't think there is a deep meaning to it.

Same reason the world rotates the wrong way in the Fallout 1 logo movie.

Will explosions will be able to knock people off of higher places(and take damage)?
Correct. You can get knocked-off/blown off a building. You take damage from the fall.

Is it possible to disable certain perks in multiplayer?
Not currently, no.

Isn't there Capture The Flag in multiplayer (and what other game types)?
We're working on them right now, including a version of CTF that fits into our game system.

How many charachters can a player control?
You can have up to 18 players. Each player can have up to six characters, but there is a maximum of 36 characters in a multiplayer game.

Each player controls a squad. Players cannot control the same character, nor can they control characters from other squads.

You do not have to have six characters, you can have less.

Is there poison in FT?

Why use classes in FT?
They are races, not classes. Each race has things that make them different.

Can you sneak in combat?If someone spots you sneaking, can you go around a corner and sneak out again?
Correct to both. (meaning yes)

Will it be better if you shoot a person in the back?
I don't think so. Can't honestly remember.
Ed: Yes, it is better to approach people from behind and attack people from behind [in the single-player game].

How is the balancing of points in Multiplayer?
Each player gets points. Points are used to buy levels, stats, and equipment.

Will you be able to dodge bullets?
If you've been hit, as far as the code is concerned, you've been hit. So no, you won't be able to dodge any form of attack that succeeds against you.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Updated Weapon List at Freelancer by Odin - 9:25 -
Yurg emailed me about his new update of the weapon list, for the Fallout Tactics secion..Go check it out..

You can check it out here.

Thanks to Yurg for emailing me!

Wasteland Half-Life Reviews by Odin - 9:22 -
And seeing that the Wasteland Half-Life was released on friday, there have popped up some reviews..

Here they are: The Forge's Wasteland Half-Life Review,Total-Reload's Wasteland Half-Life Preview.

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

New FT Preview at Gamespot by Odin - 9:18 -
Well, DANG! I go away for the weekend as I always do, and BANG! The news comes flying start off, there has been a monster of a preview of Fallout Tactics at Gamespot..

Go check it out here.

Thanks to Steve Griffin for emailing me about this..

WHL Linux Version Out by Miroslav - 1:25 -
Following the Windows version, WHL Linux version was released. Now you can play multiplayer also :)

Saturday, December 9

WHL Debug at 100% by Miroslav - 21:28 -
That's correct boys and gals, fans of HalfLife can now enjoy in post-apocalyptic settings with Wasteland mod. Here's an update from the official site
12 - 9 - 57

For those of you who have had difficulty binding keys to the numpad, you can grab a fix here

We've isolated the bugs that popped up with the release, and have already worked to remedy them. Server-side fixes are all that's required, and you can snatch the windows fix here:
and we'll have the linux build here in an hour tops! Stay posted! :D

Beta 2's release has been met with an overwhelming amount of praise and enthusiasm, and it has boosted morale amongst the troops phenomenally! We'd like to thank you all for bearing with us through such a long wait, and would simply like to point out the fact that in a bit more wait (nowhere near as long as that for beta 2!) we shall release beta 2.5, which will be our coup de grace, featuring MASSIVE scenarios that can sport 15-man teams in some cases! Stay tuned, and enjoy!

Now, it is VERY important that those running servers heed to the following general guidelines and recommendations. Wasteland has a variety of maps; some of these are very small, intended for fast duels and confrontations, whilest others are downright massive. Since it would be a blatant ridiculous waste for John Doe's OC3 20 player limit server to run the map wl_bronx, recommended for 4, we've composed the following list of recommended map cycles depending on your possible server specs:

2 - 4 players: wl_bronx, wl_pits, wl_blast, wl_shady
5 - 9 players: wl_sand, wl_vats, wl_ware, wl_grime, wl_mine
10 - 14 players: wl_junk, wl_shaft, wl_needles, wl_rock, wl_pillar

Smaller servers, such as home users with cable modems or ADSL, would ideally want to run the smaller maps such as wl_bronx, whilest the bigger servers would probably be wasting their time and resources without running larger maps, more suited for their capacity.

