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November 2001

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Wednesday, November 28

Fallout 2 1/2 by Odin - 12:04 - Comment Me (2) - News Source:
The craps over at DTeam 3D Design Goop have just announced the title of the Fallout Tactics campaign they're doing, read here:
We have a working title now: Fallout 2 1/2! It's somewhere after Fallout 2 and somewhere before Fallout 3, so I figure this is as good a title as any for a custom campaign like we have underway. It's been a couple weeks since I announced a new Fallout Tactics campaign was underway and I just wanted to thank all the people who have contacted me about doing some work. We now have a pretty solid team, but we could still use a few more people in scripting and entity work. We can't have too many mappers, either. There is a lot of work to be done still. Drop me a line if you want to help carve out a semi-persistant single player experience for Fallout Tactics.
Hope to see some screenies soon!!
Link: DTeam 3D Design Goop

Thinking about X-Mas gifts? by Odin - 11:50 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Gamespot have posted a "Holiday Gift Guide 2001", as they call it. And behold there is Fallout Tactics as one of the recommended gifts, so get it if you haven't already got it.

Tuesday, November 27

Feargus speaks out..erm..well.. by Odin - 13:44 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The discussion on the BIS Forum is of course what these two projects Black Isle is working on (no one knows yet...) and Feargus said this about it today:
Sorry guys, but I have to say again that we aren't in a position to say anything about our games yet. I really wish we could, because we have some very cool things to show you. And again I can't give you guys a date as to when I will be able to say anything.

What I can tell you is that I will try to start posting messages more over the next six weeks to keep you all informed on the things that I can talk about.
He's also previously said that they're not working on Fallout 3, so just as you guys don't get your hopes up too high..

New Poll.. by Odin - 12:10 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
VoodooExtreme have posted a poll where they ask what's the best RPG in 2001 on the PC, and somehow Fallout Tactics have managed to sneak in there (makes you wonder doesn't it). So go and vote for Fallout Tactics here.
Spotted at Vault13.

Ask Chris Avellone updated. by Odin - 12:06 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The "Ask Chris Avellone page has been updated at Vault13 , the question this time is:
Why did the US gov't go to war over oil supplies and uranium if it had already found fusion power? Fusion power must have already been in use for a little while, as cars, powered armor, and weapons had been designed to harness its potential.
For the answer go here.
Spotted at Vault13.

Saturday, November 24

Another news test: by Rosh - 4:19 - Comment Me (5) - News Source:
Don't you just enjoy half-documented scripts?

I know I do... /Sarcasm

News Commenting seems to be a go! by Rosh - 1:52 - Comment Me (10) - News Source:
Well, after figuring out the rather poorly-documented add-on script for NewsPro (kTalk - which, to figure out many features, you have to dig through the script and follow the code), it now works.

You have to register, and VIPs/staff are in a funky color, and you can post comments to the news items from here on out.

I know the confirmation page is a little plain, I did that for speed and bandwidth purposes, and so that it reloaded fast.

Testing comments again: by Rosh - 1:34 - Comment Me (21) - News Source:
Well, I think I have a lot more done, so let's see if it works.

Friday, November 23

FOT Sprite Editor!! by Odin - 11:54 -
Yes you read right, a great Polish guy called Domin have just made a sprite editor for Fallout Tactics. It's called Spray v.1.0 and if you want to email Domain about something, do it here.
Link: and Spray 1.0
A big thanks to Domin for making it and Pawel Dembowski of for emailing me about this!

Thursday, November 22

Rant... by Odin - 23:55 -
Well I guess you americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, so Cheers and have a good time!!

On other "news", damn it's been slow these last weeks, we are working on fixing the all so famous cgi script errors people are getting using the NMA forums.Give me a week or so and it'll be ok, you'll all see why..

Secondly, we are looking for an artist who could do some logos and buttons etc design for NMA.So if there's anyone out there who want to help NMA, and you're very good. Send me an email with some work that you've done..

