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November 2002

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Tuesday, November 26

Info about Revenge by Odin - 18:39 - Comment Me (2) - News Source: Revenge
For those of you who paid some attention in October, I posted about a new post-apocalyptic game called Revenge. Their web page is Russian only, so there's not much to read about there unless you can read russian.
So I emailed the guys for some info about the game and here's the respons I got:
Ok. First, couple of words about the story. We'r still working on it, but the main idea how to put the world into the postapocaliptic chaos is ready. And it is about a large asteroid that collides with the Earth causing mostly the same effect as a nuclear war.

Besides, before the collision countries of NATO and several other developed countries form an alliance in order to prevent the catastrophy. They design and construct a special spacecraft carrier with an atomic charge, wich was planned to use to change the asteroid's trajectory, or to devide it into several smaller pieces by a powerfull atomic blow. At the same time all arround America, Europe, and several post-Soviet countries large hi-tech underground bunkers are being built. Considering that scientists discovered the asteroid's approach several years before the collision as such, there were enough time to make some preparations.

But there were not enough place in those bunkers for all the population of the world. Further more: there were not enough place for all the citizens of the countries who buil it. And that was the cause of many local conflicts between the people who were "not in list" and for whom there were no room in bunker. Less developed countries also understood, that the only chance for them, is to get acces to those vaults somehow. The Earth sunk in a total chaos even before the asteroid made a half way to it. International military conflicts, local wars, terrorists groups...

Everyone wanted to get a place in a Bunker.

The space project intended to save the mankind was not finished. In the pressing military and political situation it's emormous nuclear charge was used to prevent the China's agression. Instead of saving the Earth this device brought mankind several steps closer to extinctoin by starting the full-scale nuclear war.

The final strike ws made by the asteroid. The remains of the world fall into the nuclear winter.

Many vautls were damaged due to severe earthquakes and other consequences of collision.
But several managed to cope with their roles and protected their inhabitants, who started a new life on the scorched surface.

It was just brief explanation. We've got it all with geopolitical details and chronology in our Russian text, but don't have time to translate it.
Wait, there's more...
Game info:
It will be an RPG with some elements of tactics. Everything in full 3D with inverse kinematics for skeletal animatoin, and cool real-looking animations of death and impact injuries. developed social and combat AI, interactive environment, functional cars, real guns, lots of items. Freedom in what to do and whom to be.

Don't pay much attention to those ugly screenshots - they were made as a test of our 3d loader. In the nearest future we are going to redesign our site, so you'll see something new, something not so ugly ;). There are only 5 of us: three programmers, designer, and
me - the only artist. So now we just don't have enough time to mess with the site.
Besides no one pays us money ;)

The main story line is now in heavy developement, but what we can say, is that the game starts several decades after the people came out from bunkers and established a new society with it's own customs, traditiond and laws.
Well now, something we can look forward to ain't it..
Thanks to the guys making this game for taking the time to write me back, appriciate it!!
Link: Revenge

Mapper Updated by Odin - 18:27 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Dims (TeamX)
Dims has yet again updated his Mapper, and here's what he's fixed this time around:
  • Changed tile selection border.

  • Fixed bug with save map without objects. Now you can use empty map for template.
  • Snazzy..
    Download Link:

    Update: I also got an email about this from Kaczor of Vault Dwellers HomePage, thanks man!