Wasteland 2.0 Specs:
Understand that 2.0 is a partial release intended to allow players to grow familiar with weapons, as well as experience some of the finest DM they've ever seen. 2.0 contains only DM maps and DM itself, and 2.5 will show the completed stage of beta 2, which will entail an additional chunk of maps, as well as -all- of the scenarios, team play et cetera. We can't stress this enough: Do not download this with the mindset of judging the scenario game play; this is purely a final whim from an overwhelmingly eager community. 2.0 is still quite impressive out of its sheer depth, and we encourage potential clans to still work with it in the mindset of practice. Additionally, several DM versions of scenario maps are also included, to help gain a feel for their final form. 2.5 will be released as soon as we finish fine-tuning the team play and scenario's. See below for more specifics.

Wasteland 2.0, more aptly WHLDM, includes:

-6 Characters
-A total of 28 usable 'weapons'
-Full combat system
-Completely new sound scheme
-Massively expanded animations
-Customizable, full color HUD- animatable too.
-12 maps
-Completely rebuilt code from beta 1
-Lag compensation & compliance code
-Our own additional anti-lag adjustments, from parsing to delivery, to help ensure an equal battleground among all combatants.
-Completely redone skins & models
-Advanced player animations including visible pain and reloading, as well as character-based styles of combat
-New weapons from beta 1: FN Fal, Beretta, Spears, Pipe bomb
-Beautifully done massive texture work
-One touch Mixed Akimbo system
-Adjustments to the acclaimed damage model
-Quadrupled capacity for ricochet; no more generic sounds!
-Tripled material types of the half-life engine
-Versatile weapons: Pistol whip, aim, and much more!
-Progressive zooming, smooth and effective.
-Some of the most immersive firefights you'll ever experience
-Fine tuned balancing: Practice with a weapon, and continue to prosper with it
-Hear equipment rattle, players breath, screaming players plummeting to their death, footsteps for every occasion- four times the original capacity of the half-life engine, and more!
-Client Side Dynamic lighting and bullet effects during firefights!
-Rewarding recognition: Learning the maps can make a difference with far more impact then knowing where the gear is located.
-Intricate animations: No more swinging everything as if it were a crowbar; smash foes with a powerful two handed swing of the sledgehammer, slice into them with a skillful twirl of the katana, or send them in the air with a hearty thrust of the spear.
-With limited ammo, combatants make every shot count
-War across the apocalyptic landscapes, from the Bronx of a ruined city, to the desert of a plane's crash site and beyond.
Check the official site for download locations.

Thursday, December 7

Wasteland Half-Life Updated by Odin - 11:54 -
I spotted last night that the Wasteland Half-Life site had a minor update, they went from 82%-87% (I think it was). And today they've updated again.. And now the debugging is up to 95% (almost there..)
Update: Today marks the press release, and the following news sources have been selected to cover this pre-release build: ClanZone UK, Total-Reload,, and The Forge.
So get on and check these sites for info..also check out this kewl promo poster!!

Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Old News, but still... by Odin - 9:18 -
Just found a interview with Tramell Isaac, who worked on both Fallout 1 and 2.There are also some images there, so go check it out here.

Spotted at Gamasutra.

Minor Update at Fallout Tactics by Odin - 8:56 -
KraziKatt updated the Official Fallout Tactics site with some "new" art images. We've seen these images before, so it's nothing new.

If you still wanna check them out, you can do so here.

Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

Updated Weapon list at Freelancer by Odin - 8:53 -
Yurg sent me mail, where he told me that he'd updated the weapon list on his site.
Our Fallout Tactics weapon list wasupdated, you can find new weapon models
- Grenade Launcher M79, shotgun and gas grenade with some values.
You can check out his weapon list here.

Thanks Yurg!

