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December 1998

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Friday, December 11

Matt Norton on Fallout 3; More reviews by Miroslav
After a small discussion I had with Matt Norton, one of the designers of Fallout, I have managed to get some info from him (not that regular "but Fallout 3 has not even been announced"). This is what he said:
We've just started on Fallout 3. Right now we're trying to figure out just what we want it to look like and how we want the engine to work. I don't have much information about the game itself yet other than the fact that we're going to a 3D engine (although using a similar view to the one found in Fallout 2 rather than 1st person). It will not be a multiplayer game."
>If you like reading reviews, I have something for you. Gamespot published their review, which by the way you can see here (thanx to Zoolio Grotz for telling me). Desslock has also posted an interesting article on Fallout 2 Bugs. You can read it here. It's quite interesting, and well, not complete. I have encountered several more bugs, and that means that Interplay should start fixing them.
I have nearly completed my links section. If you'd like to see your link there, gimme a mail. Description, full url and would you like it to be in Fallout 1 or Fallout 2 section. I'll put a page for fan home pages also...
You should see btw, this voting "results". You can vote for the topic you see above, and I'd like to say thanx to Edward Pang for sending it. I'll start adding more topics in the next few days. I'll work on this site more, and the official announcment will be here tomorrow. Thanx!

Thursday, December 10

Why do you keep searchin' for crap?! by Miroslav
I have redesigned weapons section, and will add Fallout 1 weapons also. Links in maps should be fixed, and if you find anything broken, you are free to mail me.
I have spent this day examining NMA's error log. I as searching for lost links and I have corrected slots of thngs. All I need you to ask is to stop requesting for lots of crap! I have found that at least 100 users asked for file favicon.ico! Everything that's on server is somehow linked...

Monday, December 7

Marcus is the best!, Vault City maps by Miroslav
I was playing with my party a few hours ago. I was attacked by a group of rad scorpions on a random location. Well, Marcus was very pissed of, and guess what? He killed a rad scorpion with his Avenger mini-gin. This is a record I think. Damage of 1256 points! Take a look over here.
I have added Vault City Maps also. I have delayed my FAQ's list. I'll add a links section in a few days.
Now, I would like to say thanx to everyone for your support. NMA is breaking records these days, and currently, NMA is the #1 site at GNN. Thanx a lot!

Sunday, December 6

Official Fallout 2 Plus! Theme, Map of Modoc by Miroslav
Interplay released Fallout 2 Plus Desktop Theme. It's looking awesome (click here for screenshot of it). If you want it, get it from here or from files section. Thats not all since BIS also released movie from Fallout party held a few weeks ago.
I have added Woodsman random encounter, Modoc maps, and nothing else. I just had no time.
And once more, I am unavailable to answer to all emails I receive from you (sometimes I get more than a 400 per day), so please use the Message Board. Thanx

Saturday, December 5

Your Help!, Walkthrough by Miroslav
First, let's say something about new stuff here at NMA. You have Combat Armor MKII in armors section. I have added Modoc part of my walkthrough, which can be accesed through main Fallout 2 page. I had no time to something else because I wrote a script that'll support these new banners you see. I'm proud that GameStats done something like that. What? Well, here are exact words of our JusticeT (it's strange to think that he had some good ideas after all:) ):
Games Of Encouragement is a really cool little program that we started up which allows gamers, companies, producers, developers, you name it... everyone from private citizen to corporate bigwigs to get involved in the holiday spirit and to help some families that could really use it.
GameStats is attempting, through the Games Of Encouragement pages, to secure as many computer games as we can for the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. If you are unfamiliar with RMH, just briefly - it is a wonderful place where very ill children and their familes come while they are being treated for the most serious of illnesses. Ronald McDonald house is a large and well known institution which is quite a worth recepient in my opinion.
Anyhow, the idea is to get as many people to contribute games and gaming devices as we possibly can. The games can be new or used, Macintosh or PC, small quantities or large.
Just click on these new banners and you'll find youself at GoE location for more info. Long live GameStats and whoever supports this kind of stuff.

Friday, December 4

Big secret, Modoc Quests by Miroslav
You should take a look at this! Big secret in Vault city. Go to Fallout 2 main page and take a look at that picture in the corner.
I have added Modoc quests, but I was unable to add anything else because of my stipidity. I have captured screenshot of lots of stuff with cursor over them, so they're of no use to me :(. I'll have to do that all over again. Well, never mind.
I'll also redesign weapons section. Small guns page is way too large so I'll split it into rifles, pistols and SMG's. I have also changed more stuff in weapons section, changed comments and some stuff. I have also some very cool topics for voting, but I'll need to set up new script or modify this current one. Stay tuned for more info!

Thursday, December 3

Frank Horrigan by Miroslav
Now, NMA has a complete list of animated heads! Special agent Frank Horrigan is located on these pages.
I have corrected Den part in my walkthrough, and next part is comming tomorrow! I have also corrected some info in weapons section. Thanx to everyone about notes...
I think I'll be able to finish first version of my FAQ in the next few days.
Message board works just fine now, better than ever! Thanx to Kryptonite!

Wensday, December 2

New Official Update, New Walkthrough by Miroslav
Feargus Urquhart made another update. Again, patch related. Read it here. Thanx to Barrister for notifying me...
I have started writing a walkthrough. Read it here. I haven't finished it yet, but you are free to send comments. Would you like more datailed, less....

Tuesday, December 1

Official news, Den map, Quests list, Beginner's guide by Miroslav
Feargus Urquhart posted new update. It is patch related but you also can read that Fallout 3 will have a 3D engine but will not be Quake! I mailed them a few days to explain this and they saved me. I got a bunch of emails with that subject. Read it here Thanx to Leah Suria for informing me.
Den map ready to be viewed! I have also redecorated Fallout 2 main page. I had no time to update this page every time also, so you have this. Hope you like it. there is also a solution to 9 Room Puzzle (Oil Rig location) in there.
I have added some quests. Arroyo, Den and Klamath locations covered. In Fallout 2 main page, you can also find a link to Fallout Beginner's Guide. I received several cool emails with suggestions. I am really, really delighted that you like what I'm doing over here. Thanx again.