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December 1999

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Wednesday, December 29

More News On Fallout 3 by Miroslav - 10:19 -
Justin Carter, Senior Editor of web site, sent me some interesting news concerning Fallout 3.
I was having a little talk with Feargus Urquhart and he confirmed that work on Fallout 3 HAS NOT yet started. The rumor that Fallout 3 is gonna use Stonekeep 2 engine is bogus, Feargus said they haven't decided on an engine yet and they're still working on the Stonekeep 2 engine.
He also mentioned that there are no free design teams right now as they are all working on a projects, so there won't be any Fallout 3 for a while. Sad news but still thanks to Justin Carter,, for informing us.

Tuesday, December 28

Fallout vs. Baldur's Gate by Miroslav - 9:44 -
If you are a regular to this web site, then you are familiar with poll on GA-RPG for the RolePlaying Game of the millennium. In the first round, Fallout defeated Blizzard's Diablo, and now Fallout must win against Baldur's Gate! Just a small remark on this poll - how come some of the best RPGs are missed?!
Link: GA-RPG

Friday, December 24

Another Poll by Miroslav - 16:01 -
It looks like "polls of the millennium" are popular right now. If you have some time, head over to GamezNet and vote for Fallout. It's ranking bad right now, way behind the Everquest. Thanx to Hassan Suboh for this.
Link: GamezNet Greatest Games Poll

Thursday, December 23

FRM Convertor Updated by Miroslav - 1:15 -
Iceman updated his FRM convertor to version 2. Beside it's old capability to view, extract and edit graphic files from Fallout, it can now pack new pictures into FRM format so you can easily insert your own art into the game. This utility is located here.

Tuesday, December 21

More Half Life Mod News by Miroslav - 0:00 -
According to the official site of the Wasteland Mod for Half Life, first playable version is finished. Don't get me wrong as this version is totally full of bugs :) Head over the the official site, and check four new screen shots!
Link: Wasteland Half Life Mod Official Page

Monday, December 20

Fallout in Gamespot's Top 10 by Miroslav - 13:56 -
GameSpot published an interesting article named "The Ten Best Endings". Fallout was placed in this group, and additionally, there is an interesting poll in which you can take part of. "Who was the best final adversary in the Fallout series?"
Link: GameSpot Top 10 Endings

Sunday, December 19

Game of the Millennium by Miroslav - 3:32 -
GA-RPG is having a poll in which they offer it's visitors to choose the RPG of the millennium. Right now, Fallout battles it's war against Diablo (once again), and it's winning at this moment! Go to GA-RPG and vote! It's located in the left side of your screen. When Fallout wins :) we'll have to fight our battle vs. Baldur's Gate. Thanx to Hassan Suboh for this news tip.

Tuesday, December 14

Fallout 3 by Miroslav - 9:13 -
There's been a rumor that all of the Fallout team has started working on a new game called Neverwinter Nights. Well, that is not quite quite correct as you can see from this message. Actually it shows that there's gonna BE a sequel to Fallout (2). Read it.
Some time ago, Bishop Sawyer (Webmaster of Interplay) said that Fallout 3 is not under development. Please, do not believe these stories anymore as most of the people from design team and other design teams as well, said that there's gonna be a brand new Fallout. Surely, we'll have to wait a few years on it, but it'll be a worth to wait.
My estimated release date would be Q3 2001, but this is just my $0.02. I'm not the only one who gives away the estimated release date of Fallout 3, as you can see on this site.
Thanx to Dule for "Sawyer link", Zack Macfarlane for GA-RPG link and Christian Marchant for link to James' message.

Friday, December 10

Acm2Wav by Miroslav - 2:27 -
I had to remove this program. Interplay contacted me and said that it is a cpoyright violation.

Friday, December 3

New Wallpaper of the Month by Miroslav - 8:14 -
Just to inform you, you can now download one more great wallpaper William sent me. Again he won as my friend liked his picture more than the ChosenOne's. I'll let you know the url of that other wallpaper in the next few days. And some other great ones also.