Wednesday, November 21

Update on current priorities and fixes: by Rosh - 7:44 -
  • 1. Comments for news section.
  • 2. Newsletter. It's been a long time since we've had one go out, and it's past due. I think a weekly send of the newsletter with all the news of that week, plus links of interest and a bit of commentary would suffice for now.
  • 3. Maps for Fallout 2 maps, and seeing if the Fo1 maps need to have the same done with them.
  • 4. Flesh out the Fallout 2 quests. Please, if you want to send in quests, particularly with unlisted cities, I would be appreciative and give full credit.
  • 5. Easter Eggs. Yes, there are a LOT. I'm still writing up a second page for all those submitted. Thanks to you all, and we're working on this hard.

    We're also still working hard on trying to figure out what's going on with the scripts. It seems to be a server issue, in that Perl will just die with an error now and then, and it has really killed our message board community. So if you recieve a script error or the like, please wait a while and try again. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can really do about that at this time.

    And lastly, Odin forgot to close his blockquote last time and instead put in a new one, so that explains the odd formatting. :-P
    Updated: Ah crap, didn't see that one..Odin

    Monday, November 19

    Gamespotting at GS. by Odin - 12:55 -
    Andrew Park (Managing Editor) who writes Gamespot 's RPG section of Gamespotting makes it clear that he wants more games ala Fallout. Go read his contribution for this week here.

    Ask Avellone Updated by Odin - 12:53 -
    Vault13 column where you can send in those Fallout questions about Fallout have been updated with this:
    Stuart Kim: Who is that tribal in the raiders hideout? Why is he there?

    Chris A.:Shadow-Who-Walks is a tribal scout that was hired by the Raiders to lead them through the hills south of Vault City and to make sure that neither NCR nor Vault City patrols could track them down. Although it never made it into the final game, the intention was that a high Charisma character could convince him to leave the Raider camp (they didn't treat him very well, as judged by the condition of his cave and the fact he wasn't allowed in the common area of the Raider's camp), at which point this would break the strength of the Raiders since they couldn't use his Outdoorsman skill to navigate the badlands. You can't do anything with him in the actual game, unfortunately, and you can blame me for that - we just ran out of time. I don't think there's any penalty for killing him, and he's not a nice person, so don't sweat it.

    Oh, and I also wanted him to be Sulik's arch-enemy, but that didn't make it in, either.
    Read the whole thing here.

    Tuesday, November 13

    FOT Speech Editor updated by Odin - 9:03 -
    It seems that some of you are having problems with the FOT Speech Editor made by the craty critters at DTeam 3d Design Goop . Well they've updated it and also posted a service pack 2, that should take care of any problems.
    Link: VB Service Pack 2,FOT Speech Editor Beta202
    Link: DTeam 3d Design Goop

    Miro send his best.. by Odin - 8:57 -
    Anyone remember Miro???!! Nah didn't think so, wh00t some of you do? Hehe..Well I just got an email from good old Miro, he's still busy sniping for Jugoslavia. He sends his best to all of you Fallout freaks (that would include me also..).

    In other news, we here at NMA are spiffing up the place. Rosh is busy as hell updating and fixing the site (Great job!) and I finally managed to find some free time to update the news.

    New interface at V13 by Odin - 8:53 -
    Tha mighty pimp Greg put up a new interface at Vault13 , looks spiffy. Nuff' said...

    Yet another Campaign... by Odin - 8:51 -
    OnTheBounce, which is DAC's forum master and editing guru, have put up a site with some info about his upcoming campaign for FOT. Lots of info there about his new campaign, looks good too.
    For those of you that have heard me talk about my ongoing work on a FoT Single-Player campaign, I have put together a small and primitive site for you to get some more information. Here you will find everything from the intro to the revamped weapons catalogue and stats on the starting squad. Basically, it's as much information as I can give out without spoiling anything for you. Feel free to stop in and take a look around.
    Link: "In Our Own Image"
    Spotted at DAC.