FT Messageboard Update Dec 7 by Odin - 8:51 -
Not alot this time, just a couple questions..
Will we be able to do this with the editor?
1) The ability to place NPC's and non-hostile characters.
2) The ability to lock doors and chests and place equipment within.
3) The ability to define a mission as more than "kill all enemies."
Yes to all 3.

We can do all of that stuff.

Why can't you give out a *.max file of the new armor and do you still use clay figures?
The 3D models of armor were never clay figures. The only 3D models that were clay figures were the heads and the Deathclaw.

Simply put -- Interplay does not have a policy of releasing assets that may be used to generate more assets. Or something like that.

No packed files at all on the FT cd's?Meaning it's easy to open them..
Sprites are in sprite files, which contain all the animation and sequencing codes. It's a lot more open that the Fallout .dat files.

Why not publish the manual as a pdf file?
I don't think it's policy anymore. Not exactly sure why.

Stylish art is back? With ads?

Will you do a proper QA before shipment?
Haven't a clue then. We test until we no longer find those types of bugs, but that doesn't mean the game won't ship with them. It's an unfortunate truth of software development that we cannot out-number the number of players and systems out there.

Will it be possible to play after finishing the game, like FO2? Or else there seems to be no point in lvl 99, except for some ongoing multiplayer matches.
It depends on your play style. You cannot play once you finish the game, but you could spend a lot of time leveling before you get there.

Could you mention some (or one) of the NEW reputation ranks?

Will there be luck based random encounters?

Will you make a new screensaver or several for the PIPBoy?

Any Matrix style fx in the cinematics?

Will it be possible to make a complete MOD using the editor, or just maps?
The editors are quite powerful, so yes.

Since Fallout Tactics has a turn based system,why not allow multiplayer on the same computer?
Wasn't planned for from the beginning and might be too difficult to implement.

I'd like to hear more feedback from the community to see if it's even worth troubling with.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Wednesday, December 6

FT Messageboard Update Dec 6 by Odin - 10:38 -
Finally someone has awaken and started asking questions, as to my own question about what the pipboy faces are, read on...
What's the Pipboy faces on the latest pictures?
Sets the character's aggressiveness for responding to attacks when you are not controlling him:

(from top to bottom)
PASSIVE: Do nothing when attacked.
DEFENSIVE: Alert you when enemy sighted. Fire back if fired on.
AGGRESSIVE: Fire at enemies.

You can right-click on the buttons to set the minimum to-hit chance you want the character to automatically fire at.

Why the need for Endurance,Charisma and Intelligence in multiplayer?
To have a lot of skill points you need to purchase a high Intelligence and then level up your character. You cannot purchase skill points directly.

Same for HP.

Charisma is the unfortunate stat in multiplayer.

Can we creat our own world map with the editor for FT-BoS?
Yes, you should be able to do that.

Will AP ammo actually be of any use in FT-BoS?
There was a bug in FO1 regarding FO2.

I thought it had been fixed in FO2.

We will be testing it to make sure it is useful, and if it requires any changes, we'll do so.

Will the *.bik (Cinematic) files be available on CD?
At this point in time, they will probably be in a sub-folder on the CD.

Will the editor allow to unpack the original and/or create your own game archive files?
We aren't using archive files so far.

Will FT-BOS have some form of a chat room for the online multiplayer games?

Will there be difficulity levels and will those work similarly to previous Fallout games?
Yes and yes.

Will the manual be a available as a *.pdf file?
Probably not.

Will it have more stylish art, like Fallout 1 had?

Will we be able to skin (with our own skins) the interface of FT-BOS?

Will the loading and saving games be faster?
They seem fast enough, but we haven't played through the game from start to finish to test saving everywhere.

If there is a PipBoy in the cinematics, will he be nicely hand-drawn and animated?
No PIPBoy in cinematics.

Are there any cool things, which were in your initial plans, you have had to throw out, due to some restrictions?
Of course, there always are.

Will it have proper QA, even if it means being late?
Define "proper".

What font is the Fallout title using?
Ed: I think [though I'm not sure] that it is Helvetica Condensed Black.

Will there be ANY nice rendered faces anywhere?
In some movies.