    Saturday, November 23

    New Mapper Version (0.97b): by Rosh - 0:50 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Sierra Army Depot
    The new version of Mapper is released and available on their site, coded up by TeamX.
    Changes this time around include:
  • Changed border of selected objects.
  • Selection floor and roofs, fill selected region.
  • Show drawing object.
  • Show direction of object.
  • Some errors fixed.
  • Keep on going, TeamX, we're patiently waiting to see the end results of your good work.
    Odin: I've also posted the latest version here on NMA:
    Download Link:

    Friday, November 22

    Wastes Forums back up by Odin - 8:10 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: The Wastes
    Gage fixed/installed a new forum for their web site, so get on over and post some..
    Link: Wastes Forums

    Thursday, November 21

    New Forums by Odin - 18:55 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Interplay Forums
    Interplay is setting up some new forums to replace the existing Bis Forums, so get on over and register your account if you haven't done so.
    Link: Interplay Forums

    Jefferson by Odin - 18:48 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bis Forums
    For those of you who still can't figure out that Jefferson isn't Fallout 3 or any other Fallout title, here's what JE Sawyer said on the Bis Forums:
    No. Not Fallout 3, not Fallout: Tactics 2. It's not set in the Fallout universe. It's not post-apocalyptic. It doesn't use SPECIAL. It doesn't have Fallout, Wasteland, Meantime, Brotherhood, Tactics, FEV, Super Mutants, or anything similar in the title or content of the game.
    He forgot one thing tho...... THE ENCLAVE!! Yes it's The ENCLAVES RPG..erm too much nicotine you say?

    Wednesday, November 20

    Images of the Isles by Odin - 9:59 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bis Forums
    Ever wondered how the people roaming the Black Isle forums are like ? well, look no further. This site has many of them posted, dunno if they're all the real pictures tho (but it's fun to see).
    Link: Pictures of the Isles

    Misc Stuff by Odin - 8:40 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bis Forums
    Chris Avellone posted a quickie about when the next addition to the Fallout Bible would come:
    Probably won't be for a few weeks, but it's coming.
    Looking forward to it..

    And on a different note, CA was also asked about a Pen and Paper game he had mentioned:
    The Fallout pen and paper game is one we're working on internally, and we're playtesting now. Just finished the Critters section (had entries like the brahmin in FOB9), and I'm working on the campaigning section now.

    When it's all done, we'll dump it up on the Black Isle site if anyone wants to download it and help jump up and down on it for a few gaming sessions.
    Sounds good CA
    And also about Fallout 3/Tactics:
    BIS has every intention of doing a Fallout sequel - at some point. At the moment, Interplay has needed to do other titles, so we have, for reasons Josh Sawyer has said a few times here on the boards. (If someone has a link to the thread, that'd be great - I have no idea where it is.)

    A Fallout sequel would require a brand-new engine and a great deal of time, so that factors in. Blaming our marketing department does not, since to the best of my knowledge, they were not involved in these decisions.

    BIS didn't do FOT.

    I do not think FOT was a bad strategy game.
    Well now...
    Link: Fallout 3/Tactics Thread and Bible and Pen & Paper Thread.

    Minor updates @ Post-Nuclear by Odin - 8:31 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Post Nuclear
    Well since news is really scars I thought I'd post something about the Post Nuclear game. They've updated their page with some new models and a music file, which you can download.
    Link: Post Nuclear

    Tuesday, November 19

    Vault 52 Updated by Odin - 21:25 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bis Forums
    I forgot to post about this last night, evidently the fanciest Fallout site around is updated, you have to grab a look at this and try it out.
    Link: Vault52

    FO3 survey by Odin - 10:32 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Vault of the Future
    I totally forgot about DJ Slamak's Fallout 3 Survey, he's now posted the survey results. Some interesting things about this survey is that 33% think FOT2 should be made and 38% think Chris Avellone should be the Lead Designer on Fallout 3..
    Link: Fallout 3 Survey Results

    Monday, November 18

    Something to fool around with by Odin - 22:59 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Dr. W95
    Since there aren't that many Fallouty news lately I thought I'd post about a little Fallouty puzzle game Dr. W95 informed me about. And I would also take this chance to inform you guys about some of the changes that's coming to NMA soon, first off we're installing a new forum (we're going with phpBB since it's free and a good one). Secondly I'm fixing some of the old sections and making several changes soon (been quite busy in real life lately), so expect some changes soon...
    Link:Fallouty Puzzle Game

    Tuesday, November 12

    Wasteland BF1942 mod by Odin - 14:43 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC Forums
    Evidently there is also a Wasteland mod in the works for Battlefield 1942, this one haven't got a webpage just yet. Check out some info in this thread.
    Thanks to Gareth/Section8 for informing us!