    Monday, November 12

    DAC's Editing Guide Updated. by Odin - 11:25 -
    JimmyJay86 updated DAC's Editors Guide with some new info, Lotsa info about editing there...
    Link: Duck And Cover

    FOT Speech Editor by Odin - 11:23 -
    Rembember the guys who talked about making a new campaign for Fallout Tactics, well they just mad a little util that might help you modders/editors out there.Read here:
    Beta 1.01 of the Fallout Tactics Speech Editor has been released here: DTeam 3D Design Guild

    What is it?
    Fallout Tactics maps all require special speech files that take a while to set up and organize. Often you get lost in a quagmire of text. This program is an "inhouse" dev tool, designed for Dteam members to generate text for our upcoming Fallout Tactics Campaign.

    Anyone can use it too. If you have a few things you'd like us to include in our Campaign, please get the speech editor and email us your speech files! (

    Any of you guys who want to be in the game, please send us 256x256 face shots images of yourself in jpg format and we'll put you in the game! Send us your dogs too. :)
    Link: DTeam 3D Design Guild
    Spotted at Duck And Cover.

    Fallout get mentioned.. by Odin - 11:18 -
    Andrew Park (Managing Editor Gamespot) wrote his part of the weekly gamespotting column, and he talks about RPG's and what he would like someone to make. There is of course a comment about Fallout, read here:
    What I'd really like to see is a tightly focused, well-designed single-player RPG that's about 50-60 hours long. This RPG would let you create and customize your character(s), as Black Isle's excellent Fallout and Planescape: Torment both did--it's one of the best ways to make players feel some kind of connection to their characters. In each game, your choices would significantly affect the way the game is played.....
    Read the rest here.
    Link: Gamespot

    Remembering, and some more updates: by Rosh - 10:41 -
    Well, your huggy-feely newsie is updating again, and got a few things to announce. First off, I've updated a few Fo2 maps to point to information or other map pages. The rest will be done as soon as I get a chance to, within the week I hope, for our readers. Second, I've been working on Fallout 2 easter eggs, and our readers have sent us quite a few. Kinda makes you wonder how they made the game while putting in all those eggs, no? ;)

    Quite a few of those have been sent in, and thank you kindly for those submissions. Please, remember to look upon the Special Encounters page (linked on the easter eggs page) for some Special Encounter Easter Eggs. Otherwise, Myron's going to be a BUSY gimp! (jk...I think...)

    Suggestions and feedback are still welcome as always, as we find ways of enhancing your Fallout experience. This may be perhaps old news for some, but it still stands and needs telling again. First off, our dedicated modders. I am...saddened at hearing one of our most cherished modders, The Mod Squad (hosted here at NMA), is not doing any more updates. Admittedly, our hopes for a fan-made modded added cities for Fallout 1 or 2 are a bit slim here, but these guys still have up all their tools to modify and enhance your playability of Fallout and Fallout 2. And they have a LOT! At the very least I ask of you, if you download their hard work, please email them with support? They have done an OUTSTANDING job, particularly with how they have continuously worked for those in the Fallout fandom.

    With the announcement of closing their site (though leaving up all their materials), I do feel pangs of sadness. They have done a great deal of work, and have reached the point of feeling that is all that is left to do. If you have suggestions for them, or wish to express your support, please email Smackrazor at

    Thank you, and have fun wandering the wasteland.

    Thursday, November 8

    WHL getting there... by Odin - 13:04 -
    Gaist and his crew of crafty critters are almost there with the new version of the Wasteland Half-Life mod, here's the info from the latest update:
    FN Fal revamped, team adjusted intensively, update in the crew section pending. Sexellent new maps, lots of little goodies below. Not much else to say really, but we -are- rolling.
    Some great screenies there, so go check'em out.
    Maps: 94%
    Models: 97%
    Link: Wasteland Half-Life.