Will the music include some harder, more pumping stuff, as this is battle orientated game?

Will it have more foreign people than previous games had?
Not really, about the same as previous Fallouts.

What character level limit will there be?
I dunno. 99? A reasonable level is going to be around 15-20 to finish the game.

Will there be reputation? If so, will there be new ranks?

What serves as the money in FT-BOS?
That would be spoiling it.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Tuesday, December 5

Yurg's Birthday!!! by Odin - 18:22 -
Well for some really happy news, today is Yurg's birthday, so get over to his site and email him a congratulation..

Congrats from the NMA gang, Yurg!!

Link: Freelancer.

GameShots and Art @ VoodooExtreme by Miroslav - 13:29 -
VoodooExtreme released 5 screenshots and 13 art pictures. I would recommend you to check out these art pictures (some of them have a 3d model images, and one is looking like a poster of some sort).

Odin: Those screenshots are the same as the ones on The Adrenaline Vault..
But the Concept art images are kewl!!!

Check out the Power Armor

Link: VE Screenshots and Concept Art

Some new Fallout Tactics Screenshots by Odin - 11:19 -
Seems The Adrenaline Vault have gotten ahold of some new screenshots, five to be specific..
They've also put up some small info on the game, nothing new exept this:
(Well...I posted info about this a few months ago...)
"According to our most recent data, Fallout Tactics is scheduled to hit stores in late Feb. 2001."
Here's the Link....

Notice the pipboy faces on these pictures, down to the right!!

Spotted at The Adrenaline Vault.

Messageboard at The Vats by Odin - 11:09 -
Seems good old Dr.W95 has put up his messageboard, go check it out and post your modding questions there... or here at our NMA messageboard, of course.. ;)

Spotted at The Vats.

Updated Story at Fallout Tactics by Odin - 10:58 -
It seems Krazikatt added an updated story also yesterday, probably after I post the concept art here:
Join the Brotherhood of Steel, a technological revival group dedicated to restoring the world to its former prosperity through science and whatever means necessary. Take part in a quest to reawaken long-dormant technology in order to defeat a powerful enemy in the one of a kind Fallout Universe. Each mission involves various hostile obstacles that must be overcome using tactical skirmish warfare. The player controls up to six detailed characters in the single player mission-based campaign or they may use their chosen squad online in multiplayer battles. Squad-members improve with experience, increasing their skills and earning perks. Many varieties of weapons, from handguns to rocket launchers, allow the player to lay waste to his enemies. In addition, the fighting isn't limited to pedestrians, as squad-members may take the action to the streets with armed vehicles.
Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

New FT Preview at Quarter to Three by Odin - 10:13 -
Quarter to Three have posted a preview of Fallout Tactics, nothin new there but a few nice comments:
Mark's comments: Game companies like to flirt with us and tease us with hints of sequels (Hasbro, where's that X-COM game?) or whispers of games based on hot licenses (Sierra, care to explain about Lord of the Rings and Babylon 5?). Interplay's a bit of a flirt too. Who among us has played Fallout and not said, "They could make a cool strategy game from this engine"? Yeah, me too. The difference is that with Fallout Tactics, the flirting's over. Get ready for a hot and steamy clinch with your favorite mutants when this game is delivered. I know better than to get excited about a game I haven't played yet, but I've got a serious jones for this game. If there was one tactical game I'd like to have with me in a fallout shelter….
There's also five new screenshots, here they are..


Here's the preview.

It seems JC (Vault13) originally found this, nice one man... maybe I gotta get you another beer?..

Spotted at Duck And Cover

Monday, December 4

FT Messageboard Update Dec 4 Part 2 by Odin - 22:43 -
Some new bits from the messageboard..
Why not make the explosions more realistic (i.e. stronger)?
Explosions are a little stronger, but we can't make them too strong or they will overwhelm the gameplay.

If it's a question between reality and gameplay, then gameplay will win every single time. Sorry.