    Monday, November 11

    More Post-Apocalyptic mods by Odin - 23:55 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
    I got word from Chris (thanks!) that DAC had posted about a new post-apocalyptic mod is in the works, this time around some guys are using the Battlefield 1942 engine to make the mod. Here's a little info about it:
    Nuclear Winter is a battlefield 1942 total conversion which take place in the near future. The Tsjernobyl nightmare repeat itself in a much worser form, the nuclear plant of Kursk is collapsed. The toxicity spread over a huge area and the explosion caused much damage. The toxic area forms a whole new world, with his own secrets.

    A few years later expeditions start, discovering this abandoned world. Looking for the cause of this accident, to do some research or to find anomalous formations. It is here that the game start�
    Jeepers!! More info is avaliable here.

    New FOT Mod by Odin - 23:51 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Crow [Kroffa]
    There is a new mod for Fallout Tactics in the works, it's done by a bunch of polish people (I think they're all polish) and it offers quite alot:
    Awaken is a mod for FT:BoS. It uses its engine but includes completely new storyline. It is based on Fallout 1 and offers about 30 hours of play in Fallout world. It is done by fans and for fans (didn't I heard that somewhere?) and it is freeware. At the beginning there was only Polish version planed, but we are working on English one.

    -about 50 locations
    -new items
    -F1 feeling
    -new game physics
    -more realism
    -quests, quest and quests...
    And there's much, much more info on the mod at their site. They expect the mod to be finished by 6.12.2002, which would make it a great Xmas gift. Thanks for informing me Crow [Koffa]..

    Saturday, November 9

    New FOT tileset by Odin - 14:23 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Flamescreen
    Flamescreen sent me his Burned Wood tileset, which he made for his Faces of Oblivion campaign, check'em out:
    Snazzy, remember to download those...
    Download Link:

    Friday, November 8

    Fallout Bible 9 by Odin - 8:08 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Black Isle
    Chris Avellone posted the ninth version of the Fallout Bible and this time around he's put in this:
    Experience thrills and chills with an interview with Fallout designer/programmer Jess Heinig who wrote Zax, helped set up Junktown, and spends his time trying not to body-block Enterprise's Jolene Blalock, some assorted trivia that Jess was happy to pass along (curious how the end cinematic sequences in Junktown were supposed to go?), brahmin and gender identity issues, mutants and sex, info on Patrick the Celt from F1, some questions and answers (but not as much as FOB 8), lots of pies being thrown by Canadians, the truth about the Brotherhood of Steel, honoring the Fallout flag, the winner of the Ink Spots contest, and yet more fallout from our favorite post-holocaust world of the future.
    I'll post the files later today (since I'm at work right now, and why am I not working?!)
    Link: Fallout Bible #9 (DOC), Fallout Bible #9 (PDF)

    Wednesday, November 6

    The Wastes Forum by Odin - 7:51 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: The Wastes
    It seems that the forums the guys over at The Wastes had are down due to the fact that their version of vBulletin wasn't a licensed one. They are working on getting a new forum up and running soon.

    Sunday, November 3

    Black Isle Redesigned by Odin - 23:41 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Black Isle
    The Black Isle website has had a redesign, quite a fresh new look altho quite heavy on the D&D influence (where's my Power Armor??!!).
    Grab a look at it here.

    UT2003 Fallout Mod by Odin - 17:28 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Eledain
    I just got an email from Eledain, who is a part of a team who will make a Unreal 2003 Fallout based mod called "Brotherhood". They need help making this, so if you can help in any way (ideas, testing etc..) drop into their forums and start posting.
    Link: Brotherhood