    Fallout 3 answer ? by Odin - 13:00 -
    RPGVault did an interview (quite a while ago, I KNOW!!) with good old FU (Feargus Urquhart), where one question was interesting, lookie here:
    Jonric: How does Black Isle fit in this picture, and what are your plans and key goals for the next two or three years? How realistic would it be to expect Fallout 3 within this time? Is it likely you'll make more D&D-based games?

    Feargus Urquhart: Over the next two or three years, the goals of the division are really to keep on creating and producing the CRPGs that people have been buying over the last five years. I hope that we can evolve what we do in such a way that we can keep on making these games with enough newness in them that people will enjoy each one without us having to write a new engine every single time. This will really let us continue to make games quickly and hopefully not have to let people wait years for the sequels to some of our games like Fallout.

    As for the timeline of Fallout 3, since we are not currently working on it, it's hard to say when it is going to come out. I hope that we can start production on it within the next six months or so, and then get it out within a two-year time frame from that. I don't want anyone to take that as a promise, because as I said, we are not currently working on it. Now for D&D games, most of us still really enjoy working with the D&D system and the Forgotten Realms, so there really would be no reason other than business ones where we would stop making those kinds of games as well.
    Link: RPGVault's Interview with FU.

    Ask Avellone.. by Odin - 12:57 -
    JC and his pimps of Falloutgeeks have started a feature where you can send in your question for Chris Avellone (Designer for Fallout 2), the first couple of questions are already answered, so go here for the scoop.
    Link: Vault13

    Guilers guide to FOT Updated by Odin - 12:53 -
    Guiler's guide to Fallout Tactics is updated to version 1.7, so this is becoming quite enormous now. Probably the best guide out there, so go check it out.
    Link: Guiler's FOT Guide.
    Spotted at Duck and Cover.

    A new Mod in progress by Odin - 12:51 -
    Sorry for the lack of updates guys and gals, but my life has turned quite hectic these last months. Here's a goodie a team called Dteam 3D Design Guild have announced that they intend to make a new mod for FOT, here's the deal:
    I've decided to build a Fallout Tactics mod. There is no working title yet, and there isn't much done so far. There aren't any campaigns so this project will be Single Player, which should make all ye fallout fans enthused. I think I will set it in Washington DC. I've been working on a few map concepts and stuff. Anyone interested in working on it should post here or contact me at Features will include a whole new campaign universe including at least twenty missions and a whole new cast of characters and storyline. Ideas are welcome! There are plenty of things that people could do for this mod, including mapping, scripting, testing, entity work, bitmaps, tiles, beta testing, programming (interface and design)... and more.
    So if you're interessted in helping out, get on over to their site and check it out.
    Spotted at Duck and Cover.

    Friday, November 2

    Updates: by Rosh - 6:15 -
    Fixed more broken stuff, and checked over a LOT of the site (it's bloody well huge, really...). I think I've got it all, but if you find something broken, let me know. The occasional script error still pops up now and then, but I'm mostly concerned with pages that aren't there, broken images, etc. Been working on this stuff for some time, and thought I'd give you folks a heads up on it.

    Changes made:
  • Minor format issues in the Fallout quests page
  • Redid the Fallout and Fallout 2 walkthroughs, including finding a rather bogus one, and also adding another one into HTML format on-site that was previously only for download. [HTML] means the walkthrough is on a page, [DNLD] means the walkthrough is in a .zip file for download.
  • Wrote up a Fallout 2 quests page (looking for more city additions if people wish to include more if they are not listed - credit will be given, of course). Didn't know it wasn't there...ack!
  • Fixed Arroyo map, the bridge icon will take you to the bridge page. I plan on adding that feature to all of the Fallout 2 maps, as well as the Fallout ones if they don't have them already, along with the world map.
  • Fleshed out individual city quest pages for Fallout 2 (looking for more quest additions if people wish to include more if they are not listed - credit for this too will be given, of course)
  • Now taking submissions for new easter eggs for Fallout 2 (read the warning on the page first) ;P

    Thanks again for those who have helped find everything that was in err due to reshuffing the site around a little.