Grenades do have more going for them this time around (slightly larger explosion radius, more grenade types, throwing arc to clear LOS obstacles). But they cannot become one-hit kills against the tougher foes (they already do a number against the weaker enemies).

Are there going to be animated cinematic sequences?

How many and about when? Just intro and outro, or more?
ICATATT (I Can't Answer That At This Time).

Will it be possible to view them again and again, like in Fallout?
Probably not.

What compression codec will those things use?How about MPEG4?

About what resolution will they be?
Hmmm. I dunno, I can guess, but I'm probably wrong.

Is the interface seen in the screenshots final?
I'm not sure exactly what screenshots you are referring to, but the interface is quickly becoming final.

How about skin support?
Not as you probably mean it. 2D sprites don't support skins. You can adjust and play with some colors.

Are ALL the graphics done from scratch for FT-BOS or did some survive from the Fallout series?
All new.

Will the developer quotes return?
That's up to Micro-Fort�. Without ScottE on the development team, it may be hard to come up with a bunch of good quotes, however...

In the faqs it says that almost anything being said in the game should be voice acted, what does this mean?
That means dialogue that you get when you Speak to someone. It doesn't mean stuff in battles (if it appears in the dialogue box at the bottom of the screen, it should all be VO'd, if it appears above their heads, no VO).

Will you take user feedback from the demo?
Yes. Of course. Somethings that users will request will not be feasible, nor would we want to make all requested changes anyways, but we will definitely pay attention to what is being said.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

"New" Concept Art at Fallout Tactics by Odin - 22:29 -
Our beloved KraziKatt has posted some "new" concept art at the official Fallout Tactics site. The reason why I say "new" is simply because some or maybe all of them have surfaced in the recent articles on Rpg.Ign and other sites..


Go check all of them out here.

Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics site.

Think You Know All About FO2? by Odin - 9:58 -
If you think you do know all about Fallout 2, then get over and do the quiz posted at the Golden Blade Clan Site..

Here's the Quiz.

Spotted at Vault 13.

Wasteland Half-Life site Updated by Odin - 9:53 -
Seeing Miroslav and me have been away this weekend, there haven't been any updates on NMA this weekend.
So I just spotted this...
Official Press Release: 12.3.00
For Immediate release: Wasteland Half-Life version 2.0 is slated for release Friday, December 8th, 2000.

Wasteland 2.0 Specs:

Understand that 2.0 is a partial release intended to allow players to grow familiar with weapons, as well as experience some of the finest DM they've ever seen. 2.0 contains only DM maps and DM itself, and 2.5 will show the completed stage of beta 2, which will entail an additional chunk of maps, as well as -all- of the scenarios, team play et cetera. We can't stress this enough: Do not download this with the mindset of judging the scenario game play; this is purely a final whim from an overwhelmingly eager community. 2.0 is still quite impressive out of its sheer depth, and we encourage potential clans to still work with it in the mindset of practice. Additionally, several DM versions of scenario maps are also included, to help gain a feel for their final form. 2.5 will be released as soon as we finish fine-tuning the team play and scenario's. See below for more specifics.

Wasteland 2.0, more aptly WHLDM, includes:

-6 Characters
-A total of 28 usable 'weapons'
-Full combat system
-Completely new sound scheme
-Massively expanded animations
-Customizable, full color HUD- animatable too.
-12 maps
-Completely rebuilt code from beta 1
-Lag compensation & compliance code
-Our own additional anti-lag adjustments, from parsing to delivery, to help ensure an equal battleground among all combatants.
-Completely redone skins & models
-Advanced player animations including visible pain and reloading, as well as character-based styles of combat
-New weapons from beta 1: FN Fal, Beretta, Spears, Pipe bomb
-Beautifully done massive texture work
-One touch Mixed Akimbo system
-Adjustments to the acclaimed damage model
-Quadrupled capacity for ricochet; no more generic sounds!
-Tripled material types of the half-life engine
-Versatile weapons: Pistol whip, aim, and much more!
-Progressive zooming, smooth and effective.
-Some of the most immersive firefights you'll ever experience
-Fine tuned balancing: Practice with a weapon, and continue to prosper with it
-Hear equipment rattle, players breath, screaming players plummeting to their death, footsteps for every occasion- four times the original capacity of the half-life engine, and more!
-Client Side Dynamic lighting and bullet effects during firefights!
-Rewarding recognition: Learning the maps can make a difference with far more impact then knowing where the gear is located.
-Intricate animations: No more swinging everything as if it were a crowbar; smash foes with a powerful two handed swing of the sledgehammer, slice into them with a skillful twirl of the katana, or send them in the air with a hearty thrust of the spear.
-With limited ammo, combatants make every shot count
-War across the apocalyptic landscapes, from the Bronx of a ruined city, to the desert of a plane's crash site and beyond.

--Gaist Heidegger
The Debugging is up to 82%...

Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

FT Messageboard Update Dec 4 by Odin - 9:45 -
Well, seems there's been some action this weekend, here are the bits from the messageboard probably posted this weekend...
Will Motion sensors pick up people and people sneaking?
Motion sensor: Yes, the minimap senses people - no, it cannot detect Sneaking people.

How big will the demo be?
Rudy had it, around 120mb or so. That's compressed.

How many digits will you be able to use in you char name?
Number of digits: More than 2, less than a google.

Will there be a premium version or (limited) special edition (those are the same right)?
Pre-order: Yes, there will be some pre-order goodie. Current plan is for some extra single-player missions that have nothing to do with the main storyline, and some background stuff (like concept art, early screens, dev stuff).

How big will the game be, meaning one or multiple CD's?
We are looking at two CDs, currently. One installation CD and one play CD. There is a possibility we may slip to three CDs, I suppose.

Will the explosions and other special effects use particle systems?
I don't think so.

How many frames of animation will the explosions have?
Varies, but around 16 or so at the top end.

Will the engine support additive transparency?
I'm fairly certain it does.

Will it be possible to add new (self made)terrain and building tiles using the editor?
That is a big whole question. Yes, you should be able to, but the level of difficulty goes way up. Unsupported beyond the usual unsupported line.

What is the size of the explosions in pixels?
Erm. Somewhere around 200-250 square or so.

Why is the ammount of frames so limited?
Explosion lasts around 1 to 1.5 seconds or so (if I remember the time properly). 15 fps is the standard animation speed, so I'm just doing the math. Looks good to me, much better than the FO1/FO2 explosions.

Will there be flares?
There are flares.

"Please add the particle system"?
If it isn't there now, it won't be in there.

How is the editor (easy/hard)?
As far as editors go, it's pretty easy. Still, you will need to spend some time with it. It's not something that you can just jump right in and play around with, expecting to make the same types of scenarios that come with the game.

As for a guide -- not sure, probably not. That's part of that whole "unsupported" thing. It takes time to generate guides, examples and support editors if you want to do it right. Time we did not budget for at the beginning of the project.

How is the XP poins handleded in the squad, equally divided?
Yes, XP is split across all living members of the party equally

Would it be possible to play with just one character or does the mission or game end once someone dies?
The game ends if the player's character dies.
The player can play missions with just one character (the extra XP is balanced by the extra threat of having few characters plus the loss of experience to characters in your character pool).

Do your PC's get replaced each time or will you have to go in and fight some missions alone if your squad get's taken out?
More of the latter.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

CGO Preview by Miroslav - 0:08 -
Computer Games Online (or CD Mag) posted an updated preview of the upcoming Fallout: Tactics. Most of the stuff is already very well known, but in addition to this article, 9 concept art pictures are also available. Read this paragraph (concerning the demo):
The development team has recently finished an interactive single player demo consisting of two separate missions and the basic tutorials (although the original plan was to include a scaled down version of the world map and several missions with random encounters). Producer Tony Oakden said, "The tutorials work pretty well although they may seem a bit superficial to Fallout Fans. The missions are pretty typical of the missions you will find in the beginning of the game. There was a great sense of relief when we sent the new demo to Interplay and everyone agreed that it was fun! Always a good start to have a game that is fun to play." He also stated that the biggest glitch at the moment is getting the AI to behave realistically—always the biggest challenge for any game involving combat.
Link: Computer Games Online Preview of Fallout:Tactics

Friday, December 1

News About The Script DeCompiler by Odin - 13:53 -
Dr.W95 sent me an email where he told me that he'd updated his site, the news this time is about the Script DeCompiler.
According to the info I just got from Heinz, the Fallout Script Decompiler is going to be released in about two weeks. Just imagine, in 2 weeks we will be able to reveal all Interplay's secrets :) It is known that the developers have left a bunch of unfinished quests in Fallout2 (e.g. the vertibird flight and such), well, perhaps after the decompiler is released somebody will dare to try and finish them (dammit, we always have to do all the hard work for the interplay :)).
As for what the Script DeCompiler does, Dr.W95 said this:
It decompiles the fallout *.int files into the source codes, which are a great deal more readable and can be edited and compiled back into int's using Heinz's Fallout Script Compiler.
Sounds like the modding scene could grow, thanks Man!!

Go check out his site The Vats

The Story Behind The Name by Odin - 11:37 -
Wanna know the story behind Interplay's name, and who started the company.
Here's the whole deal from an article by Gamespy:
GameSpy: Who started your company and in what year?

Brian Fargo -- President and Founder: Interplay was started by myself in October of 1983. We started off as developers before becoming a publisher in 1988.

GameSpy: How did you decide on your company name?

Brian Fargo: The name came from the concept of interactive gameplay, this was before the word "interactive" became a buzzword for our business. Some people think it also relates to Internet, but I can't say we were that far ahead.

GameSpy: How did you decide on the logo and are you still using the original? If it is not the original logo, what prompted you to change it?

Brian Fargo: The original logo had the letters IP formed into a guy sitting at a computer. We changed it to a more cursive style in the early 90's to give it more flair. The original one just looked too blocky and dated.
Here's the full article.

Spotted at Gamespy.

FT Messageboard Update Dec 1 by Odin - 10:27 -
Here are the daily bits from the messageboard...
Can Fallout Tactics Multiplayer be played via LAN? (IPX and or TCP/IP)?
Yes to the LAN (TCP/IP) question.

Will I be able to save my teams experience after multiplayer games?
No answer to the multiplayer experience saving (I assume you meant multiplayer).

Aimed targeted Burst?
Targeted shots are very, very targeted.

Bursts are not.

Now, a Perk that allowed a character to take a targeted burst might be cool (first rank would allow you to take them, but at a -40% to hit. Each additional rank would reduce that by 20% (so, Rank 2 == -20% to hit, Rank 3 == no modifier)... Erm, I'm designing a new feature... Eek!)

Not doable for FOT.

Maybe some other game some day.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Just a note.. by Odin - 8:54 -
It seems that the Adrenaline Vault have done almost the same thing as Gamespot. They've posted a note about the Fallout Tactics demo:
The one-person demo for Fallout Tactics is completed and could be released near the end of December. An online demo will also be released in Jan. followed at the hand of the complete game sometime in Quarter 1 2001. The one-person demo will follow a squad through two missions and some random encounters.
Spotted at Vault13.

Interview With Krazikatt by Odin - 8:38 -
Well, well sends out a newsletter and this time they have a treat for you guys, and interview with Sandi 'Krazikatt' McCleary (huh I didn't know that Krazikatt was a woman...oh well..).
Here's a quote:
Q. What is a typical day like at your job?
A. Well, I'm usually creating banner ads and updating my sites, but sometimes I have some really cool projects where I get to create a whole site based on one of our games. One of the last sites that I created was for Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. Go to Fallout Tactics if you want to check out some of my work!
Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

Updated Weapon and Armor list! by Odin - 8:20 -
Got an email from Yurg where he told me that he'd updated his weapon list and armor list, thanks man..
So go and check it out..

The weapon list is here.
The Armor list is here.